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Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2018 10:31:36 AM
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Part 1: How we got here

Welcome to my personal hell, Playing Italy. Made tolerable by playing one of the coolest nations in history. In real Life the Latin Empire was a result of a few drunken crusaders being told to loot the wrong city by Venice. In this timeline things are slightly different.

Our story begins with Lothar the Lion one of the Great Charlemagne's companions and lord of Burgundy. Lothar was famous for his lovely poetry, skill at arms on the battlefield, oh and dying of cancer. It is from Lothar that house Lotharing gets its name and Sigil, the Cross of Savoy styled with the Black and Gold Fleur Di Lis of Lothar's shield.

Lothar's heir was the infamous Clovis the Impaler. A Savant in manners of Intrigue it was Clovis who engineered the fall of the House of Karling and the ascension of his Nephew to the Throne of the Empire through a series of shrewd Marriage. Clovis would claim the Crown of Burgundy for himself in his later years before eventually being killed himself, the world did not weep for his death. He married his Niece and they had two Children. It is from Clovis that the Imperial of Line of the Latin Empire can claim descent.

Cesaria the sister of Clovis and her son with Charles II of Francia are also of Note. Used by Clovis Cesaria lost her Husband to Clovis' knife and watched her unready son be forced to rule an Empire that collapsed all around him before finally being assassinated himself. Addled by grief Cesaria turned to drink first and was later fell into paranoia and insanity. A Tragedy.

With Italy in chaos the Crown of the Holy Roman Empire passed to the Bretons. However the Crowns of Italy and Burgundy passed instead to Clovis' Elder brother Gausbold by law. Gausbold was not prepared to be Emperor simply put and Italia languished under his rule until his death and the ascension of the more competent Beretrude Lotharing.

Beretude however would not hold the Latin Throne for Long, after some short years of Rule she was overthrown by Clovis' heir, Lothar of Burgundy and she later died trying to reclaim her throne from the Kingdom of Aquitaine.

Emperor Lothar, would be the first great Ruler of Italia. Lothar did not like holding court and was known to lash out at those who disturbed his silence, even women. Instead Lothar spent his days administering and studying battle tactics and plans, reforging the newborn Nation of Italia into the most powerful military force in the world. Like his Great Uncle Clovis, Lothar was ambitious and feared by many, but unlike his Great Uncle Lothar held the talent not only to gain power but to rule. Like his Namesake Lothar would be a terror on the field of battle, and the friends he did make would swear by his character.

The next Emperor would be Charles of Italia, who was smart enough to reset the regnal numbering system so as to avoid confusion. Four Years, Four Years passed and Charles died, ln those four years Charles would produce several children of his particularly strong Bloodline but ultimately the Emperor himself would amount to nothing, dieing and leaving the Throne to the Toddler Isaac. Over a decade of regency for young Isaac would continue until finally the Raven Haired Emperor of Charles and his Middle Eastern Bride would ascend to the Throne.

Isaac did not start out as a great ruler. In fact despite his parentage he was rather mediocre and uninterested in the affairs of state. Isaac however, born of a Muslim Mother and Charles the Short Lived would find himself ruling Italia during a newfound period of religious unrest in the world. The Bretons, looking to expand thier influence outside of Francia invaded the Republic of Scandinavia kicking off the Crusades. Isaac would find himself at the heart of a religious dispute and the wars would harden a boy ruler into a great who would make Italia a world power even if Isaac himself would pale in comparison to those who would follow him.

Isaac's children would be the first Italian Princelings that would achieve some level of renown of their own. Isaac's original marriage was arranged to be with a german Princess, but after coming into his own as Emperor Isaac soon made his own choices, setting aside his german wife for an African Maid from Ethiopia and fathering three children. Elyria was famed for her skill as a spymaster, the best in the entire world. Etienne was the first Grandmaster of the Knight's Templar from the House of Lotharing and King Stephanos of Africa, famous for converting to Miaphysitism of his mother, and fathering several Kings of Africa, some of which were Muslim and yet participating in the Crusade for Egypt all the same.

Isaac's heir would be his firstborn, Raoul was a constant rival to his half sister Elyria for the Throne and very much her equal in matters of Intrigue but Upon Elyria's death Raoul fell into a deep depression, from a lack of challenge or excitement in his life as Emperor. Raoul would be the Emperor to break the Back of the Eastern Roman Empire by invading greece and would also deliver the Kingdom of Egypt back into Christian Hands. The Later half of Raoul's reign involved the Black death which swept through Europe killing all it effected, Luckily however the Lotharings within italy itself were spared for the most part.

Julius the Bear would be the catalyst for the War of the First Coalition against Italia. Julius as the name implied was an absolute monster on the battlefield and brought fear across Europe despite eventually losing a hand in battle and being maimed in another. His Martial still even in old age was so great that Italian armies remained the largest and greatest the World over.

It was becuase of Julius that Emperor Henry inherited a Throne that was drawing the Ire and Envy over most of Europe. Julius had left the Crowns of Bavaria, Germany, Aquitaine, Burgundy, Africa, Egypt and Greece in the hands of the House of Lotharing and the Rulers of Europe had taken note of this, choosing to strike at the heart of the Lotharing Empire, Italy. Henry, lacking the Martial skill of his father could only rely on his skill at diplomacy to convince the British to back out of the war, The Pope to declare a crusade against the Hellenes to keep them out of the war, and make concessions with the Merchants of Venice, while also recieving a Loan from the Merchants of Scandinavia to ensure the Empire's survival. It was not the best hand but Henry managed it with skill, and proved that even if his gifts were not on the battlefield that house Lotharing could still fight Europe to a standstill.

With control of Italy Absolute the House of Lotharing grew bolder with their choice of Ruler, naming Ambrosia Empress. Ambrosia like Henry was an adept at diplomacy and was instrumental in diffusing a tenuous balance of Power in Europe. Ambrosia would spent much of her reign bringing prosperity back to the Empire, but such an inwards focus would cause problems for the House of Lotharing as elsewhere in Bavaria and other countries the House was weakening. Ambrosia would engineer the return of Sweden to the Scandinavian Republic, as well as interfere in Britain several times to resolve ongoing civil disputes.

Ambrosia's successor Francesco would be the first ruler in a long line of succession to not excell in any particular area. His reign was short and under Francesco the House of Lotharing lost even more influence throughout Europe, prompting dramatic action by the Imperial Court.

The spark as it seemed was lost within the House and so the Electorate named Felicia, a competent Daughter of Francesco to the Throne Felicita believed that the Empire could turn to China for reinvigoration and strength. However China was a long way away and while Felicita was off preparing to Kow Tow to the Emperor, her sister Carola was preparing to make her own moves for the Throne, establishing a dangerous but also effective precedent in the Empire. The Strongest Heir must rule if the Empire is to survive and to ensure there was plentiful heirs, a Harem would need to be created to ensure the House of Lotharing continued to produce blood of an almost divine quality.

Carola would end her sister personally, seizing the Empire for herself and preparing the Armies of Italia for a return to greatness. Carola would return territories in Greece to the House of Lotharing but also make moves to cripple the Republic of Venice once and for all. For her actions however Carola learned the lessons of her forebears, a Powerful house of Lotharing drew jealous and fear from Europe and in response the Merchants and Enemies of the House of Lotharing gathered around the Abbasids of Gaul to save Venice. Carola however would not bow and instead chose war, Killing the Venetian Doge in battle and imprisoning His designated successor, then fighting the Breton Knights outside of Milan and sending them back over the Alps, the Breton Empire commiting suicide rather than be caught and Captured by Carola.

Finally Atlassia and Gaul remained defiant, and Carola after fighting the Abbassids to a standstill declared an Invasion of the Islands that made up the Atlassian Core territories, landing in Sardinia and beating the famed Atlassian Pike retinue in battle. Triumphant Carola announced the Reformation of Italy into the Latin Empire, a True successor to Western and Eastern Rome centered on Rome Itself earning the Epitaph 'The Great'. In response the Germans and Bretons reformed the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne to offset the Rising Eagle of the Latins. However before Carola could consolidate he holdings she was murdered by her former Enemy,

King Martin of the Gaulbassids. *Soap Opera Sound Effects follow*

Leaving us to Elyria a girl from Milan with stars in her eyes and skills exceeding those of her mother. Elyria inherits an Empire that is on top of the world, Rich and Powerful. The Papacy is controlled by a Lotharing, the Knights Templar a Lotharing, Half of Greece, Africa and Burgundy, Lotharings. While the Empire of China falls and the Powers of the middle east stagnate the Latin Empire of Italia is now poised to take the World by Storm.

And the Obligatory OOC chat. For those of you just tuning in and dont know my previous work, the Last Empress named Elyria I had Brought the Glory of the Worm to the innocent people of the Holy Terran Empire So she has some Legacy to live up to. However she also converts as a 6/4/5 Ruler. How Brilliant Strategist and 25 Martial does not equal 6 Military is beyond me, But she starts with +1 General Shock, so thats nice.

Also yes it was indeed King Martin of the Abbassids of Gaul who ended Poor Carola's life. Cant say I blame him we did fight a war and all but He is secretly Shia, and Abbasid, and the death of Carola led to the ascension of Empress Elyria, Whose Children will be Sayyid. So whos really laughing now? #Notmycaliph

Coming into Eu4 im expecting a sudden and catatrophic War to End my Reign of Terror, or people leave me to devour Venice and Greece so I can get my pretty looking Empire and then maybe try for some Colonies or something. No real intent to break Eu4 going forward as last time we needed to end the Campaign over becuase Italy grew too powerful. I like this Setup, we have a bunch of good players going forward, it'd be a shame to end it all now.

Especially becuase I dont want to play another six months of Crusader Kings 2. I love you Ck2, but two Multiplayer campaigns for months on End has reminded me exactly why I tend to prefer Singleplayer for everyone's favorite murder and incest simulator.

Thoughts of Ck2: Glad its over

Long Version? Well it was fun having what was it, lets count, Ten, TEN super Rulers with either Genius, Strong, Quick or some mix of two. The Running Joke I tend to make about the Lotharings is they are Primarchs, clearly, Sauron seems to find it funny everyone else seems to not think its funny or has no idea what I'm talking about and thats only counting the Rulers, However I did not in fact get the most geniuses in the save, that Belongs to Vaniver whos dynasty has spread over most of Europe like a Cancer, More Dynasts more genius. Such a Shame.

However as the saying goes its not the Size of the Dynasty that counts. Its how you use it. Personally I think several hundred years of Incest, Murder and conquest has paid off rather well.

As far as my keys to success, The Pope helped tons, It took Khan joining for people to realize despite the pope being a vassal, that other players can ask for money and he'll obliged. You can also abuse the Size limit by feeding the pope land thus forcing me to spit it out, something I expected all campaign that never happened.

Being sat between Two republics was a double edged sword, On one hand it made me rich, On the other hand, I couldn't attack them not becuase I wasnt strong enough but becuase two Republics that arent hurting anyone will generate an insane amount of player BB. Case and point, exactly what happened when sniped a Duchy off of Venice, which was a fairly scummy move, but from my Position I could fight Venice and all her armies and allies, or Kill the Rebels and force a peace. I chose the later which was the equivilent to annexing 3 minors at once in the HRE, people werent happy.

So I should explain myself, With a competitive Venice on the board, my slot becomes insanely unviable. Gaul is a player and is to my West. To my south is a Player who will be focusing exclusively on Navy, effectively boxing me out of taking or holding anything in the Med without some sort of Deal. With Venice my Western Flank is also blocked by a Player, capable of doing diplomacy. The preparedness everyone had to jump on the Liberate Fruili train reassured me I made the right move as I very realistically could have stumbled into a conversion where a Bretonnian Led Hugbox could End me, Spain and other great Powers in Europe, while stagnating any others.

Italy wasn't my first choice for this Campaign either I should point out, The original intent was Burgundy but I quickly realized a sort of Pan alpine state which was my original goal was going to run afoul of the current Bavaria player who I was hoping would stay since we were struggling with maintaining players in the Ck2 portion. So I overthrew the HRE, and without bragging too much, was a fairly nice place since I managed the Setup, Execution and Payoff all within the confines of 2 hours of a 4 hour session. From a completly cold start.

The Size limits we kept from last round, and They worked well. Proof of my point is Khan, whos nation would never have existed without size limits. Similarly, Venice would not merely be crippled but completly and utterly destroyed as No size limiteds would have results In me vassalizing Atlassia and Venice to try and Reform the Roman Empire. Of course I was reminded recently I would not in fact be the first person in our campaigns to reform the Empire, Khan did it years ago, So next go around I'll have to find a different meme to go after. Getting the Latin Empire was a nice consolation Prize though.

The Mission system while fun unfortunately had problems, namely in that Ck2 in multiplayer is sloooooow. So you'd either need to expand the list, make them really valuable to go after or do what we did which was basically say, screw it and make them all achievements again.

The Achievements meanwhile continue to be fun. The added incentive of Auction score for Eu4 means Crusading for more than just land is worth it. Playing something besides the dominant religion is viable (King of Men received a defacto 3rd in Score becuase of it) The reasons go on and on.

The new Cb's we added were good but I think the Kingdom CB was a bit too powerful. Even with the 3k Prestige cost there was hardly a reason not to use it. Now of course Paradox has come along and added the same CB in Jade Dragon but to be fair its sort of necessary when you consider that every other religion thats not some types of Pagan has a Kingdom tier CB, the Catholics having to rely solely on Crusade is just.. Dumb. I do think in the future though we should consider moving the size limit up a bit since now being above the required size essentially means you can use the CB on other nations of that size, but it also makes you vulnerable. a Good tradeoff I say.

Overall This run of Ck2 was better than the last one, I had to do a whole lot less babysitting which says to me people are learning, so thats nice. I think we had a fairly good run of it. Would I like to play more ck2? Hell no. Theres very little incentive to keep playing when you have your nation situated and more score than you could need. one of downsides of Size limits is after all that the game will stagnate after a point by design and effectively you arent doing anything anymore besides seeding dynasty. Half the reason you see Italia has so many primarch Rulers is becuase I literally could just sit inside the Hermetics for tech and artifacts and seduce as many people as I wanted to produce these kids. Investing all of my gold into buildings and tech and very little of my time investment going into warfare.

So it may be worth looking into next go around but its not a huge issue becuase we can always vote to convert, as we did.

Posted: Sunday, February 18, 2018 4:34:10 PM
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Part 2:

Part 2 of the Latin Empire, Were still alive so thats a good sign but the State of the board has changed somewhat since we started.

For a start Bavaria now has a player, meaning there is now a Central European Power that is not distracted by the wealth of the Mediterranean. There is also a Player in Arabia gobbling up the rich Middle East Lands that previously would have gone to Gaul or myself.

As far as Foreign Policy, there is no secret that I'm pursuing these Borders. Look at how nice they look. Having an Empire in Europe this size nets me a cool 20 Farmland a Goldmine in Kosovo and complete control over the Venice Endnode as well as the Gateway to Venice, Ragusa. Now The reason im being so conservative with my ambitions is mainly becuase last game ended rather early becuase of Italy and Ukraine growing too powerful and taking on all of Europe. This game however has a fairly healthy Europe in contrast to the last one and so I want to play it out and reach Vicky and Hoi4 for once. If I can keep the Latin Empire a great power and intact until Vicky it'll be a record for me in these Ederon games becuase usually I find myself backstabbed at some point in Eu4 and thus killed.

Survival of course Hinges of several things, Being a Great power is a not only a must but an inevitability. I converted absurdly well and I have plenty more AI to eat. Very little reason to go to war with anyone and im also powerful enough to dissuade roughly any 2 Players at the moment. I intend to keep my leadership role in Europe and have already talked through a few goings on in the North, but of course this being EU, means my Admin skill has gone down from a six to a measly 4. Though unlike Eu4 rulers I should have a chance to raise it over these next couple of months to keep myself alive.

Our idea set is another asset in the Latin proverbial toolbox. I'm told from Clone that my build is tied for second best in the game currently after Korea. Korea of course is in Asia, took a tech cost idea set paired with Prussian Goverment and so has been scaring people a bit. I have the Knight set which opens with 20% Fire damage reduction 15% Cav combat ability. Gets 5% discipline in the Line as well as ensuring my prestige holding point will always be somewhere in the 70's. The finisher which you cant see is 15% shock damage. I took defensive first to compound my military edge and will likely be taking a military set every other time its available.

On matters of Score we have been blessed indeed. A Victory card landed on the hated merchants of Venice, which I have not hesitated to take. However Victory cards come at a cost, Gaul has one on Lombardy of all places and Afer Ultima got a card on some valuable trade ports in Anatolia. Lombardy being less Ideal than Izmit, but still annoying. Current score's purpose at conversion is bragging rights and 'something' for Vicky. Something for some however could be 'anything' and so it'll be important to watch where the 1550 cards land as that my color peoples opinions in the future.

And of course here's an Empire screenshot. We expanded in Egypt and Bulgaria as well as securing swathes of Venice which is unfortunately all Truces allow at the moment. However Venice's truce is expiring soon and I plan to take another chunk, as well as possibly expanding into Anatolia and further south in Egypt, but we'll see what the session brings.

Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2018 4:36:31 PM
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Part 3: Changing Tide

Part three, the Year is now 1502 and some major events have happened. The most signficant is the Fall of Bretonnia.

The Bretonnian Player Djoes apparently did little to no diplomacy outside arranging the sale of Navarra to Leon. Not only that but he also neglected his military tech, sitting at level 4 when everyone else in Europe was at level 6. Blood was in the water and the Lion of Southern France, Occitannia, or Khan smelt it and could not resist.

(Depicted: Occitannia after realizing that Bretonnia was at Mil tech 4)

Now as a world power and as the number 1 power and vgm I have a responsibility to help protect and preserve as many players as possible. Howeever Djoes did next to no diplomacy, so while I was aware Khan was coming to kill him my hands were tied since im not going to put my country at risk for a non-asset. I'm sure this policy of appeasement will in no way come back to bite me.

In matters of military we have made several advances, the first of which is Venice, which I intend to keep pagan. Gasp, why would I ever do such a thing?. Jannisarries my good man. As far as my understanding goes, every 10 years I can ask another 4 Janissaries from Venice. I'll be doing it from other provinces as well, but Venice is isolated enough, fortified and hopefully soon to be well within my interior that the only malus it will give me is slightly higher stability cost and a little corruption, a small price to pay for having better frontline soldiers than most other people.

In matters of economy we have doubled our income through increase of trade and advancements of our borders. Sadly my income tends to peak around the 170 mark before I have to start heavily invested in manufactories. Also, I know this sounds strange but currently im 51% dependant on trade, and its not something im particularly happy about. Trade can be taken away after all, and while my navy is the strongest in the world its not by much and outside of the Mediterranean its near useless.

As you'd expect from someone making 30 ducats per month in 1500 with full maintenance ive running 2/3/3. The only reason for the 2 is becuase I wanted to convert some difficult provinces in Anatolia and Greece to save on corruption. You may note our leader, well, it turns out my original theory that Ottoman government would make my rulers fantastic has turned out to be false. The number of choices I get seem highly variable and they dont always end up good. Part of my is breathing a sigh of relief that its not overpowered as originally thought but then the other part of me is screaming obscenities at the haram for not producing me viable heirs.

For those of you who dont know me very well, I like my allies when they cant talk back or betray me, and so I've created two rather large states in the former Byzantine Empire, Athens and the Wahhabid Emirate. The Wahbbaids I immediately made into a march, and they will probably be staying that way for most of the foreseeable future to hold the border with Khazaria and Medina. Athens on the other hand is a means to an end, They have cores on all of the old Kingdom of Greece and so are top priority to feeding and annexation, the standard fare. In the meantime Athens and the Wahhabids combined provide me with a minimum of 30k together to supplement my armies, brining my army total past 100 regiments.

We have also picked up two more of our national ideas. Neither of these are particularly fantastic but hey, its something. +1 Legitimacy is good for my goverment since i'll often get events that force me to eat heir strength. 15% domestic tradepower might as well be +15% trade power in my crucial nodes of Alexandria, Venice and Ragusa. However were almost through the meh ideas and moving onto the only bad Idea in the set, that little diplo rep icon you see there though. Of course the real prize is the corruption and discipline bonuses just waiting to activate.

In terms of military we are sitting pretty, we are almost permanently at 100 prestige and have a Six shock general with a likely second to be spawned right as the next session starts. Anyone who goes to war with me this coming session will know true pain. If you have a keen eye you'll notice i'm running a fairly heavy cavalry composition, honestly I'd run more but im not that made of money. Running 6 cav over 2/4 gives me more chances to flank AI but also put my +15% cav combat to work, especially early in the game. Until fire completly overtakes shock I'll likely be running a minimum of 1/3 Cavalry for most of the game.

Heres the current great powers list as the game rightfully sees we are King of the Hill, Top of the Heap, Imperium Romanus Latinus our glory is infinite and our power eternal. But there are those lesser powers under us scrambling to try and take away our rightful place as leader of the world.

The Gaulbassids:
Often accompanied by scary lightning sounds, Khan has scared half of Europe to death with his evicration of Bretonnia and rapid growth in Europe. If it werent for the Latin and Yngling Empires Khan would effectively be able to run rampant over Europe but right now I expect the fear of Viking invasion keeps Khan from trying to offer large bits and peaces of the Latin Empire to other hungry players so he can advance himself further. However, as I have proven in Ck2, I dont panic under pressure, and now that were in Eu4, if I am attacked, and I win I will break those that dared try and take my empire from me.

The Ynglings:
King of Men's corporate takeover of Scandinavia has been an inevitability for a while now. More interestingly is his newfound love of British Cuisine. working with perfidious albion rather than trying to devour them wholesale and reinstinate Danelaw. Regardless, King of men still has the best Idea set in the game, and is a power to be reckoned with, with the finest fleet in the world and an army that will soon match. If the Latin Empire is the Power of today, the Yngling Rike is the power of next week.

Afer Ultima:
Ranger's Merchant Empire of Africa has been quiet but not in the suspicious quiet that makes one want to grab a knife and stab furiously. Ranger's been consolidating his power, beating up African minors for their gold and more importantly challenging Leon for south America. While I dont expect Ranger's armies to ever reach the levels of the dedicated military powers his economic might and completly unfavorable terrain might be enough to keep everyone out of his business while he builds a powerful colonial empire for vicky.

As fate would have it Clone is playing Ukraine, Or Tataria as he keeps on about calling it. The Mongols out there are quite peculiar, they are terrified of Medina for some reason and yet have some of the best positioning in the board, and a fantastic military set. I think this timidness is mostly becuase Clone is planning to ride Victoriously into Asia to challenge Korea before he gets out of hand. As with all Italy players, anyone in Russia is a close friend, as it has no real incentive to attack me and offsets my central position by threatening European and Middle eastern powers alike. In exchange my economic might and of course my armies stand behind him wherever his journey may carry him.

Leon is the opposite of a Paper tiger, which apparently doesn't have a designated term, So I'm going to say Iron Rabbit. He appears weak, but whats under the surface is an Empire that would be unwise to cross. Leon is second place in income, has a powerful army, favorable terrain, Colonial potential and of course an Idea set that while not great, benefits him in every way. Looking at Mercantilist it seems a fairly standard fare Economic set, until the +10% mercenary discipline finisher. Leon is not to be overlooked.

Last is our Middle Eastern player Tazzo. Tazzo while weak at the moment is seasoned at Eu4 and has on several occasions built nations that could fight the world Hegemony to a standstill. The main thing holding Medina back are the region locks, and his idea set, but with a corner position like the middle east he is fairly safe and secure, so no doubt there will be moves made at some point, and I fully expect Tazzo to be involved in them wherever they may be. Luckily, I can breath some small sigh of relief in that right now Tazzo has as much incentive to side against Khan than with him for middle eastern Territory, as Khan holds Suez and most of Jerusalem and the Syrian coast. On the other hand I have Anatolia and Alexandria, which are a bit further away. Of course Tazzo really doesnt need to attack anyone, as the region locks expire he has enough development to challenge Me and Khan as a world power just by eating Persia and the middle east and later India as it unlocks.

Bringing us to the Latin Empire. Currently we claim overlordship to almost all of Anatolia until Kurdistan and have expanded our influence in the Balkans considerably, seizing Ragusa and Dalmatia from Venice as well as Macedonia. Athens also came with provinces in Carpathia which im sure I can trade with Bavaria or Bohemia for provinces within the Balkans that I want.

Comparing from last session, I have not advanced into modern day libya, this is becuase of a Deal I have with Afer ultima, that essentially keeps him from interfering with hellenic greece and Anatolia and I stay out of his business in North Africa. A fair deal.

Similarly, Me and the original Bavaria player, hoonter had a deal that involved a split of the balkans along Trade node lines. However Bavaria has become a revolving door and as such now has run out it's AI protection. The partition will likely be swift, bloody and brutal but I'd be lieing if I said I didn't want the Tirol Goldmine and the rest of the Austrian alps for my collection as well as the Venice and Ragusa tradenodes.

Also I suppose I should note, I'm currently Holy Roman Emperor. Yes yes, the crowns have been reunified, sadly however I cannot smash this false crown and reform the Roman Empire becuase Paradox does not understand the glory of the Latin Empire, clearly, so i'll settle for the bonuses.

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