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Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018 4:07:47 AM

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Brunei, a fledgling nation, has great aspirations. To one day unite the lands and islands of the west Philippines. Kutai it seems, has the singular goal of thwarting our protagonists in this story. Therefore Brunei, the honorable Feudal Theocracy that it is, determines that Kutai will meet the fate of all non believers of the true faith of sunni. It seems that the unification of Borneo under one banner is imminent. As word spreads of the Ming dynastic downfall, it is as if all those that once were in check are now free to fend for themselves and plow out an empire on the fertile lands of the east. The embers of feuds that once glistened in the night are now sparks and flames that will forge Asia into an immersive battlefield.

Brunei is under immense pressure from the growing Malaccan influence, unfortunately there is no single nation willing or able to check the economic dominance of Malacca. This will lead to a large scale conflict later on, but at the moment Brunei must focus on unifying the largest island in the archipelago so as to not have the worry of pesky land boarders. The time to strike an empire is now as china and japan are in the midst of civil war. The worrying news that leaks out from the west of wars that span continents is worrisome at best. It is just a matter of time until an outsider brings a heathen religion to this side of the unknown expanse of the world. Expanding into colonized lands will be a focal point of the Brunei government. The peaceful taming and education of the natives about the one true faith will surely bring together the peoples of south east Asia against any outside opposition.

The state of Asia with five emerging names in the from of Brunei, Korea, Oda, Wu, and Yue is troubling to say the least. As the most Southern of the emerging nations, Brunei has the opportunity to not be blocked in. Expansion while there is time will be the key to survival. Alliances will be forged to determine the fate of the Chinese mainland and the Asian coastline. The question still remains if Asia will be united, even loosely, by the time Europe knocks down the door to colonize and claim land.

The Turmoil in the close west in the form of a broken India is something to consider when picking questionable fights in that direction. Looking south to the large deserted barely inhabited continent island that is mostly barren is mostly armed natives that worship a sect of heathen known as Animism. These savages most be educated as to inaugurate them into civilization and claim their lands as Brunei and sow the land with prosperity. The minor nations to the east will learn of what living near the bright light of messenger of the true faith feels like in the form of vassalization and assimilation. These established nations will form the backbone of future colonies in the area for our protagonists in this story, the Feudal Theocracy, the honorable, Brunei of Sunni.
Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018 4:08:54 AM

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Brunei, the great, the powerful, and definitely not the weak, has had its hands busy this session. Almost immediately there was a war for conquest declared on Kutai. The war was won easily however the underhanded mud puppets in Sunda felt the overwhelming need to join in on the losing side. This proved as an easy way to rack up over expansion for our beloved Brunei. Our glorious military forces moved victorious forces into native territory and wrestled control of the sea away from the pitiful opposition using the might of a twenty stack of light and transport ships. The Brunei army marched into Sunda with only the opposition of a small "army", seeing how most of their troops were extinguished on Borneo. Occupation came quickly and with no sweat on the brow of our dear ruler. The war was swiftly won and Sunda peaced out for ducats, war reparations, and two territories. During this war Majapahit decided it was a good time as ever to consume the rest of Sunda. Brunei, seeing as this would not go over well long term, decided something must be done about its other rival immediately. Kutai, the arch rival of Brunei was peaced out for all but the inland territory and turned into a very angry, reluctant, and unruly vassal.

The second major conflict was a sanctioned holy war by our head of state. Majapahit could not be allowed to run away with the rest of Java. Our glorious recovering military might was already stationed on Java in our holdings. The stage was set, military maintenance already sky high and holy war was issued. Majapahit's "superior" numbers were taken down by suprisng their fractured army as they lay siege to Sunda. They had occupied most of Sunda but were routed to the east, it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, Sunda, the cowards they are, agreed to no longer exist while the war was under way to release them from the grasp of Majapahit. The land fight was won with casualties sustained on both sides and zero man power maintained for months while the glorious Brunei besieged Majapahit's provinces. finally the last province, the capitol was under siege with only the two outlying islands not occupied. Despite the blockade, Majapahit, even with 100% war score, would not give up the territories that Brunei wanted, mainly what Sunda once was, They claimed that they would not give it up while they still owned a fort in the area. It took a year before the mighty military leaders, in all of their splendor, realized they lacked the manpower, in the form of infantry, to completely encompass the capitol and properly lay siege. Upon realization of this and that the manpower reserves were non existent as Brunei had been recruiting all males over the age of twelve from the local populace as well as from back home, a deal was cut. Majapahit may live for ducats, war reparations, the two islands that were not devastated (More on this later), and release of Sunda as a nation once more.

It would seem all is well and Brunei could relish in this conquest as war after 12 years, is finally over. This was simply not the case. The 9 loans had to be repaid, the peasants scream of taxes, the separatists are gathering at all edges of the empire. The Missionaries had their work cut out for them, as the simplest solution is show them the true faith and how life is much better as a Sunni. During the time of great "prosperity" there was one peasant uprising, angry over "unfair taxes", 14 thousand peasants were crushed under the might of our troops augmented by mercenaries. A few years later a full blown Civil War occurred, this was more of a blow to the Brunei government as the stability dropped to negative three. With the taking out of loans back to 9 and hiring of mercenaries and raising troops back to where no teenager is not holding a spear, the rebellion was put down as they march, encompass, and lay siege to the capitol. After this unfortunately the army had to be disbanded for monetary reasons. The navy transport wing had been disbanded long ago and now the army was non existent, all in the name of paying back loan sharks.

Back to the islands that were taken from Majapahit, in particular Mali, there were talking among the populace of an uprising. Mali rebels were getting restless with their independence support from the local population growing per month. While our mighty government was recruiting troops to end the inevitable uprising, they launched an attack for their Independence and won while half of the troops were ready. Instead of fighting today, Brunei decided to fight tomorrow, granted the heathens their independence, and continued paying back loans, as one had to be taken out to train troops to fight Bali rebels.

In the Intermediary months/years of trying to sustain my country, an emerging major Chinese nation accepted support when it was offered in the form of the now less prestigious navy of Brunei. A temporary alliance was formed and call to arms sent, Brunei gracefully accepted. not much was accomplished and the promise of land troops if needed were empty and unfulfilled as there were no transports to board troops onto nor army to send. However in the end, the Chinese overcame the Chinese and a deal was signed that rewarded the allies with one ducat. With that Brunei said goodbye to their temporary ally and continued protecting trade nodes with what was left of the military.

A few years pass and Kutai could not take being under and ruled by Brunei. Kutai was guaranteed Independence by Majapahit and Sunda. The flame was lit and Kutai's military grew to a laughable size of three thousand, they declared independence, Sunda and Majapahit moved their fleets into the are and landed troops on the south eastern coast. All seemed grim for Brunei, the crown watched the lands burn as the army was raised from nothing. However, there was hope on the horizon as Sulu and Pasai came to the aid of their ally for the first time and landed troops on Borneo. Pasai it seemed, had plans on conquest as they lay siege to the lone Kutai Provence after fending off their army. Sulu started fighting Sunda troops and all was well in the world. This is where Brunei starts to form a competent army to move in with and also where the session ends. What happens next will surely be for the history books that Brunei will inevitably be in charge of writing as the victor.
Posted: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 9:41:18 AM

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It is done! Kutai is no more and Brunei commands dominance over Borneo! In this defensive war, Brunei has gained lands from Sunda and Majapahit in java as well as emptied their coffers and depleted their armies. Shorty thereafter, with the battle fervor from victory, a claim was gained on Sulu and troops were landed on the shores of Makassar. A new war as the last ends, Sulu was occupied in months, their troops retreated into the jungle where natives consumed their flesh, the navy was captured mostly intact. Diplomatic relations were had with Tarnate and troops were landed there and marched south to Tidore. The island nation was blockaded with the might of 10+ ships and the nation conquered with even more ships captured. Peace was made for land and now it was all about converting the non-believers into pious Sunni subjects. in the process of this task, somone claimed to have created a new religion called Sikhism. These Sikhs will be converted as well, or they may attempt to taint us with their man made religion.

In the process of settling down with my new conquered lands, I offered some of the larger nations assistance if they so needed it. Bihar asked for troops with an upcoming war with its neighbors. I agreed but before the second half of my army could reach the shores of the East Indies, the first battle was had and a quarter of my total army laid in ruin. After retreating to the depths of India proper and using the rest of my manpower, my army was reunited and at full strength. Brunei fought well, occupied an entire belligerent and blockaded the coastline but alas, it was not enough. The next two battles that involved an army from nearly every nation involved were losses for the side of Bihar. This did not bode well and Brunei had to take its leave from the battlefield and with Bihar the best of luck.

While out fighting wars that will be forgotten to the history books, Yue and Hosakawa expressed interest in the earlier offer. Yue requested ground troops, of which there are few left, for a war moving south, and Hosakawa asked for a navy as well as an army. as such my navy was sent to Japan and army to mainland Asia. My army was too late for the final battles and Yue mopped up the siege of provinces before my troops could and my navy sat near japan waiting for a fight. By the time my army was rotated to japan, the war was over and not one battle to be had. With that, I took my leave and returned the military home.

Some time during this lull in fighting, Majapahit stabbed Sunda in the back and took all of their territory as its own. This is bad for Brunei as a strong aggressive Majapahit on the border will always be a threat.

While rebuilding the army and filling the ranks, a request was sent to Yue to make a claim on Khmer, where the mighty Brunei would control the sea and land troops and Yue would only need to send a small force to occupy lands. All went according to plan and Khmer was partitioned to allow Brunei to control the southern coast and take some well deserved ducats.

Soon after this took place, the Bihar war came to a close and so in the agreed upon truce, where Brunei was not a party in the negotiations, an economic blockade was had on Brunei and so was placed on an illegitimate sanctions list. This did not go well in Brunei as now the government could not take loans. As a result of the new war for land against Khmer, the great nation of Brunei plunged into civil war with little money in the coffers, unable to take out loans, and a minimal amount of manpower.

Desperate times befell the government of Brunei, the rebels caught the army off guard and with little morale, as a result the army was down to only a few thousand troops. After consolidating the troops into full regiments and some creative financial work, mercenaries filled the ranks in the army. After deciding that money was in fact an object, Yue was called in to help crush the rebels along side the regular Brunei troops. Buy the end of the Civil War Brunei had no regular army, the mercenaries were disbanded, and the country started the rebuilding process. This is where we leave the country for the time being.
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Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2018 7:51:35 AM
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