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King of Men
Posted: Saturday, October 14, 2017 7:14:59 AM
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This thread is for recording decisions and rulings. No discussion in this one, please.

Blobbing limits

  • You may play as any character of your dynasty, except:
  • You may not play as the vassal of another player's character without that player's permission. Note that this applies only to the character that player is currently playing; you can be a vassal of an unplayed character of another's player's dynasty. Example: I am playing the Ynglings; I have the choice between Harald King of Norway, and Sigurd Duke of Galloway, currently the vassal of Archibald Douglas, King of Scots. Fivoin is playing the Douglas dynasty. If Fivoin chooses to play Archibald, I may not play Sigurd without Fivoin's permission. If Fivoin plays a different Douglas I can play Sigurd. Permission is granted at each rehost and lasts until the next rehost.
  • If you have only one ruler left in your dynasty, you may always play that character, vassal or no vassal.
  • A played character may not have a realm size greater than 150. This will be enforced by edit between sessions.
  • No vassalising players if that brings you above the limit, even temporarily.
  • Over-limit lands must be gotten rid of as soon as possible within the game mechanics. If not possible, and the amount over the limit is large, we will consider a session halt for edits.
  • Lands should not be given out in such a way that they will be rapidly re-inherited, if it can be avoided while staying within the dynasty. If it can't be avoided then they should be re-handed out when they are inherited; a pattern of such "unavoidabilities" across several sessions may lead to manual edits away from the dynasty.
  • AI characters are exempt from the above rule. If I decide to play Sigurd duke of Galloway, and AI Harald by some miracle conquers Sweden, that is fine. However, if I later switch to playing Harald, I have to reduce his domain to only de-jure Norway.
  • In cases where a war ended very close to the end of a session, the GM may allow the player to say how the edits should be done (instead of the editor making decisions on the basis of what is convenient to edit), or alternatively may allow the player to hand out titles and independences at the start of the next session, on the understanding that it will be done efficiently.

    Player slots and religion

  • Player slots initially limited to Western Europe.
  • No playing east of the Dniepr Don or the Jordan. Anatolia is allowed roughly to the border of modern Turkey. Egypt to the Second Cataract.
  • You may play as a custom merchant republic, a Muslim, a tribal, or a Pagan. (Feudal and Christian also allowed!)
  • You may not change religion if doing so would end a war; and in any case may do so at most once per ruler lifetime. (Secret conversions don't count.)
  • Antipopes and excommunication allowed.
  • Holy Orders allowed for defensive wars. They must be released at the peace. Wars may not be extended to retain Holy Orders.
  • If your dynasty is destroyed you may play another one. If there is no room in Europe this can be outside the initial starting areas.
  • Moratorium on assassinating characters of player dynasties for the first 50 years.
  • No Seniority inheritance except for republics.


  • Charlemagne start.
  • Play at least 200 years of CK; then vote on continuing in fifty-year blocks, or until 1444.
  • Dynastic score, which is earned by having dynasty members hold titles and modified by achievements, will be converted to starting mana and used in an auction for custom ideas and other good stuff.

    AAR rewards

    If you write an AAR of at least 500 words, preferably in the AAR thread, you may request an AAR reward. The AAR must be posted before the end of the session; the request for the reward must be posted before the editor does the edits, which is generally in the vicinity of Friday evening. If you have not yet posted your AAR but have a firm intention of doing so and a righteous conviction that it will go up before the session, you may post a "feeling lucky" request, for example, "I'm feeling lucky for the gold reward, please". The curse of Pharaoh is upon those who feel lucky and do not post their AAR by session end; in addition, they will lose the reward they gained unrighteously, three times over.

    The AAR rewards are:

  • Gold: 200 for the first 100 years, 400 for the second 100 years, and 600 after 300 years until the end.
  • Piety: 500
  • Prestige: 500
  • Remove a trait
  • Add a trait that isn't inheritable or otherwise lasts the whole game, for example, Genius, Quick, Strong, or Immortal. If the character has an opposing trait it must be removed first.
  • Change the Culture of a Province you control
  • Convert an unlanded character in your court to your religion and culture.
  • Tech Points: 300 In any category
  • Upgrade a weak claim to a strong one
  • Impregnate a character (within reason - no other players' wives, not on the other side of the map, not a horse or a child)
  • Increase education to level 4.

    When you request a reward, please make it easy for the editor to identify the change to be made; there are 15 players and occasionally they blur together. Ideally, give the character number to be affected, for example, "200 gold for character 6811". You can find the character number by entering the cheat console and typing 'charinfo', then hovering over the character's portrait. Failing that, at least remind me what slot you are playing.


  • Rule on courtesy remains as before.
  • Time slot remains the same: Sundays, 0900 Pacific Time, when there are DST conflicts we go with the host's time.
  • No meta discussion in TeamSpeak.
  • Overall game name is "Song of the Dead"; the four parts are "We Must Feed our Sea", "Our Doom and Our Pride", "If Blood be the Price of Admiralty", and "We Have Paid in Full".

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  • King of Men
    Posted: Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:18:05 AM
     Legatus legionis

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    Achievements and Missions



  • Crusader: Win a Crusade or equivalent (as attacker). 1 point.
  • Heresiarch: Supplant your religion with a heresy. 10 points.
  • A King's Ransom: Capture another player's character or heir. (Ransoming them is optional.) 3 points per capture, and -3 for the target.
  • We Have Reserves: Have the largest dynasty, as measured by living characters, at conversion. 3 points.
  • Place in the Sun: Expand your culture by the greater of 50% or twenty provinces relative to game start. Melting-pot cultures take their starting size as the sum of the cultures that can naturally convert to it. 5 points.
  • Lebensraum: Make your culture the largest, and at least twice as large as the second largest; 5 points.
  • Manifest Destiny: Remove from the map a culture that is not in your culture group; not in a culture group that neighbours yours at game start (including short ocean voyages, eg across the North Sea); and is roughly the same size as yours at game start. 5 points, to be shared if several players cooperated on the genocide.
  • Equal to Rome: Form X Cultural Empire: (Germania, Britannia, Francia, Italia, Carpathia, Wendia, Hispania, Scandinavia, Russia) 5 Points
  • I Tell My Tale: Receive an AAR reward for every session (including the last CK session), 5 points. First missed AAR subtracts one point, next two, two points each.
  • Live and Die at My Post: Be present or subbed for the full four hours of every session. 5 points.
  • Basileus Basileon, Basileuon Basileuonton: Pass Imperial Administration and keep it until conversion. 3 points.
  • Holy, and Roman, and Emperor: Form the Holy Roman Empire (awarded to the First Player to Form it). 3 points. (Done by the Hand of History, no longer achievable).
  • Basileus Rhomaion: Usurp the Byzantine Empire. 3 points.
  • Rex Romanorum: Form the Latin Empire (Latin Empire will be made formable if Byzantium still exists if necessary). 3 points.
  • Fall of the Karlings: Overthrow/Subjugate/Invade Karling Kingdoms, each Kingdom counts once; 3 points to the one with most kingdoms.
  • And All That: Form England. 3 points.
  • Castille, And Leon? De-jure drift three crowns (king titles) completely into your primary title (achievable once only; keep a tally). 3 points.
  • Argent a Cross Potent Or: Form the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 3 points.
  • Standing Army: Have the largest retinue at conversion (as measured by retinue points used, not by stack size). 3 points.
  • The Scourge of God: Participate in a war where the Mongols are the attackers, and win; all participants with at least 3% war contribution get 3 points.
  • Our Master, Our Executioner: Same as Scourge of God, but for Aztecs.

    Religion Based


  • One True Pope: Depose an antipope. 1 point, achievable once per achieving player.
  • Even Truer Pope: Crown your antipope as Pope. 3 points, achievable once.
  • Five Patriarchs: Each of the five Pentarchy seats controlled by your dynasty. 5 points, achievable once.
  • Mend the Schism: Get the eponymous ingame event. 20 points.
  • Co-Egyptic: Become King of Egypt as a Coptic. 2 points.
  • Nestopotamia: Become King of Mesopotamia as a Nestorian. 3 points.
  • Eneste Sanne Pave/Einlicher Treue Papst/Your Language Here: Get the Pope to move his capital to your cultural region, and keep it there for an entire session (ie the session after he moves), or until conversion if it is the last session. 5 points.
  • Meet the Family: As Messalian have more than 50% of your dynasty with inbred or lunatic by the end of the game. 5 points.
  • The True Church of the East: As a Nestorian, reclaim all Nestorian holy sites and remove Islam entirely from Mesopotamia, the Levant and Arabia. 15 points.
  • The Fairer Sex: As Cathar, make at least half of European kingdoms/empires led by females through Absolute Cognatic succession. 20 points.
  • A Single Divine Will: As Monophysites, purge Miaphysite from the map and reclaim all Coptic Holy Sites. 10 points.
  • Break the Icons: As an Iconoclast, control all orthodox holy sites along with Rome, and Mecca, or have Iconoclasts controlling them. 10 points.
  • The Perfect Form: As Bogomilists, unite the Balkans and remove all traces of Orthodox and Catholicism. 12 points.
  • Reconquista: Remove the Muslim (or Christian) presence from Iberia. 3 points to all players of the winning religion with a presence in Iberia, the one with the greatest amount of territory receives an extra three.
  • Painted the Cross In His Own Blood: Like Reconquista, but for Scandinavia. If no kingdoms are Christian (or Muslim!) at conversion, it is considered a win for the Norse.
  • Master of the Servant of the Servants of God: Vassalise the Pope (achievable once). 3 points.
  • Filioque Clause: Same as Reconquista, but for Orthodox in de-jure Greece and Anatolia.
  • Salve, Sclave: Same as Reconquista, but for Lithuania and Finland.
  • Storm at your Ivory Gate: Destroy the Byzantine Empire (achievable once). If Byzantium falls below 100 realm size and lacks Constantinople that is sufficient. 3 points, awarded to a player holding the Byzantine Empire at conversion if it still exists.


  • Caliph instead of the Caliph: Your dynasty holds the Caliphate title at conversion. 5 points.
  • Not in Silk nor in Samet: Win a decadence revolt. 3 points, once per player.
  • No God but Allah: Unify the Muslim Faith so that no independent rulers of the opposite sect exist. 20 points
  • The Seven Angels Stand Triumphant: As Yazidi, control all Yazidi Holy Sites, and either directly or through other Yazidi leaders, all holy sites of the Islamic faith except Andalusia. 20 points.
  • The Outside Bet: As Druze, take over the Levant, Anatolia and Greece and convert the majority to your religion. 20 points.
  • The One True Sheikhdom/Proof of Infallibility: As Hurufi/Kharijite, destroy all other Caliphate titles. 15 points.

    Pagan and other:

  • Drunk on Suttung's Mead: Reform your faith. (You may rename appropriately if the faith is not Germanic.) 5 points.
  • Great Holy Warrior: Win a GHW for a kingdom with a holy site of your faith. 1 point.
  • Plots Spanning Years: Conquer an Abrahamic Kingdom with a Prepared Invasion. 1 point, achieveable once per kingdom.
  • Saoshyant: Gain the Zoroastrian title. 10 points.
  • Empire of the Sun: Form a Zunist Empire 10 Points
  • Return of the Old Gods: As an unreformed pagan, defeat and remove the reformed version of your faith from the map. 10 points.
  • March of the Heracleidae: As Hellenic, take all old Greek lands (Greece, Egypt + Western anatolia) and replace the primary religion in the area with hellenism. 15 points.
  • Zionist Occupation Government: Form Israel as a Jewish nation. Can't start in the Levant for the achievement. (Alternate names for heresies: The True Followers Land (Samaritan). 10 points.
  • Rekindle the Fire: As Manicheanism, retake Persia, Mesopotamia, and the Levant and remove any competing religions from these provinces. 20 points.
  • Sea King: Become Sea King. 3 points.

    Control Points

    When held by a dynast, one point each. These points are awarded at the end of the session that includes the year 869, 969, and so on, and upon conversion if conversion is at least 50 years after the previous award time.

  • City of Lights: Paris
  • City of Men's Desire: Thrace
  • Where Emperors Fear to Tread: Julich
  • The Eternal City: Latium
  • Three Faiths, One Ruler: Jerusalem
  • Return of the King: Gondar
  • Arabian Nights: Medina and Mecca
  • On the River Thames: Middlesex
  • The Golden City: Prague
  • The Great Tower: Sevilla
  • The Little Mermaid: Sjaelland

    Regional Sets

    3 points awarded upon conversion if your dynasty holds at least half the kingdoms in a set, and nobody else is eligible; ie in a set of four you must hold at least two, and nobody else can hold two. The intent here is to bias historical rivals against each other, for example German Players and French Players are both incentivised to go after Lotharingia and Frisia.

  • Brytenwalda: England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland
  • Le C'est Moi: France, Burgundy, Brittany, Aquitaine, Frisia, Lotharingia
  • Imperator Totius Hispaniae: Andalusia, Galicia, Asturias, Aragon, Portugal, Castille, Navarra (Titles only count if the title had de jure land)
  • La Serenissima: Italy, Sicily, Venice, Genoa, Croatia, Africa, The Papal State
  • Got Mit Uns: Germany, Bavaria, Saxony, Pomerania, Lotharingia, Frisia, Bohemia
  • AEIOU: Bavaria, Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, Venice, Italy
  • Megalia: Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Anatolia, Armenia, Croatia, Sicily
  • Ragnarok: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
  • The Sjem: Pomerania, Poland, Lithuania, Ruthenia, Bohemia
  • Al Andalus: Andalusia, Mauretania, Africa, Aquitaine, Galicia, Sicily
  • Third Rome: Ruthenia, Rus, Volga Bulgaria

    Special Sets

    5 points each if your dynasty holds all kingdoms in the set at conversion, and has a majority of the required culture.

    Angelois: England, France (English, Norman)
    The Vespers: Aragon, Sicily (Iberian)
    Habsburg Influence: Bavaria, Frisia, *Any Spanish Kingdom* (German)
    Danelaw: *Any Scandinavian Kingdom*, England (Norse)
    Hohenzollern: Germany, Sicily (German or Italian)
    Prussian Glory: Saxony, Pomerania, Lithuania (Prussian, Pommeranian, Saxon)
    Karling: France, Lotharingia, Germany, Italy, Burgundy (Frankish, Any 4 Kingdoms) (Frankish)
    Historical Anomaly: England, Greece (English, Greek, Anglo-Saxon)
    Yugoslavia: Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria (Any Two) (Slavic)
    Dandolo: Venice, Greece (Italian)
    Gothica: Tataria, *Any Kingdom in Germania* (German, Greek)
    Long Distance Relationship: Norway/Ireland/Scotland, Jerusalem (Any Culture)
    From Ireland to Cathay: Ireland,Khotan/Mongolia (Any Culture)
    Jarls of India: *Any Scandinavian Kingdom*, *Any Indian Kingdom* (Norse Culture Group)

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    Norway Rome The Khanate Scotland Scotinavia Christendie the Serene Republic has always been at war with the Bretons False Empire Caliphate Persians Russians English Hungarians Oceanians Saracen Jackal! Death, death, death to the Frogs barbarians infidels necromancers vodka-drinking hegemonists Sassenach nomad menace Yellow Menace heathen Great Old One!
  • dragoon9105
    Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 7:50:44 PM
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    Errata For the Missions/Achievements:

    All Missions START at the start date of their age. Achieving one of them beforehand does not do anything.

    Recontista esq Achievements Fire when the last Independent Ruler of the wrong religion is overthrown/Conquered. All players with LAND get a bonus. Gold and moral support dont count.

    End Dates are assumed to be at the end of the Era unless otherwise specified.

    Age of Charlemagne:

    2. Lasts until 1444

    3. Lasts until 1444 Fired only once.

    Viking Age:

    1. Lasts until 1444

    2. Cannot be Done Via AAR Reward

    3. Fires once all the Karlings with Kingdom Titles or above are dead/overthrown

    4. Fires Once, Forming Before the Date Yields no Points.

    Early Medieval Period.

    2. The Kingdoms that Qualify are all Kingdoms that have Dejure land at the start of the Era, Ends in 1444.

    The Crusades:

    1. Can be Any Religion (Though its a bit difficult for Non christians keep in mind)

    The Great Invasions

    2. Lithuania changed to All of the Wendish Empire, Just to prevent this from being too easy.

    3/4: The Hordes will be played by the Hand of history if he is available.

    Late Medieval:

    1. If you already have IA, just reform it away and pass it again, not hard

    2. Activates in 'The Crusades' but cannot be completed until this time Period or Conversion.

    3. Does not count event troops. Works as an Achievement if we do not make it to 1444
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