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King of Men
Posted: Friday, September 01, 2017 8:12:11 AM
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  • Sea to Shining Sea: The New World will be colonised in stages. Currently these trade zones are open for colonisation: Caribbean, St Lawrence, and California. The next to open will be Mexico and Panama, followed by Amazon, Brazil, Hudson Bay, Rio de la Plata, Lima, Rio Grande, Cuiaba, Mississippi, Chesapeake, Patagonia, and Ohio. We will open new nodes when an already-open one is 50% filled, with a backup of opening at least one per two sessions.
  • Neither Holy nor Roman nor yet a Player Slot: The HRE will be in Germany, initially AI.
  • The Empire long United, must Divide; long Divided, must Unite: Ming will be shattered, releasing all its possible vassals, which will then be made tributaries. Players may take any of the Little Mings, and compete for the Mandate of Heaven - may the best warlord win.
  • Sengoku: Similarly, players may take a Japanese Daimyo, and strive to become Shogun and unite the islands. Japan will be free from outside interference until at least 1500, or until the first Japanese player attacks a mainland country.
  • We Have Reserves: The HRE, the two Indian majors, and Mali are held in reserve as player slots; they may be taken by eliminated players after 1550. However they are not protected in any way from player actions - if by 1550 they are unviable, c'est la guerre.
  • Each According to his Need: Players who take a slot where there isn't a suitably strong country will be buffed to viability by edits.
  • Needs Moar Kustom: Custom idea sets will follow the player, not the tag; players eliminated who take one of the reserve slots may take their idea sets (custom Splendor and government, if applicable) with them.
  • While the Cat's Away: No attacking an absent player until the third consecutive session of absence. Wars already in progress may be finished. If the AI attacks you, you may take some territory but are encouraged not to make the peace crippling. You may attack a player nation allied to or guaranteed by an absent player, or otherwise bringing one in; but in this case you should WP the absent player when possible.

  • I Tell My Tale: There will be a reward for posting an AAR of 500 words, or an equivalent amount of work in the GM's judgement, before each session (grace period until the end of the session). Currently the reward can be chosen from this list:

  • 200 gold (to increase later)
  • 50/50/50 mana
  • 1000 sailors
  • 5000 manpower
  • 33 prestige

    The reward must be requested in the edit thread by 2200 PST Friday (early Saturday morning in Europe). It can be requested before the AAR is posted by the Feeling Lucky rule; the post should then include the phrase "feeling lucky", and if the AAR isn't posted in time, three times the reward will be removed, or three rewards if there isn't enough to remove. You can remove the request with no penalty if it's done before the Friday-evening deadline.

    Player list as of September 2017:

  • King of Men: Ynglinga Rike
  • Dragoon: Varingia
  • James Craig/Michael Burke: Eire
  • Ranger: Saarland
  • king cruel/Zirotron: Poitou
  • Hadogei: Leon
  • Mark: Holy Roman Empire
  • Kuipy: Kongo
  • Vaniver: Korea
  • Hoonter: Xi
  • Yami: Great Moravia
  • Klingon: Aswad
  • Blayne: Tianlan
  • Sauron: Mordor
  • Ragatokk: Uesugi
  • Gollevainen: Great Novgorod
  • Khan: Candravamsas
  • FailedStrategy: Mongolia

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