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Posted: Saturday, July 22, 2017 4:20:00 AM

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Hey now, those Hindus keep getting uppity on the Eastern Boarder. And it's not like I get Silk Road trade for more than three days out of the session.
Posted: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 10:53:03 PM
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The Year of our Lord 1070 AD

The Black Death and Size Lmiits have led to a large amount of Border Gore, what your seeing here is the Dynastic Map doctored to look nice as this was the final Ck2 Session.

House Vi Britannia(Hadogei) after it's successful taking and defense of Norway sets its sights upon the innocent Diz Neigh Dynasty. However in doing so, the Kingdom of Norway was left undefended and lost its central territories to the Heathen.

House Craig(James Craig) has seized Iceland, a relatively unimportant Island that will have no significance whatsoever in the future.

House Boyardee(Mark) One more spent several decades in eternal civil war, culminating in the coronation of a Nestorian and a Muslim to the Throne of Lombardy, The Iron crown was lost in this time, never to be found again.

The Khan of Moravia (Yami Yagari) Has continued to reconstruct a shattered and weakened Carpathia.

The House of Lazuli(Blayne/Sid Meiyer) Also spent much of this time in Civil War with itself.

Disaster has struck House Hrothgar(Dragoon9105) as several untimely deaths culminating in the arrival of the Scourge of God, the Black Death itself led to the ascension of a Child of the Wrong Dynasty to the Throne of Varingia. The Sword Vengeance and all the Artifacts are Baldur was lost, and a dark day that shall forever be remembered by the Hrothgar Dynasty, that now plots to regain it's rightful throne.

Licking thier Wounds from the Failed invasion of Greece, the House of Mordor have retreated back into thier own lands and have begun to consolidate thier territories for a coming Indian Campaign, Only for the arrival of the Black death to put such plans on delay.

The Norsemen of Svitjod (King of Men) Have reclaimed vital territory in Norway and had begun to make preparations for a great conquest to strike back at the followers of Christ. A Crusade called by the Leonese however put a delay to such plans, threatening to wipe the Dynasty from the map. However it seems God favors the Norse Faithful, as the Black Death, and the Untimely exit of House Hrothgar from the Crusade seems to have doomed the Crusade to Fail, and the Norse of Scandinavia to survive, and plot their revenge.

Because of the Black Death, the Great Power Map is an absolute Mess, So we'll just wait till the Eu4 conversion, which will have an actual comprehensive list.

Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:05:21 PM
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Long Live the Black Death!

Nice borders are for amateurs; Experts like it craggy.

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