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king cruel
Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 3:14:32 PM
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In the Beginning
Journey to Barcelona
The Fall Le Saeva

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king cruel
Posted: Sunday, May 28, 2017 5:46:51 PM
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An orange flame crackled and wisped gracefully as it threw out it’s orange illumination unto the faces of the men who sat around it, as they chattered thunderously and roared with laughter, except for one young fellow who was all but consumed by the flame. His young face, no more than twenty years in age, stood still and unstirred in the flicker of the orange. Within the glimmer of his eyes, the intensity of his thoughts almost challenged the fire, which were deadlier? Which were more sinister? And as if to concede to his victory and back away before harm was dealt, the flame dimmed with the wind and withdrew its imposing orange light.
Suddenly, the hand of a great big beast was rapped across the young man’s back, which caused him to jolt forward and spill his drink. “Cheer up lad” the voice of the beast boomed “It’s only a bit o’ wind, and darkness – nothin’ to be afraid of.”
“Yes” the young man answered with a cheerful smile. “Nothing to be afraid of.” He then added in a low whisper as his smile faded back into a still uncaring face. The beast of a man who had stopped listening to the words of the young man, and turned back to the laughter of the group, turned around once again to command the young man.
“Best drink up laddy, we’ve got a long march ahead tomorrow.” He uttered cheerfully. “A march to victory! AYE!” He then shouted.
“AYE!” the group replied.
The fire had burnt itself to a smoke, leaving freckles of light lingering in the black pit. All the men had fallen sleep, stupidly so, even the watch for the final hours of the night had dozed off into slumber. All the men, except for the young man who frightened the fire earlier, he kindly stood guard in the dark brightly awake. “Jonathan.” A voice came calling his name, as the sun began to crack the dark.
“Yes, my lord.” He replied
“Are the preparations ready?”
“Yes, my lord.”
“Good” A hand signal was given and then suddenly the shrubbery that was once motionless, stir to life and armed men appeared from behind them. The men creeped into the camp slowly, each gently placing themselves above a sleeping man and aligning their blades to a throat. And with another hand signal slices were made and the gurgling of blood began. Sleeping men jerked awake, as they struggled to not drink their own blood, only to fall asleep again for the last time. Some of the slices made were sloppy, either too shallow or a complete miss, it gave some of the sleeping men a chance to at least get to their feet and attempt to fight for their lives.
The big beast of a man was one of the few lucky to have not had a blade touch his throat, and through his superior size was able to take down two of his attempted killers. He fought vigilantly, fiercely and strongly, until his heart was pierce from the back with a short sword. “That’s enough now you oaf” the voice came from behind him.
“Jonathan?” He queried in shocked, “but why?”
“You really should be carefully with who you trust, they might just stab you in the back.” Jonathan replied with a sinister grin.
“Good work Jonathan, this should send a message to those who dare, that the Duke of Barcelona as no tolerance for revolts.” The duke looked at Jonathan, who stood with a bloodied sword hanging from his hand, he caught himself in thought before he continued. “For a Frenchman, I didn’t think you could do it, but here we are” Jonathan grimaced to be referred to as a Frenchman but says nothing. “As promised, the lands of the recently deceased Earl now rightfully pass to you. I task you with finding the boy heir and doing with him what you please. I shall be on my way home.”
And thus, the dynasty of Le Saeva was born.

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king cruel
Posted: Sunday, June 04, 2017 5:51:19 PM
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Elegant food and fine wine, cheerful music, and people sat within dull conversations which they deem to be engaging, drinking themselves silly only to beg forgiveness from the lord in the days to come. The thoughts of Count Jonathan ran abhorrently as he watched the crowd from a corner of the great hall. This was of course yet another feast put on by the Duke of Barcelona, he seems to hold at least two per year, always insisting all his vassals attend out of shear respect. To Jonathan he may have the others fooled, but not him, no amount of feasting would shake his opinions of the Duke. As far as he was concerned the man was a Spanish invader unfit to rule over anything, not even a small farm with two chickens and pig could be deemed rulable under him. But alas, it’s only a matter of time before these Barcelonan halls would change ownership to a much more competent ruler, be placed within the hands to which they rightfully belong.

“Jonathan.” A voice called out from behind the Count

“My Lord.” Jonathan responded, turning around to look the Duke in the face

“You’re missing all the fun standing over here all by yourself.” Said the Duke with a face that seemed to have pried a little bit more than he had intended. Jonathan of course knew just well what the duke had intended to ask, no doubt he was really bothered by Jonathan not indulging in the feast as much as the other vassals.

“I am only taking a break to hear the music my lord” replied Jonathan

“You can eat and listen can’t you”

“Of course, my lord” Jonathan replied breaking up with laughter “But I would like to give the music my full attention, focus on what it is saying”

“You Frenchmen baffle me.” The Duke let out “in face I think you might just be the only Frenchman here.” Jonathan deeply offended by the Dukes poorly hided attacks and ignorance of his own vassal’s culture, did his best to hold his tongue.

“Well we will have to do something about that won’t we.” And suddenly the true face of the relationship between both men showed itself in all its great ugliness, it was one that was very much unpleasant and could do no good from this point forward.

The walls of Barcelona cried blood for days. No one expected Count Jonathan to do it, well at the very least the Duke should have expected it; He should have expected the very sudden outburst of violence and destruction, he knew it was coming, he knew ever since the last feast that it was coming. Did his ignorance of Count Jonathan lead him down a path of blind naivety? It certainly must have been most shocking to him waking up to blaring horns on a still summers morning, as three thousand men amassed at the Barcelonan gates.

The Duke had done himself a great wrong by being so ignorant, at this point there was nothing he could do against Jonathan’s gathering of two thousand fierce mercenary men and a thousand of Jonathan’s own highly trained men. The Few foot soldiers that he sent out without command were slaughtered, essentially testing dummies for Jonathan’s blades, an horrific scene it was, but it was one that gave Jonathan great pleasure.

Several days of blood shed finally allowed Jonathan to walk his way through Barcelona and into the great hall, were a feast was held not too long ago. It is here that he learns the Duke wasn’t even brave enough to face him and had fled to another county to hide. Not to matter, the Barcelonan halls were his and soon so would be the Duchy.

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king cruel
Posted: Sunday, June 11, 2017 6:59:13 PM
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Horse hooves patter the soft ground of the path which runs narrowly alongside a stream, a ghostly fog hangs over the stream as a sure sign of the merciless temperatures that paid visit to the lands during the recent night. The end trails of the ghastly temperature give acknowledgement to the heavy breaths of the horses, and the rapid breaths of the men that sit atop them. Of both men, one man held a face which was neutral, and demonstrated not even a slight displeasure to the horrid bite of the cold, the other man held a twisted face, almost as ghastly as the temperature itself, and ugly enough to scare the face of a baby.

“I have no business being this far north Jonathan” grumbled the man, bringing awareness to his great displeasure. “We’re southrons, southrons belong in the south.”

“O’ come now Nicolas, we’re barely into north France” replied Jonathan smiling at the displeasured man. “These temperatures are nothing compared to that which the mountains of the Viking peninsular which hangs above the continent has to offer.”

“The Vikings can keep their miserable temperature to themselves and away from the south” replied Nicolas causing Jonathan to break out into laughter.

“I thought you were stronger than a Viking Nicolas” Jonathan teased “How can you take on the Vikings if you can’t even face a fraction of their temperature.”

“I have no business invading the lands of the Vikings, and if they think it is their business to invade the lands of the south, the warmth and the grapes, I shall show them just how mighty a southron is. So, until then I have no business being this far North.” Jonathan smiled until it gradually reduced into a smirk.

“Alas, it is not our business, it is the business of the king.”

“Why are we undertaking business for the king?” Nicolas burst out angrily.

“Because he is our king, and I am his chancellor, it is our duty to undertake his business.”

“For Pete’s sake Jonathan, you are as stupid as these horses, constantly doing as they are told no matter the temperature, or the danger.” Nicolas kicked his horse which caused it to close the half-horse gap that had formed between the two men “The king as a known plot on your head, he wants you dead Jonathan.”

“I am well aware of this” Jonathan Replied sternly. “What would you have me do, hide away as a coward would?”

“No, but I certainly wouldn’t be running errands for the man who is trying to kill me”

“It’s just a great misunderstanding, I am sure he’s not actually plotting to kill his chancellor. I plan to ask him to officially end his plot once we have returned from this trip.”

“I am sure it will be just a great misunderstanding when we die along this path, and our perpetrators drag our bodies into that miserable stream.” Nicolas gazed onto the water which caused his horse to slow, only for him to gallop after Jonathan a while later. “He his the heir to all your titles you know.”

“That’s it I will have no more of this chatter, we have a deadline to meet.” Said Jonathan as he kicked his horse into a canter.

“I am just saying that is enough reason for him to want to see your days short.”

“Enough Nicolas.” Jonathan barked.

“I speak as a friend Jonathan.”

“And a friend should know when enough is enough.”

“As you wish my liege.”

The pair rode in silence for the remainder of the journey, at several moments Nicolas felt the need to break the silence, but overall held his tongue. There were several things he wanted to say, but felt the time was not quite right. This was of course before the sun had begun to set and an inn approached ahead. Here, this is the place at which he would break his silence and let Jonathan know what was best for him.

The two men were greeted by a young stable boy who took both their horse around the back of the inn to be groomed and fed. Upon on entire the inn, they notice it was empty and strangely quiet, almost have if not a living thing was present, not even a fly on the wall. A seemingly cheerful, yet nervous innkeeper emerged from behind a door, it seems has if he was expecting the them and even worst knew who they were.

“What can you do for you fine noble men on this cool afternoon?”

“Who said we were noble men?” Asked Nicolas suspiciously, the innkeeper’s eyes opened wide with shock and his mouth whimpered as he struggled to find and answered.

“Oh… my… my… sincerest apologies my noble… men, you were… were… dressed so finely… I just… j… just… assumed.” Stuttered the innkeeper

“Lay it off Nicolas, you know better than to frighten the locals.” Jonathan teased Nicolas as he did earlier in the day. “Innkeeper! We shall have your finest drink and food please” Jonathan asked cheerfully, it seems the displeasure of this morning’s conversation had worn off.

“Yes, right away sir!” The innkeeper jumped before leaving the hall hurriedly, Nicolas waited until the was completely gone before saying a word.

“Jonathan, as a friend I think we should turn around here, go back to your holding and write the king a strongly worded letter.”

“O’ not this again Nicolas.” Jonathan replied slightly annoyed. “I have the King under control, I guess I could say we are even friends. I trusted him to educate my sister.”

“That was a poor move.”

“I think it was a friendly move.”

“He has you, he has you at his beck and call, and if you disagree with him, even in the slightest he will place a sharp blade to your sisters pretty little throat.”
“If you were my friend, I would do you in for treachery and slander.”

“But you are my friend and…”

“Wait!” Jonathan interrupted Nicolas “Do you smell that”

“I do, I thought it was the innkeeper, but now that he is gone, it is too pungent.” Nicolas got up from his seat and begun sniffing around the room. “I think it is under the floor” Nicolas gets down unto one knee to lift one of the floor board, and there it was right under their feet, a large pit of manure. “this is Bull shit!” Nicolas shouted and dropped the floor board, but before they could do anything, the entire room went up in a boom.

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king cruel
Posted: Sunday, June 18, 2017 9:54:09 PM
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"Gentle men, I hope you understand why I have gathered you here on this night." A low voice rumbled in a poorly lit room filled with men hidden under roughly woven hoods. "A great tragedy has hit our society, the very dynasty that was sent by God himself to and ruled by divine right is sadly no more." immediately an almost unified gasp could be felt as it overwhelmed the room.

"But how could this be?" Asked on mysterious voice from the room.

"Our King" replied the earlier low voice. "Our King in is wicked ways decided it was within his best interest to murder our good and gracious Jonathan Count of Barcelona, one of the last two Le Saevas to be left in this cruel world."

"And the sister?"

"The sister was spared." Continued the voice "But sadly after what must have been the most horrific treatment by the King, and married of to one of his low vassals if I may say so. She sadly passed away due to complications." The room then broke down into grumbles and mumbles, as hooded men argued and discuss amongst themselves the things that were just stated.

"Monster!" shouting another voice. "How could anyone do this, surely he must be punished. If not by God, it must be us!"

"God's will is being carried out as we speak brother, but now we must focus on a more present danger." the Angry man was assured by the lead voice in the room. "All legitimate members of the Le Saeva are as we know dead, there technically exist one last member, but she is not of the house. She is of the house of the low vassel."

"Can we bring the dynasty back through her?"

"We would have to get her out of the hands of the emeny first, and then somehow legally have her convert to her true dynasty." The Duke of Gascogne spoke with a stroke of his beard.

"As you said it would be a problem to get her from the enemy." Interjected a voice.

"I doubt they would have any reason to hang on to her." Uttered another voice. "She is of now no Le Saeva, and we as far as anyone knows do not exist. There is no need for them to suspect any malicious intends."

"Yes true" agreed Duke Luis "But the child does own all the claims of the Le Saeva dynasty. I could see reason for her current liege to have a reason to keep her close."

"My liege" spoke up a slight voice from the back "Incase we cannot acquire the child, I do believe we will have to do the unbelievable."

"And what is this?" Duke Luis puzzled the young man.

"You will have to declare both yourself and your family of the Le Saeva dynasty." The room broke don't into grumbles and mumbles again, as the room debate strongly amongts themselves the point suggested.

"You... you..." the young man struggles to get a word in.

"Quiet!" Duke Luis let out from the depths of his belly "Let the young man speak."

"You are the eldest and most powerful house here my liege" the young man spoke. "I think it is right for you to take this task."

"But what effect will this have on gods choice" quieried a old man, hunched over as if he was a priest.

"God chose the dynasty, not the people of it." replied anothe shrivled voice. "We has the grand defenders of the divine rule must ensure that the divine rule comes to be"

Duke Luis took a moment to consider what as been said in the room, "It must be done, If possible we can get the child into my new dynasty name to add legitacy to my claim." Duke Luis stood forward in the room "All those for the motion, say aye!"

"Aye!" the room responded in unity.

"So it shall be."

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king cruel
Posted: Sunday, July 16, 2017 9:55:24 PM
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“My Liege! My Liege!” The chancellor shouted has he broke in the bed chambers of the duke. “My Liege!”
“What is it man, why must you trouble me this late in the night!” David answered wary from his deep sleep. The chancellor stop to gather himself and catch his breath.
“My liege, you must come immediately; it is your mother she requires your immediate attention.”
“It’s not her time is it?” David asked careful not to appear too surprised by the news, he knew she was approaching her turn to pass on to god just has his father did many years ago. He only hoped that she being an infidel of Islam would not displease the lord all mighty too much. David knew it was a sin to not worship the one true god, but he had studied Islam long enough to understand that just maybe she’s not of a different religion, but indeed it’s simply a cultural difference, at the end of it all are all still worshipping the same one true god.
“No, my liege. It’s Jonathan the Court Chaplain, he has discovered that your mother is not of the one true faith and has demanded that she be executed at once”
“What!” Jonathan shouted shock washing across his face “What is this mad man thinking, how dare he attacks the mother of his liege! How dare he a member of my dynasty attack my mother, whom might as well be another member of our dynasty! Madness!” Furious, David launch himself out of bed, revealing himself to his chancellor.
“Must I avert my eyes my liege?” the chancellor asked bewildered
“No you must, pass me by rode man!” came David’s demand with a roar behind his voice. “No kinsman of mine will take the life of another kinsman of mine, especially when that kin is my bloody mother.” David horridly put on his robe, before rushing pass his chancellor and down the long corridor. “Come man! Where must they be?”
“They are in the seating room my liege, Jonathan requires your immediate attendance to confirm his suspicions and give the order for an execution.”
“He requires my attendance, well my attendance he shall have.”
David and his chancellor aggressively barged into the seating room, most the court has been awakened and brought to witness the trail. An elderly woman brown in colour is kneeling on the floor within the centre of the room, she seems entirely out of place and powerless surrounded the people of Duke David’s native population. Yet she was his much-loved mother, a very educated woman who taught him to read and understand everything he could. Standing over her, with a vile look in his eyes and a sinister appearance to his face, was a kinsman to the Le Saeva dynasty. It was immediately clear that he was very intent on doing harm to the elderly woman on the floor.
“My Liege” Jonathan lets out, welcoming David to the seating room.
“What is the meaning of this!” raors David intent on clearly presenting who was in command here. “Why is my mother on the cold hard floor.” Sinisterly Jonathan swaggers over to David.
“My liege, don’t tell me you didn’t know.” Jonathan looks deeply in David’s eyes grinning. “Don’t tell us that you didn’t know that this woman was infidel of Islam.”
The room grows quite, so quiet the heart beats of the surrounding courtiers can be individually heard. David’s mother, Dima, looks around tears streaming down her face, she looks deeply into David’s eyes, worry in his, terror in hers. David moves over to his mother, kneeling down and pulling her to her feet continuously staring into her eyes, somehow they both understood what had to be done. David then seats himself, ready to hear his kinsman case, “What have you to say to me?” Asked David sternly.
“After some thorough thorough investigation, I found this woman, Dima bint Tariq, not only in possession of this Quran!” Jonathan violently pulls out a Quran, “but intently reading it…

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