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Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2018 2:34:41 AM

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A new age dawns, a new government and almost a new nation. Atlassia though will continue to stand strong.

As the year 1444 came to a close, the nation known as Atlassia has undergone multiple changes. Not the least of which was the changing of the name. While internally the nation continues to Atlassia, and the name of it's citizens as Atlassians, on the maps of the world the nation has become commonly known as Afer Ultima. The former colonial region having started to be used to describe the entire nation due to it's geographical position and the movement of development to and integration of the African regions of the empire. While locally there is some resentment against the name change, most foreign people that work on an Atlas, did not want to credit Atlassia just from the name.

The Republic has also slowly eroded, not quite completely removed, but the great Patrician Houses no longer exist as they once did. Instead a new system has slowly shifted into place. Rulers still rule for life, and they are still chosen by a vote of powerful citizens, but instead of sorting by Patrician House, the system has shifted to representation by culture. The various representative cultures, Greek, Italian, Bedouin, and Berber each pushing for one of their own to be in power. The issue with this system though was that each culture operated in turn to limit the others and ensure a balance of power. The current ruler stands as an Italian, and while the Berbers may be the largest cultural group within the nation it is unlikely to provide the leadership of the nation anytime soon. If they did while the ruler would be strong, the system would likely see him as illegitimate, or more specifically, at risk of overturning the nation and establishing a hereditary state.

The future before Atlassia seems set in stone for the near future at least. With a war already started in Mali, more specifically, Atlassia squaring off against all it's former imperial states in the region, war in the South will likely take up much of Atlassia's time to start. Though the beginning of the reclamation of Hellenic Mali will be able to begin early.

In the Mediterranean, we have long time, not quite allies, but friendly neighbors when the nation isn't under AI control, in Leon (Controlled by Sauron) as our north-western neighbor. To the direct north we have the Abbasid controlled Gaul (or Gaulbassids, controlled by Khan), which is a relatively new state to the political arena, but has been friendly to Atlassia multiple times. A few times Atlassia and Gaul have fought on the same side as well. Our other northern neighbor is Italy (controlled by Dragoon.) Centuries of peace between our overall Empires was shattered right toward the end of the last age when Italy moved on Venice. Following the Venetian Defense War, and the following War of the Coalition, and finally the Italian-Atlassian Hegemonic War peace was re-established. In exchange, for peace with Italy, Atlassia has sworn off intervention within the Italian mainland Peninsula, as well as into the Balkans, Venetian Territory, and Greece. With the rapid collapse of Venice that is only likely to continue, Atlassia agreed as there are little interests to our nation left on the mainland.

To the far east we have Medina (controlled by Tazzo) and Kazaria (controlled by Clone.) They aren't our neighbors, but the two states will likely have some Mediterranean interests as they expand so they may interact with our state in the future.

Finally though, Atlassia is mostly focused on the propagation of trade. As long as wealth continues to flow, our state will remain strong and we'll be able to compete, and new cultures brought in from further afield will help us expand Hellenism and the Empire to the four corners of the world.

Atlassian Culture distribution, note that while we're called a Holy State, Atlassia is using the Mamluk Government type going forward.

Atlassian Diplomatic Situation at game start. I actually don't mind the war against the rest of Mali. I outsize them drastically, and this will just let me reconquer them and unite Western Hellenism faster.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to remove Islam from CK2 Atlassia, which is going to make it a pain to deal with in EU4, but I think I should be able to slowly work my way through the various scattered religions of Afer Ultima.
Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 9:10:02 PM

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Alio modo

The later half of the 1400s was a time of tribulations on the edges of the Atlassian Empire. The 1444 war with the successor hellenic Malian states went exceedingly poorly. Before the Atlassian army could transfer from Sardinia to the mainland the united Malian forces had already managed to take most of the Atlassian and our one allied minor states land beyond the Sahara. Following this was a lesson in constantly beating back incursions, excessive military spending, and crippling attrition. The united Malians had a number of very skilled generals just to make Atlassian's large numbers to be much less useful. Eventually Tangiers, who was the actual war leader, chickened out and the war ended without warning. The most southern province of Afer Ultima being handed over, as well as a break up of the already tenuous alliance between Afer Ultima and its one ally.

While Afer Ultima was stuck dealing with the south, the Kingdom of Africa ended up launching a war against the former Atlassian theocracy of Telmcen, and successfully took the region. Not willing to let that happen Afer Ultima turned it's armies around after the war and went head first into another. Given Africa was involved in wars with its cousins in Italy, along with a few other nations it was a pretty big push over. In the aftermath Afer Ultima's borders were looking much better. Though the leadership eyed the kingdom of Africa further, and it is likely that another war for Tunisia will begin soon.

First though, there was another war in the south. Atlassia's army once more marching to Mali but this time to deal with it's former allied state, which brought in most of the other Malian states except for the largest of them. This time around Atlassia was ready, and the great generals in the south had died. This left the 'coalition' utter doomed, and soon Atlassia would manage to unite the greater part of Mali, and begin it's expansion along the Ivory Coast.

At home, Afer Ultima has started to negotiate the trade routes of the Mediterranean. The merchants and ships of our nation starting to move goods toward Genoa, though there is still some difficulty getting trade to come from Alexandria, which is dominated by the Latin Empire, and Champagne, dominated by Bretonnia. Though thanks to Atlassian traders we've managed to make Genoa equal to Venice, though we hope that a bit more negotiation will turn Genoa into the greatest trade port in the world.

Ontop of that, Tangier is now the second most developed region in the world (at 40 development) with only Stockholm being better (45 Dev.) The far distant cities of lights easily eclipsing both the old capitals of the Roman Empire. In the future Afer Ultima plans to move more development to the outer areas rather then concentrate it.

Post Atlassia vs Kingdom of Africa (Sardinia) war borders. So nice and smooth.

Rebels, I had alot of them, they all came in a single wave that put me dealing with 60,000 rebels spread out across my nation.

Player map at the end of the session, with my post Second-Malian War borders.
Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2018 1:58:48 AM

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A Procul Portu Auferetur

The last decades of the 1400s proved to be a continuation of the both growth, and troubles, of Atlassia. To be honest, that makes this chapter a bit hard to write. Most of the session was spent mostly building buildings, developing places, or steering trade. There was some more interesting parts though. First was the third Hellenic Malian War. This time targeting the 'large' Mali state, which was hopelessly outgunned with only 9,000 soldiers and 14 Force limit, against my own 25k troops in the area and much much larger force limit. The war ended up mostly being some wandering around and beating the snot out of Mali and the two minor stats that sided with it. By the end of the war I have more or less secured all of Mali I intend to, as any further territory either slips beyond my grasp due to starting claims timing out, or are outside of the play area.

This does give me quite a fair bit of useful land though, lots of Ivory and gold.

Then came the death of my ruler, and a test of the Mamluk succession. Luckily, everything is indeed working, and I am given quite a number of options for my successor. I picked an Italian king once more, and once again another Italian member of the Hercladae court is turned into a eunuch and set to rule the country. He was well, significantly more useful. 4/5/4 is much more well rounded then 6/4/0, though unfortunately he is rather old, starting at 52 and he doesn't even survive to the end of the session. His successor, a Berber from the Tangierian Houses, is 6/3/2. Still he's not exactly going to live very long either as Mamluk succession seems to pick people in their 40s or 50s for the most part.

An example of my choices

One of the big advantages of taking a Berber, and Mamluk government in general. 544 gold for literally doing nothing other then existing is very useful. Not to mention my ability to spontaneously spawn 20k+ manpower if I can finally get a leader with good military stats.

Other then that, I did some colonization. I've taken the CoT and Estuary on the Ivory Coast, as well as started colonizing large chunks of the horn of Brazil, though there is quite a fair bit of competition there unfortunately. Still, I think I can do fairly well in the colonization race. The issue is more going to be avoiding sparking off any major wars.

Never actually realized this was an event, but works out for me pretty good.
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