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Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2017 8:00:49 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 1: The Fall of False Romes

Welcome to my personal hell, an Italian interregnum until I get a proper empire elsewhere. We've started as Burgundy, and session 1 was ultimately uneventful (And covered under a previous AAR)

We started as Lothar the Lion, A Great Warrior in Charlemagne's retinue(Fictional) And King of Burgundy. While a great warrior, Lothar lacked the true ambition to do much of note, Enter his son Clovis.

From an early age Clovis had a talent for subterfuge, naturally clever the Boy would be the greatest and most talented of Clovis' offspring, designated to rule the Kingdom of Burgundy after Lothar himself succumbed to Cancer during his 50's.

The interests of Clovis would develop into a unique set of skills that would enable the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, and the rise of a new world order within Europe. One that could put House Lotharing onto the Roman Throne and make it the greatest house in Europe.

Charlemagne himself' tragic flaw would be trusting Clovis, as a son of Lothar to be an honorable and competent Spymaster for his new Empire. A lethal mistake as while Clovis was competent, his designs on the Empire would lead to the death of Charlemagne.

KHANXLT and Peppin the remains of Charlemagne's male line soon found the blade of Clovis in short order, Leaving Karl II, Charlemagne's Grandson, a man married to Clovis sister in a special marriage that allowed house Lotharing to carry on it's line. House Karling was officially dead once again, and House Lotharing had taken it's place as heads of the Empire.

However controversy arose, as the Mother of Clovis had been driven mad from the grief of seeing her Child destroy the light Charlemagne had brought. With Six Thousand Men she had adventured into North Africa eventually taking on the local culture and crowning herself the Queen of Africa. She also developed a rather significant drinking problem. With Clovis' infant nephew eventually ending up on the Throne, his well placed planned collapsed, as Clovis alone lacked the charisma or administrative skill to hold the Empire together.

By the time the Ashes had cleared, Clovis had died, his Nephews had died and the Bretons in the North had Usurped the Holy Roman Empire proper, leaving the Kingdom of Italy in the hands of the remaining Lotharing Gausbold the Drunkard. From Italy however the future could now be rebuilt, in the Lotharing Image.

So the Second Session is over and the Third one begins. The Holy Roman Empire has effectively been taken apart by me and Vaniver, split three ways between the Bretons in the North, Myself in the South, and Aquitaine in the West. I also uplifted the Germans of Bavaria to Kingdom status leading to the Balance of Power we see now. You'll also note that Spain has been reconquered for the Catholics thanks to an oversight on my part with some CB's.

As i mentioned at the start, I am in Hell. I have a love and hate relationship with italy. I love the freedom the Slot brings but I hate how vulnerable it is. I can expand in any direction I wish, but this also means I have as the Swiss in kaiserreich put it ENEMIES ON ALL SIDES. I have Venetians, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Germans and Arabs all to content with, and very possibly also Greece. I also dont want to have Mark's hackjob of an Empire from last game, so Ideally I'll be going East here and working out terms for my participation in the new world come EU4.

But we shall see exactly how viable that is in the coming days.
Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2017 7:19:08 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 2: The Current Situation

Right, so lets get right into things. We are now the Dominant Territory in Italy, and allied with my Son in Burgundy. Right now becuase of the Breton Empire going over Realm Size we are also the predominant power of Europe with roughly 10k to Call up at will. To our South is the Mighty Byzantine Empire and Abbasid Caliphates both of whom are unassailable barring special circumstances. To our West are the Spaniards, who are disorganized and are down to but a single player. To our East is the Pagan Republic of Venice, The Kingdom of Bavaria and the Kingdom of Serbia all of them are weaker than us, but not by much.

Our Ruler is Lothar II who some call the Cruel. Personally I prefer the Term Practical, becuase Lothar is a great Ruler, 20 Something or Other Martial is the reason we are in the secure position we are in. However we have another Boon which is, quite useful. He has some great traits which is a nice bonus but his education and Martial are the main points of call here, both are nice and high.

Some call Leo a Usurper, I prefer Piggy Bank to be honest. With the Pope here we have most of his income at our beck and call provided we can give him Piety, which is easy enough to obtain with some finagling. Having the Pope as a Vassal is absurdly Powerful, So much so that I wouldn't have done it if another player hadn't alerted me of thier plans to do the same exact thing. So now naturally the Pope is ours and Ours alone. Nobody else can Have him. The precious is MINE

As for our Neighbors, we have Sonny Boy, Who hopefully wont turn out too Bad. I'm locked into him being my Heir and I hate not being able to manage my Heir, but alas the Things I do to stay under the Size limit.

Next up is the Venetians, who like the King of Genoa and the Grand Mayor of Sardinia and are a Republic, whos existence directly benefits me via higher taxes, and More Trade. Also the Venetian Player tends to be the friendly enough sort when he doesn't have designs on your land. Another Friend in my Eyes.

Last is the Byzantine Emperor, who, As you would expect is the man we will try to overthrow and murder as soon as humanely possible. He Holds far too much of Italy for my Liking and there are many, many achievements involved with control over Greece and the Holy Land, Suffice to Say most of my foreign policy will be designed to end him and the Byzantine Empire as soon as possible.

Posted: Sunday, November 05, 2017 5:56:24 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 4/1: The Story so Far

So its come to my attention I've been forgetting to put this AAR on Paradox. So for the lack of any excitement last session. Of course an AAR must be made, lest King of Men put me back in the box and we cant have that.

Our story begins with Lothar the Lion.

An Honorable and Powerful Commander in Charlemagne's Retinue, Lothar would remain one of Charlemagne's closest companions, bringing order to the Kingdom of Burgundy as an honorable if tragic knight who would pass before his time due to Cancer. It is from Lothar that House Lotharing gets its name and Sigil. The Savoyard Cross representing the Kingdom of Burgundy and the Golden Fleur Di Lis on a Blackened Banner representing the House' connection to Charlemagne and it's Frankish Pedigree.

His son Clovis meanwhile was consumed by greed and ambition and singlehandedly would undo much of the work of Charlemagne and his companions, Marrying his sister to a distant cousin of Charles, Clovis then set to work murdering Karling after Karling until the house was brought to Ruin, and Clovis' nephew was placed in line to inherit. All while crowning himself King of Burgundy and rightful protector over Italy. Clovis would remain King of Burgundy through the resulting Chaos that had resulted from Charlemagne's fall but ultimately would be overthrown in his old age for his nephew Gausbold.

Gausbold had the unfortunate fate of being in line for the succession, and had to abandon a Life of Study, Academics and Poetry to rule Italy and Burgundy. Of course the pressures of such a Task crushed him and he turned to Drink. His love for Poetry being his vice as the pressures of running a foreign Kingdom labored him day to day. Gausbold would live a long and unsatisfying life in Italy, but did eventually claim the Crown of Italia

Emperor Lothar, Named in Honor of his Great Grandfather would take over from Gausbold. Lothar did not like holding court and was known to lash out at those who disturbed his silence, even women. Instead Lothar spent his days administering and studying battle tactics and plans, reforging the newborn Nation of Italia into the most powerful military force in the world. Like his Great Uncle Clovis, Lothar was ambitious and feared by many, but unlike his Great Uncle Lothar held the talent not only to gain power but to rule. Like his Namesake Lothar would be a terror on the field of battle, and the friends he did make would swear by his character.

The last and current ruler of the Mighty Empire of Italia is Charles Lotharing While not especially blessed in any one field of education Charles Possed an Intellect beyond all that lived. Charles is notably defined by his temper and tolerance for all peoples within his Empire. Though he also possesses a Weakness for gold. He is however married to his equal, a daughter of the reputed Devil of Byzantium. While Charles is all Natural Talent, his future successors may inherit the talent of thier parents and receive education befitting Future Emperors of Rome.

Here is the current Situation of Italy. To our south is Byzantium, which is not particularly long for this world. To the North is the Kingdom of Burgundy (Of our Dynasty), The Venetians who are giving me lots of trade gold, and the Germans. For the moment I'm in the business of making friends not enemies, and so i've taken an interest in taking bites of spain (I've seized K_andalusia which is nice). Out main advantage is Italy converts decently well, and I'm made Italy powerful enough that it is no small task to deal with, as I have a Pope feeding me gold and friends across Europe.

The time however is coming to start making moves for glory and profit, Greece, Germany, the Levant and Africa all lie open for us, but may ruffle some feathers. Which ultimately is the flaw of Italy, I may be able to go anywhere I wish, but I will find resistance wherever that direction may be. I'll have to tread carefully in the coming years lest I find myself with ENEMIES ON ALL SIDES. As the swiss in Kaiserreich are oft to say.

Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2017 9:23:08 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 5/2: The Story so Far

Last time we left off was the reign of Charles of Italia. A Great Man who promised great things. Now we will see that path has led.

Four Years, Four Years passed and Charles died, ln those four years Charles would produce several children of his particularly strong Bloodline but ultimately the Emperor himself would amount to nothing, dieing and leaving the Throne to the Toddler Isaac. Over a decade of regency for young Isaac would continue until finally the Raven Haired Emperor of Charles and his Middle Eastern Bride would ascend to the Throne.

Isaac did not start out as a great ruler. In fact despite his parentage he was rather mediocre and uninterested in the affairs of state. Isaac however, born of a Muslim Mother and Charles the Short Lived would find himself ruling Italia during a newfound period of religious unrest in the world. The Bretons, looking to expand thier influence outside of Francia invaded the Republic of Scandinavia, eventually bringing the Intrest of the Pope who heard of the plight of the Germans living under germanic oppression.

The Pope would declare a Crusade, the very first of it's Kind for the Kingdom of Saxony, to alleviate pagan pressure on Francia. Of course Isaac was furious as the young and inexperienced Emperor was far more tolerant due to his upbringing. Isaac would participate in the Crusade out of obligation of course but the entire affair did not sit right with him. Isaac would open a dialogue with the House of Yngling, one of the Merchant houses of Denmark, who offered to pay large sums of money for action to be taken for such hostile action.

The response would be the excommunication of Emperor Hammelin of Brettonnia for inciting such violence in Northern Europe. While the Pope did not like such a course of action becuase of Hammelin's involvement with the Crusade he would ultimately have no choice. Hammelin would respond by declaring the Pope in Rome False, Naming a new one in Cologne and winning the Crusade, seizing away Saxony from it's germanic masters.

Ultimately however Isaac was not the man of his youth. Years of Warfare had hardened him and in the dark of night, Italian ships disembarked onto Flanders, burning the entire region in the name of the Holy Father. Italia was the Great Eagle sat atop the world. Heretics would be punished, and at the Helm of the Greatest of Empires would be house Lotharing. For Decades the Great house had amounted to Nothing, But now, that was about to change.

In the last session not much as changed for Italia. The Venetians have expanded thier hold on Croatia and the Muslims of spain continue to be marginalized. However the Rising Breton power in the North has given me pause and reason to intervene. Now the Bretons are close friends and allies of the Faith, But I have appearances to Keep up, and my word to maintain. King of Men paid for an excommunication and so I followed through. The Breton's responded by declaring war on me, and I subsequently assassinated the Pope and burned his capital to the ground. As you do.

Going forward we'll have more opportunities since I wont be locked in Regency Hell for decades...


Posted: Sunday, December 03, 2017 6:04:49 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 6/3:

So we took a two week break but this AAR is covering mainly the session from two weeks ago.

Emperor Isaac being as competent as he was negotiated a surrender of the Breton Antipope in the North. Of course this negotiation came after the torching of the Breton Capital, and so the tension was quite high as ultimately many lives and a great fortune of gold had been lost over a fairly pointless dispute. Victory would also come with concessions on the Italian party, namely the Italians would promise to relax thier control of the Papacy lest they find the greater powers of Europe naming their own Patriarchs just as the east was.

From that point forward Isaac would rule with a steady and calm hand being named the Just for his quiet and peaceful rule. Around the Byzantine Empire had fallen into Chaos, The Reconquista was once again flaring up and the Kingdoms of Bavaria and Burgundy were brought back into the Lotharing Fold. Overall the Dynasty had ushered in a golden age at least for itself.

With affairs at home resolved, and foreign policy directed to dismantling the mighty Abbassid Caliphate in the Holy Land Isaac put his attention to matters of the Mind, namely that of the Forbidden arts of Alchemy. It was said that Isaac even discovered a relative of the Philosophers stone, the Emerald Tablet, Said to be a crucial ingredient for creating the Prime Materia, and from that, potentially a Philosopher's stone.

Isaac the Just ultimately would be the greatest ruler in Italia's history until that point. Having united much of the Peninsula under his rule, establishing Cadet Houses in Bavaria, Burgundy and Africa and finding Artifacts of power long lost to time. So great was his power that he was said to be able to save others from death. Though not himself.

As you can see our Dynasty is doing fairly well. My Cousins in Burgundy have secured the control point in Sevilla, I continue to Hold Rome and have more or less put up a dynastic buffer all around me. James the Byzantium Player will sadly be leaving us, meaning Egypt and Greece (And the Valuable Constantinople Control Point) Are open for the taking. Serbia and Hungary are also viable expansion opportunities though I need to tread carefully as My compatriots in Europe can be just as dangerous and Powerful as me thanks to the Size Limits.

Once again the Distinct Lack of Germany will leave a rather significant balance of Power problem in Europe. Though Ideally Bohemia can step in to fill that role as a Central European Counterweight to the British, Spanish and French.

Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2017 9:22:11 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 7/4:

The Death of Isaac would bring King Raul his Grandson. As mighty and as competent as his Forebear Raul would bring the Italian Empire to even greater heights. His first moves would consist of the Invasion of Greece, bringing about an end to the ailing Byzantine Empire in its entirety, Releasing the Exarchate of Achia to one of his many offspring while keeping the city of world's desire for his own.

After his conquests Raoul found himself like his grandfather as a leading Hermetic Scholar. Using the texts of the Emerald Stone and his predecessor Raoul delved fully into study of the Zodiac and Alchemy, confering with Spanish and Breton Scholars to rediscover technologies long since lost in Roman Days.

Of course Raoul was also a zealot, And so joined wholehearted when the Pope in Ancona demanded a Crusade to Liberate the Kingdom of Egypt from followers of Islam. Raoul, and the entire Italian army were in attendance not only to liberate the holy land but to display exactly how powerful the Empire of Italy had become. It controlled both Rome and Constantinople and held to it's name the largest army in the Known World. Truly the Greatest Power of it's time.

Nothing much happened in the last session, I spent most of it cleaning up Burgundy and Bavaria when they crowned Rulers that were not Proper Lotharings. (They shortly overthrew those rulers too, sigh) I also, notably sacked Greece and gave most of it to a Nephew in the form of the Kingdom of Achai, Which is nice. I did keep Thrace for myself, Mostly so I can form the Latin Empire.

Currently there is a Crusade on For Egypt, which I expect we will win, Just a matter of who wins it. I was stiffed on Jerusalem and Saxony and the Reconquista so I'd like to at least have one major win under my belt. After that, Its conversion time So depending on how the votes fall this next update may or may not be in EU4.
Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017 9:16:01 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 8/5:

So lets talk Balance and Pvp in Ck2.

Now technically this happened in the session im currently playing not the session before but as others have pointed out, Last session was mostly a lot of this

Not much really happened Raoul died and Julius the Bear another fantastic ruler Ascended to the Throne

Julius like his Epitaph would suggest is an animal. He can raise 26 Thousand, Levies for only 150 Realm Size. I just want to point out 150 Realm size is the equivilent to France and Britanny, Its not very large in terms of the sheer amount of provinces ingame, and hes got troops rivaling those of Mid Game Byzantium.

Well its not in fact through expansion, Its expansion in the right areas.

One of Raoul's great achievements was the seizure of constantinople from the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople provide almost 1/5 of my Levy alone becuase it starts so developed and powerful. In Ck2 since there is no admin mana, once the recently conquered/new administration modifiers wear off your golden. There is very little reason to develop provinces not in your direct demesne for this reason, Because the AI either starts with or is happy to spend all of thier gold and tech developing provinces for you.

To really drive this point home, here is Pavia my Capital for the first half of my Run as Italia.

The capital is Milan now but as you can see im not even close to the number of troops constantinople can produce and I have spent Thousands upon Thousands of Gold on this. Far more than I have any right to. And I know I have spent far more gold than I should have becuase I've been abusing the hell out of papal and Jewish Loans, netting me an extra 2-4 Thousand Gold every ruler, sometimes far more.

to Drive this point home, This is my Actual Realm in comparison to the rest of the world.

Just Italy, not even Whole. Alexandria and Constantinople however provide me with an absurd tax and Levy and I only conquered these provinces in the last few sessions. This is the flaw with building 'Tall' in Ck2. All the best methods of getting money and getting power come through warfare not spending cash. Most buildings cost the same to build at high tiers of development compared to low tiers of development (or might as well, when were talking late game ck2 200 Gold is a Paltry amount)

Muslims and Orthodox in particular since they start with better holdings and make more money naturally are great targets to simply colonize for more troops and power.

Raiding is also a viable alternative, giving you the ability to produce thousands of gold from basically thin air.

Tributaries are another fun and very lucrative option, especially with Merchant Republics which can make upwards of 100 Gold per tick.

Now consider how much money Julius was making. Now remember these are the most powerful Mercenary companies in the game

that means for every 4 Months You can realistically Hire one of these badboys. Save up a big enough war chest and you can hire an army and go up to ridiculous levels of troops, so long as the gold continues to flow. I'm not even getting into retinues.

This snowballing effect is why we have the size limits in this campaign. Imagine if I had all of Greece-Burgundy-Italy and Egypt that would put my level count upwards of 50k and my Income into the 200's. As until this sort of income/troop snowballing effect in ck2 is fixed it will never be viable as a serious multiplayer game. It also makes the campaign feel less like discount hearts of Iron.

Case and Point

This is the coming war.

This is what it could have been without size limits.

One is a Coalition War. One is World War 2.

Posted: Sunday, January 07, 2018 8:44:14 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 9/6: Alive

So we survived the Coalition war though unfortunately I don't really have any screenshots of it. So I will narrate you the tale of the Great War against the Italian Empire.

On the eve of the Crusade for Mali the Forces of Leon, Bretonnia, England, Bohemia and Venice set to conspire against the great Italian Empire. Together their combined armies and income were more than double that of Mighty Italia. The Goal was set, to Strip Italy of it's homeland, and the Lotharings of their crown Jewel, The Crown of Lombardy, the Rich core of Northern Italy.

However The Lotharings stood strong in the face of such defiance, The Royal army was recalled from Greece and nearly Ten Thousand Loyal mercenaries were hired, while letters flew to the King of England and Venice. Venice being a grand and ancient republic ruled by the whims of it's people rather than an arbitrary nobility decided that so long as it had peace it would not inflict war upon other countries, and thus stood down from the war. England, meanwhile had recently joined the Crusade for Mali and so the Emperor of Albion was convinced that becuase Italy and England were comrades against the heathens, such a betrayal would be a great crime worthy of Cain and able.

With such a stroke of Diplomacy the enemies of the Empire were now reduced by half, down to the Breton, Leonese Empires and the Kingdom of Bohemia. However seeing their coalition fall apart Mercenaries were raised by the attackers bringing thier numbers back above mine.

From there the first battles of the war took place outside Milan, the Capital of the Italian Empire and one of the Richest provinces in the world. The Initial Battles went poorly however poor cohesion between the Spaniards, Bretons and Bohemians allowed for a victory near Treviso, sending the Bohemians and later the French back to thier own lands and allowing some time for a campaign in Spain.

The Spanish Campaign would be brief and bloody, the Goal was to burn the Spanish Heartland near Burgos and Leon in hopes of deterring drawing the war out. Ultimately this campaign would prove to have an effect as the second round of combat in Northern Italy started.

With better Cohesion the Attackers ran me out of Northern Italy forcing me to do something I rarely tend to do in Ck2, Beg for help. King of Men who was grateful for my foresight in sending the Crusade south and away from his land was more than happy to send me a gift, but becuase My ego cant take it, I made it a loan. With King of Men's gold I was able to stave off bankruptcy long enough to get more gold milked out of the pope and effectively fight the war to a Standstill and eventuall white Peace, Where I then went into Damage control mode, helping Golle with his internal issues and making a grudging peace with the Spanish. Ultimately resulting in Status Quo, though the war would effectively ruin any plans I had for that session.

From that point onwards I spent the entire session hoarding Gold and waiting for the inevitable round 2. We will see in the future if such a thing comes to pass.

Posted: Sunday, January 14, 2018 5:32:53 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 10/7: World Police

So continuing the bad habit of not having any screenshot I will summarize the aftermath of the Great Coalition war or in other words, the Week after Holiday break where half the players are missing and nobody remembers how to play anymore.

Long story short, with my Genius rulers of Italia now dieing off im down again with the mortals, however I still have the largest levy and income by a decent margin and so ultimately I find myself in the position of being World Police, as holding the Status quo while not ideal for me will enable me to convert in a position where I can fill out my natural borders in Eu4.

Mostly however this just comes down to ensuring that there is enough powers in the North to Challenge Vaniver for control of the Lands in Europe as well as trying to ensure Spain and Britain remain stable entities to Keep the Land Players honest in the future. Out first major call was the Invasion of Poland by the dastardly vikings controlled by King of Men. Yami is the King of Bohemia and wraps around Poland, and so the loss of such a Kingdom would mean an utter collapse of his influence in the region. I intervened on Behalf of the Bohemians and ran the Vikings off earning great glory to god and ensuring the defense of Europe against the Heathen.

Next came the Civil Wars, Lots of them. Spain, Britain as well as some AI minors all collapsed into civil wars in short order which, for the most part doesn't really hurt me outside of my obligations to Britain as a close ally. The problem lies in that now my soft power was eroding quickly. Vaniver my opposite across the Alps has be well and truly beat on dynasty score becuase he has been allowed to maintain two empires and dynastic control over much of western europe for the game. So a plan was hatched, what is the smallest Empire I could form and add to my collection in a reasonable amount of time? Well Pannonia of course, and so I declared a subjugation war on Panniona in hopes that I could chain that to a war for Wallachia and have enough to form the Kingdom. Things did not go according to plan, and ultimately I had to release the Duke of Ungvar without even adding a Kingdom title to my collection.

Breaking Panniona would ultimately turn out to be a forerunner for Balkan Unrest as in the subsequent years Ranger annihilated my Dynastic ally in Greece and then subsequently collapsed, meanwhile the Anatolian player Hadogei had returned and started to make his presence known in the East seeding his dynasty in places like a Cancer, as well as seizing Bulgaria for his dynasty. Essentially my dislike for player infamy due to all the Coalitions recently has left most of my presence in Europe proper in absolute tatters. Burgundy is the only country remaining in Europe of my dynasty of any note, Bavaria, Achaia, Germany and Bulgaria have all been lost and Africa remains my only Friend in Africa as Egypt was overthrown long ago. Simply put the situation is not good, and so I decided to do something controversial.

The Crusade for Sweden was going on during the aforementioned Balkan Boogaloo, and King of Men lost his Kingdom to Vaniver, not really unexpected since Kom is alone and the British and French players collectively hate him. After years of warfare to try and take the Crusade State Back King of Men was defeated and I interceded on his behalf, invading Sweden for myself and giving it back to my Republican friend in the North. However years of warfare have left Scandinavia a bit worse for wear and Scotland is also now moving in on territory in the North meaning despite my intervention the Norse Republic may very well find itself in trouble yet again in the near future.

Here is the remains of our once great dynastic Empire. As you can see, I've lost alot of Land which I am not happy about. Italia itself is still intact but it still means my score is not going to be nearly enough to make me happy, and So I believe I'll have to plan for making Rome Great Again. Exactly how of course is another matter.

And of course here is the Independent Realms Map Mode. Note the current troubles in England and the now Solidified Anatolia and broken Greece.
Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 5:30:16 PM
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Praise Hetalia!

Part 11/8: World Police

Still alas no Screenshots, I have maps, but no Screenshots. Mostly becuase nothing particularly intresting happened this session.

Right so this was our first session in Jade Dragon and ultimately it was successful in that the session continued without crashing every five minutes however a few intresting things of note happened.

First off, China, China Chyna! is now in play, with all its lovely artifacts. Ultimately nobody has gotten anything particularly good yet, though me and Leon both were gifted Jiis by the Emperor for going to Kow Tow to him, and sending him concubines.

As you can see here, Greece is reunifiying. At the Moment myself, ranger and to some extend Blayne are all nibbling on the AI within the Kingdom ever since Ranger's invasion and collapse of the region.

Similarly in the West, the Kingdom of Burgundy making abundant use of his new Jade Dragon CB's has expanded and gobbled up a host of Ivering minors in France, though they needed my aid to sent back the Bretonnian Empire.

Khan has re-joined us as a player in Aquitaine, the So called Revolving Door of Europe becuase every since James left the Kingdom it has constantly been changing hands. However Khan is a powerful player, and is none to scared of Vaniver's threats to seize the Kingdom for how own security (After all Navarra and the Northern Coast of France sends a fairly clear message that everything inbetween is 'his').

The New Provinces have caused problems for me and my Republican Neighbor, Ranger as Ranger now has had his realm size rise thanks to a host of useless provinces in Sardinia, and I now have a duke within Dejure Italia that can, God forbid, Vote!.

Meanwhile, the Balkans as you can see are an absolute mess and will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

In the North King of Men and Yami Yagari have reached a small understanding along the lines of "Please dont invade me I'll give you money you handsome strong rutherless norseman" I feel a bit chauved to be honest. After all I rode North to provide aid for the Bohemians without asking anything in return, Alas I have concerns elsewhere.

On the most important front, Conversion vote #3 Digital Partee is looming and i've been spending thousands upon thousands of gold in constantinople and Milan. Recent updats to Kom's converter has made it so Republican capitals now get a disproportionate amount of development, effectively weakening the capitals of other areas. Mostly with Gold from my new Permanent Tributaries, as the Players of the world have now gotten wise that they in fact can also milk the pope for money regardless of who he is a vassal to. Speaking of the Pope He declared a Crusade for Georgia, which is good in that it doesnt threaten to gameover King of Men, Ranger or Blayne.

Bad in that it threatens Druze Persia which has got to be the coolest Realm I've seen the AI produce in a while, and if I get eliminated from Italia I will likely go there come Eu4. However, Druze Persia is powerful in Ck2, and due to nobody really wanting Georgia, has fought off the crusaders now for almost a decade.

So yea, that was last session, No real coherant order or anything to this post becuase simply put I was having trouble remembering the session itself and these have a deadline. Hopefully next session will be more boring becuase exciting sessions usually mean player wars, and player wars are bound to involve me in some way if not directly.

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