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Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2017 10:22:54 PM
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The Year of our lord 867 AD

The Year of our Lord 871 AD

South Spain also exists, but he left both times before I could take the player map. Shame.
Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2017 10:23:50 PM

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Firehound looks like a penis.
Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 12:28:10 AM

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Yami-Yagari wrote:
Firehound looks like a penis.

Have I ever not?
Posted: Sunday, May 28, 2017 10:29:30 PM
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Posted: Sunday, June 04, 2017 10:24:44 PM
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The Kingdom of Ireland(James) Has Formed

The Kingdom of Norway(King of Men) Has consolidated northern Scandinavia as well as expanding into Moray

South Spain (Vaniver) Has expanded further in North Africa

Normandy(Hadogei) had had his expand grind to a halt thanks to rebels and holy orders.

South France (King Cruel) has died losing some territory and migrating across france

The Duke of Genoa (Mark) Has Inherited the Kingdom of Italy and conquered Lotharingia, only to accidentally fall over realm size and is now being editing back together again

North Germany (Kodalem) Has appeared but dont nothing significant yet

The Messallians have converted back to their heretical religion and won the duchy of Finland

The King of Bavaria(Zabuzak has expanded to the north, starting secure pagan lands along the elbe

The Duke of Temes(Yami Yagari) Had conquered Pannonia and Great Moravia only to be hit with the 1st Crusade, and have to reclaim half of the Carpathian Basin

The King of Bulgaria(Blayne) has continued to consolidate territory in greece

The King of Ruthenia(Dragoon9105) has converted to Nestorianism and consolidating some of his borders, as well as releasing his Grandson, the Duke of Prussia.

The Duke of Charison has inherited the duchy of Alania only to be hit with a sudden crippling revolt

The Russians to the North have continued to expand under the Rurokoviches

The Abbassid(Emperor of Mordor) Sheikdom of Tigris has expanded to become a regional power in the middle east

The King of Nubia has adopted Ibadisim and has continued to conquer Egypt

Posted: Sunday, June 11, 2017 10:20:37 PM
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938 AD

Using the Independent Realms Mapmode becuase of player absences, and becuase all players are now independent, save Aquitaine and Castille, who are getting there.

The Kingdom of Ireland (James) Together with the Duke of Normandy(Hadogei) have conquered England and Southern Scotland and have parcele the land out between themselves.

The Kingdom of Norway(King of Men) once more found itself in crisis, this time when it expanded into the Irish sphere only to be hit with a massive civil war back at home

The duke of Sevilla (Vaniver) Is on the cusp of overthrowing the Umayyad dynasty of Andalusia.

Italy(Mark) has overcome it's rebel issues and is now a powerful player in central Europe, participating in the second Crusade for Hungary and otherwise invading Spain.

Bulgaria(Blayne) continues to consolidate the Greece remnants of the Roman Empire

The House of Dizneh/Bavaria(Zabuzak) has been plagued with several palace coups and civil wars crippling its ability to move into the weakened kingdom of Germany

The Kingdom of Moravia (Yami Yagari) Fought off a Crusade of pannonia and was later converted peacefully by Arellan Hrothgar of Ruthenia

The Kingdom of Ruthenia has subdued the Rurikovich Dynasty and following the death of Jorn Hrothgar, converted to Catholicism, bringing the light of the virgin mary to the new King of Rus (Gollevain) and the King of Moravia (Yami)

The Messalians(Ranger) of Finland have won their independence from the now Catholic King of Sweden only to find themselves being swarmed by ambitious adventurers.

The Emir of Bagdad(Emperor of Mordor) has continued to expand in the levant, uniting much of mesopotamia

The Ibadi of Nubia (Firehound) had almost completly taken the Kingdom of Egypt, and have expanded down into Ethiopia.

Posted: Sunday, June 18, 2017 10:28:28 PM
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962 AD

So we ended close to the 3rd Crusade and Europe is now starting to come along nicely, though revolts for some players remain a constant issue.

Ireland(James) was AI this session and did nothing of note pretty much

Andalusia(Vaniver) managed to overthrow the Umayyad Dynasty and begin to consolidate spain proper

England(Hagodel) Tried, and failed to seize the Kingdom of Germany and Bavaria for his dynasty from the AI Dizneh Dynasty. Now is trying to do the same with Denmark and is also fighting revolts at home.

The Kingdoms of East Francia and Diz Neigh have Merged to become Germany (Thunder and Lightning Bolts)

Italy(Mark) spent the entire session dieing, over, and over, and over again.

Pannonia(Yami) continues to struggle with religious issues from converting and just recently converted to become catholic again after the secret Germanics forcibly flipped the Kingdom.

Bulgaria(Blayne) continues to strengthen his position in Greece

Norway(King of Men) continues to consolidate his position in Northern Scandinavia, taking the Messallians under wing to help them against constant adventurer threats.

The Rus(Gollevain), like Pannonia continue to struggle with religious issues stemming from their conversion, and are once more in civil war

The King of Ruthenia(Dragoon9105) has managed to strength his Satellite State in Prussia to a significant degree and has given more land to the Honorable Knight's Hospitaller. For the remainder of the session the Russian Armies were deployed in Italy to help with revolts.

The King of Nubia(Firehound15) has seized even more lands in the Horn of Africa

The Mordorite(Emperor of Mordor) Dynasty had seized the Holy City of Mecca and is now preparing to declare a new Caliphate, one that will last a thousand years

By Popular Demand the Religious Map.

The Kingdom of Ruthenia is host to over 8 Religions.

Western Europe is growing increasingly Catholic as the Germanics are run out.

Northern Europe is experiencing an Influx of Catholic converts as Sweden, Denmark and Pommerania convert.

Eastern Europe, while predominantly ruled by Catholics had experienced a massive surge in Germanic support in the Pannonian basin due to a secret cult.

The Middle east is experiencing religious turmoil as new Caliphates rise from the ashes of the old.

Current Rankings:
#1 Dragoon9105\House Hrothgar\ 25755
#2 EmperorofMordor\Modorite\ 21534
#3 Mark\Boyardee\21272
#4 Firehound\Hedareb\20644
#5 Yami\Borghest\12561
#6 Blayne\Lazuli\12186
#7 James\Craig\9564
#8 Golle\Murayev\8306
#9 Zabuzak\DizNeigh\6583
#10 Ranger\Saar\6932
#11 Hadogei\Vi Britannia\5281
#12 Vaniver\Ibn Matta\ 4288
#13 Zirotron\Le Saeva\ 504

The Great Powers: (Name\Realm Size\ Levy)
Rajputana 160\5783
Ruthenia 149\5014
Italy 146\4606
France 131\5298
Hedarabia 131\7765
Pannonia 113\3884
Andalusia 108\8289
Germany 103\6581
Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017 5:43:01 AM
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Russian civilwars are not due religion, but the fact that there is a superduke ruling half of the kingdom in size and wants to be a King himself. My new King is the same religion as him but it doesent stop him from rebelling.


Irsh Faq wrote:
I've noted with Golle a trend of stirring up as much drama publicly as he can whenever he's up to something shady in the background. Presumably its a smokescreen strategy.
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