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Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017 5:41:09 PM
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The Year of our Lord 825 AD

The Second Session has ended and the Order of Europa has been Established.

King Cruel, being subbed by the Mighty Achab had unified most of Scotland under his Banner.

Gollevain had unified England netting himself an Achievement and establishing a New order on the British Isles.

The Holy Roman Empire led by the House of Karling (KhanXLT) has collapsed thanks to the efforts of Clovis the Impaler.

In the resulting Chaos the infant Karl III, the Half Karling son of Karl II and Clovis' sister ascended to rule the Holy Roman Empire, with Karl as regent the Holy Roman Empire was continually dissolved until Karl III's assassination and the subsequent first fall of House Lotharing(Dragoon9105).

When the Ashes cleared the Kingdom of Aquitaine(James Craig), and Breton Empire(Vaniver) stood supreme in western Europe, with the Norsemen of Holstein(King of Men) and King of Bavaria(Yami Fenrir) finding independence as well.

In Spain, the Breton Empire, Cathar Catalonia (Hoonter) and Kingdom of Leon (Sauron) completed the reconquista despite constant efforts to undermine the campaign from the King of Aquitaine.

In an act thankfulness, or Pity, the Holy Bretonian Emperor decided to uplift Clovis after the collapse of his dynasty, returning the Kingdom of Burgundy to house Lotharing and permitting a war to reclaim the Kingdom of Italy.

In the East along the Elbe, the Kingdom of Bohemia (Yami Yagari) Has unified many of the Slavic peoples, preparing to perhaps form an empire all his own.

In Scandinavia however the Norse Emperor (Clonefusion) Has been gathering his strength. The Call of the Old Gods has arisen and the wars for the future of Northern Europe are about to begin.

Also the Republics of Sardinia(Ranger) and Venice(Blayne) did stuff.

Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017 6:48:58 PM

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Hey you should have /seen/ the murder party of doges in Sardinia. We offed like 10 in 2 months
Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2017 11:31:18 PM
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The Year of our Lord 850 AD

Dynasty Map

Player Map

The Third Session has ended and things have begun to play out as you'd expect

The Kingdom of Aquitaine(James) collapsed after another failed invasion of Spain, leading to it's integration into the Ivering Dynasty.

The Iverings(Vaniver) spent the last twenty five years expanding thier influence and consolidating territory, as well as providing aid in the formation of the Britannian Empire

The Anglo Saxons(Gollevain), after a long hard road to unification, invaded Ireland and with the aid of the Holy Roman Empire, declared themselves High Kings of Britannia

Catalonia(Hoonter) Collapsed following a massive muslim uprising in the south and the assassination of it's ruling dynasty. The Umayyad Dynasty has reclaimed the Throne of Andalucia and is once again trying to reconquer the peninsula.

The Kingdom of Leon(Sauron) has fared better but also ran into significant issues with it's muslim population forcing a retreat to it's dejure territories in Northern Spain.

In Italy the Lotharing(Dragoon9105) Dynasty had solidified it's hold on the peninsula, adopting Italian culture to satisfy the local nobility there. Now the Lotharing dynasty pushes south, edging out the Byzantine Empire from italian land.

The Republic of Venice(Blayne) has continued to grow in influence in the Adriatic, starting to seize lands proper around the city of venice itself

The Republic of Sardinia(Ranger) had displaced the Republic of Amalfi in the Western Mediterranean only for the Rise of Genoa a decade later to once again challenge the economic stability of the region.

The Kingdom of Denmark(King of Men) has grown to become a major power along the mouth of the Elbe, while also securing territory in Norway.

The Empire of Scandinavia(Clonefusion) entered a series of Crises' after it's great Emperor have died but has now consolidated yet again

The Duchess of Nikea(Hadogei) Had decided now was the best time to make a move upon the Byzantine Throne only to fail and be fed to a bear

The Kingdom of Greater Bohemia(Yami Yagari), like Scandinavia to it's north broke apart due to Gavelkind Succession

The Kingdom of Bavaria(Yami Fenrir) collapsed following invasions from the King of Burgundy, Kingdom of Bohemia and the Kingdom of Germany.
Posted: Friday, November 03, 2017 6:14:53 AM
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The Year of our Lord 875 AD

Note: We actually ended in 879 and these maps are for that year but I'll be damned if I let our Multiplayer speeds ruin a good thing.

Dynasty Map

Player Map

Independent Realms

With the Dawn of the Viking Age the Diplomatic Environment is shifting quickly, Alliances are being drawn, and Europe, is now becoming defined by powerful dynasties rather than Heroic Rulers or Chaotic Barbarism.

The Kingdom of Leon (Sauron) Has declared it's dominion over all of Spain, laying claim to the title of Emperor, the Fourth to do so in the west, while also expanding into territory lost during the Muslim Revolt.
The Kingdom of Aquitaine(Jonny) Has been reformed as an ally of both Italia and Bretonnia and has begun to push south into Catalonia enacting D I R E C T R U L E F R O M T O U L O U S E.
The Empire of Bretonnia(Vaniver) has continued to consolidate it's position as the greatest Empire in all of Carolingia. Though was challenged Briefly by House Lotharing for control of the Rhineland but like good christians the Issue was resolved with diplomacy rather than war.
The High Kingdom of Britannia(Golle) has fallen on hard times due to a broken succession. England and Britannia stand separate and contest one another for the crown.
The Kingdom of Scotland(Zirotron) Continues to ready itself for the coming Battles for the British Isles
The Empire of Italia (Dragoon9105) Has forced the Pope himself to Bend the Knee, Consolidating the Lands of Burgundy, Italy and parts of Spain for the Great house of Lotharing.
The Republica de Sardinia(Ranger) has Joined with the Empires of Leon and Italia and Kingdom of Aquitaine in establishing Order over the Muslim Parts of Spain, as well as expanding in North Africa.
The Republic of Venice(The Professor) continues to struggle against Catholic Dukes of Italia, though recieved a brief respite by swearing fealty to Clovis II of Italia, allowing it to consolidate it's holdings proper.
The Yngling Dynasty(King of Men) Has converted to Christianity becoming the first Major Norseman to do so, despite the Norse Reformation. Word is the Yngling family is not happy about this turn of events and is hoping to reverse such a course. The Inquisition of course has other plans.
The Republic of Scandinavia(Clonefusion) Has reformed the Norse Faithful Declaring a Holy Viking Republic and challenging the Breton's and British for control over the North Sea, but also the Baltic
The Kingdom of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) has continued to struggle with succession issues but retains its control over all of Poland, Bohemia and large swathes of Lithuania.
The Kingdom of Bulgaria(James) has put itself into a prime position to inherit the Byzantine Empire, though the Empire is weakening due to the Growing presence of Hellenic Pagans within, Muslim Invasions and the growing power of Italia challenging it on the Peninsula.
Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2017 6:31:37 AM
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The Year of our Lord 900 AD

Nobody reminded me I was supposed to be doing this.

Dynasty Map

Independent Realm

The Turn of the Century is Fast approaching. Will the world end when it reaches it's thousand year after the Messiah, Nobody knows, but things are certainly heading up.

The Empire of Leon(Sauron) Continues to Expand over the Iberian Peninsula in conjunction with the Kindom of Aquitaine and House Lotharing.

The Kingdoms of England and Scotland (Golle and Zirotron) Continue to hold strong against Norse Invasions targeting thier homelands, despite civil unrest within the Isles reaching an alltime high.

The Breton Empire(Vaniver) in interest of expanding it's influence into Northern Europe and spreading it's dynasty and christendom to the Germanics invaded Scandinavian Denmark, winning the Crusade for Saxony after. However such success drew the Ire of the Emperor Isaac of Italia who, feeling threatened by the growing pressence of the Bretons to the North, Declared the Empire of Britanny a false title, excommunicating the Breton Emperor. The Breton Emperor responded by declared the Pope in Rome False, and declaring War on the Italians. After a war with some insignificant battles the Breton Antipope was killed, allowing for a brief period of Peace.

Not Content with a Status Quo Isaac Lotharing(Dragoon9105) hired Six Thousand Hardened Mercenaries backed by Papal Funds and Invaded the Breton Heartland with intent to unseat the Celtic Pope and restore unity to the Catholic Faithful.

Meanwhile the Republic of Sardinia(Ranger) expanded their territory in Morrocco substantially, strengthening thier own control of the Pillars of Hercules

The Grand Republic of Scandinavia(Clone) ran into Crisis when an untimely election, and Invasion from the Bretons broke the established order of the Republic, threatening to deliver the whole of Scandinavia to Catholic Forces before Divine Intervenion limited such expansion to the Duchy of Skane.

The Republic of Denmark(King of Men) ran into Similar Issues when a Crusade was called for Saxony. The Danish, weakened from wars to subdue britain found themselves incapable of resisting the combined powers of Italia, Britanny and Leon.

The Republic of Venice (The Professor) Spent this period of unrest and war in the west by expanding thier control of eastern trade, seizing the Adriatic coastline for themselves to better increase thier trade.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria (James Craig) Has usurped the Eastern Roman Empire, however such a coup has come during trying times, the Empire is in Crisis, Eastern Anatolia is lost and Italy and North Africa soon look to be threatening to succeed as well. Dire times.

The Kingdom of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) Continues to provide a border for the Catholic and Germanic Powers in the East. With powerful Christian Nations rising in Europe, thier independence or Survival may be dependent upon picking a Side, or making a bold move for power themselves.

Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017 5:23:39 AM
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The Year of our Lord 935 AD

Another Week another update, this time with drastic land changes.

Dynasty Map

Independent Realm

The Fall of the Byzantine Empire preceded a massive balance of power shift in the Mediterranean.

In the West the Kingdom of Leon(Sauron) has continued to consolidate it's rule in Spain, though is now being challenged by the Kingdoms of Burgundy and Aquitaine.

The Bretons(Vaniver), quickly found themselves defeated in matters of Theology, but remained steadfast in the North, expanding into Bornholm and Holstein, while also temporarily securing the Throne of Aquitaine.

The Kingdoms of Scotland and England(Golle and Zirotron) Continued to resist the powers of Scandinavia, surviving Invasions and Great Holy Wars despite apparent weakness.

The Republic of Sardinia(Ranger), enjoying their newfound Independence has continued to expand it's position in the Western Mediterranean, though lost control of the vital city of Sevilla to the King of Burgundy and Andalusia, a Lotharing.

House Lotharing(Dragoon9105)Has established themselves as the Premier power of Central Europe, Capturing the Kingdom of Bavaria to the North while also seizing the Carthage from the Dastardly abbasid Dynasty.

The Crown of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) After decades of centralizing power in the monarchy has seen fit to return to reclaiming the lost thrones of Poland and Lithuania, with Aid from thier new southern Friends in Italy.

The Republic of Venice(Blayne) is richer than ever, thoguh at a cost, It now lies between three Hungary powers and while the Italians love and respect thier Venetian cousins, the Bavarians and ambitious dukes of the Empire have less qualms about using the Knights Templar to claim Hellenic Land

The Eastern Roman Empire(James) despite it's collapse has managed to pull off the impossible and reclaim the Crown of Egypt, as well as enlist the Aid of the Holy father for a Crusade for Jerusalem. The Days of Muslim control over the Orient, is now swiftly coming to a close.

The Kingdom of Trebizond(Hadogei) Found great luck when the Crusade for Jerusalem was called. As new converts to the catholic faith they swiftly pounced upon the opportunity to reclaim the holy land, beating out the Italians in the eyes of the Pope for control of Jerusalem itself.
Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 12:40:31 AM
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The Year of our Lord 967 AD

Getting Close to the First Conversion vote, but not quite.

[center]Dynasty Map

Independent Realm

The Byzantine Empire without firm leadership continues its collapse while the Abbasid Caliphate also found itself in dire straights this sessions from the same forces.

The Kingdom of Leon(Sauron) has almost completly unified the Spanish Penninsula with only the Defiant Republic of Navarra and Kingdom of Aquitaine daring to contest control of the Region.

The Republic of Sardinia(Ranger) has expanded down into Sub Saharan Africa, bringing the wealth of the Sahara Trade to the Mediterranean.

The Holy Bretonnian Empire(Vaniver) continued to expand the Ivering Dynasty, giving rise to Ivaring houses in Byzantium and Saxony.

The Kingdoms of Scotland(Zirotron) and England(Golle) continue to share the island peacefully, enjoying the lack of Nordic Conquests in recent years.

The Empire of Italia(Dragoon9105) continues to prosper under house Lotharing participating in the Great Invasion for Greece breaking the back of the ailing Byzantine Empire while also reaffirming control over Africa and Bavaria. Burgundy however has recently been lost to a foreign house though such a development is being worked out honorably via Burgundian tradition, Civil War.

The Serene Republic of Venice(Blayne) has expanded over much of the Pagan Adriatic only for house Lazuli the longtime wardens of the Republic to lose an election and fall out of powers.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem(Hadogei), without its powerful Byzantine Sponsor has beseeched the Holy Mother Church to declare a Crusade for Egypt hoping to win more lands for itself.

The Republic of Scandinavia(King of Men) Under new Yngling management has reaffirmed itself as the premier power in the North, gaining vast wealth from raiding and trade. With the fall of Denmark however Scandinavia now stands alone as the only Norse Nation remaining in the world.

The Kingdom of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) continues to flex it's power as the premeir power in central Europe, stretching from the Elbe to the Dnieper Rivers.

I should point out we are still looking for Players particularly for a Spot between The HRE and Italia as well as players to fill the void in the Balkans and in Western Russia. If your interested please message me or King of Men and we'll send you a link to our discord.
Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 6:32:59 AM

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Hopefully my personal life settles down in the next couple weeks and I will be able to rejoin, if not for ck then for eu again.
Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 2:18:36 AM
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The Year of our Lord 1108 AD

Missed 3 Sessions but not Four Baby, This is the Final Mupdate for Ck2 and Thus Its important!.

Final Ck2 Political Map for those who like their eyesight.

Religion Map

Culture Map

So in the 150 Years We missed Alot Happened but we'll cover the major events.

The Empire of Scandinavia(King of Men) invaded the Independent Kingdom of Poland, With nobody left to turn to the King of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) turned to house Lotharing (Dragoon9105) For help who intervened and Ran the vikings out of Poland after a single battle.

First off there was the Crusade for Sweden won by the Holy Bretonnian Empire(Vaniver) While the crusade itself was pretty much a slaughter the Empire of Scandinavia immediatly declared war on the Crusader state to reclaim thier birthright. The Swedes called the Bretons in for help and a war that would last for years was the result eventually ending when the Latin Empire of Italia declared war for the crown of sweden and gave it back to the Scandinavians citing that the Catholic Faith had no reason to deprive the Norsemen of their ancestral land and that the Nations of Northern Europe should have turned the other cheek.

The Empire of Britannia(Golle) and Empire of Hispania(Subed by Falador) meanwhile exploded into civil war against thier most powerful vassals, and were aided by foreign powers in the form of Gold, Troop deployment or Both.

In response to weakening Lotharing power the Despot of Anatolia, Armenia and Trebizond(Hadogei) declared a Conquest of Bulgaria with intend to return the Apocryphon Dynasty to continental Europe.

Meanwhile the War in the North continued to rage, as Scotland(Zirotron) found itself needing to defend territories taken and released in Northern Scandinavia during Scandinavia's weakness. Scandinavia would later declare a great holy war for Saxony in reprisal for the Catholic Crusade for Sweden. Eventually going on to win the great Holy War.

In an effort to protect himself, the King of Bohemia swore to become a Scandinavian Tributary in exchange for protection and the independence of Poland, representing a fall in Breton influence in central Europe.

Seeing weakness in House Lotharing, the Grand Prince of Atlassia(Ranger) declared a great Conquest on achia, seizing the Kingdom wholesale after some amount of struggle with holy orders. However the conquest proved to be far too much for the Atlasian Administration to handle, and after facing a massive revolt most of greece broke free into petty states.

Venice(Blayne) Fearing that its future trade expeditions to china might be jeopardized struck out against the Greek Pretty states alongside Atlassia, finally prompting the Juggernaut in Milan's attention to the region.

After a rough succession the Great Carola Lotharing was elected to the Throne of Italia. Italia would subsequently also get involved in the Greek Wars, reforming the Kingdom of Achia in Macedon and later expanding catholic influence back down into the Peloponnese and Athens, much to the Chargin of Atlassia and Venice.

The Great Crusade for Georgia, however due to it's remote location and the strength of the Druze Empire of Persia the crusade turned into a quagmire and ultimately a failure.

Meanwhile in France the Kingdoms of Burgundy and Gaul(KhanXLT) had risen back into the forefront, expanding into the weakened Tributaries of Hispania and Bretonnia, Ending centuries of Ivering Dominance over Francia proper.

With Hispania, Bretonnia and Britannia busy with Internal Politics, Carola Lotharing acted on longterm plans for the declawing of the Republica di Venezia, Seizing the Duchy of Treviso in a bold move that would draw the Ire of most of Europe.

With Italia once again A Pariah across Europe the King of Gaul led a Coalition against the Latin Empire of Italia bringing the Emperor of Bretonnia, the Prince of Atlasia, Doge of Venezia and Moral support of the Scandinavian Republic, however the power of Italia could not be undone, The Holy Father, himself a Lotharing excommunicated the Catholics that dare strike against the Empire, and Carola defeated each in detail using the Imperial Fleet and Army. The Emperor of Bretonnia an old and honorable man choose to take his own life rather than surrender to the Italians. With its core lands safe, Carola declared war on Atlasia and landed the Imperial Army on Sardinia threatening to seize The Core lands of the Atlassian Republic in exchange for peace. Italia would later be recognized as the Rightful ruler of Greece and master of the Southern Balkans, She would later go down as Carola the Great but as such stories go resentful nobles from abroad assassinated her, leading to the ascension of Alexandra Lotharing who some say is the Augustus to follow Carola's Julius.

Final Achievement Tally:
Dragoon: 42=1+3+5+5+3+3+1+3+5+3+3+1+1+1+1+3 1st
Vaniver: 37=1+3+5+5+5+5+3+3+3+3+1 2nd
KoM: 28=5+5+5+5+1+1+3+3 3rd
Sauron: 17=5+5+3+1+3 4th
Golle: 14=5+3+3+1+1+1
Ranger: 13=5+5+3
Hadogei: 6=1+3+1+1
Clone: 6=5+1
Blayne: 6=-3+4+5
Yami: 6=3+1+1+1
James: 3=3

Effective Realm Strength

Dynastic Prestige: (Score conversion pending so this is the ingame Dynasty 'score')
Vaniver: 8549
Dragoon9105: 5234
Gollevain: 4221
King of Men: 3692
KhanXLT: 3588 (Most of this was AI as Khan is playing the Abbassids)
Yami Yagari: 3548
Sauron: 2924
Blayne: 2783
Zirotron: 1637
Hadogei: 1137

Rough Totals: (Ranked via adding individual places, lowest=highest, IE 1st 1st and 1st =3 the Minimum
1st Place: Dragoon9105: 1st/2nd/1st (4)
2nd Place: Vaniver: 2nd/1st/3rd (6)
3rd Place: King of Men 4th/3rd/3rd (10)
4th Place: Golle 5th/4th/5th (14)
5th Place Sauron 4th/7th/6th (17)

[center]Final Ck2 Political Map for those who do not value their eyesight (Aka the real map):

Achievement Details:
Crusader: Win a Crusade or equivalent (as attacker). 1 point. (Done by Multiple, Vaniver (thrice?) Hadogei, Dragoon)
Heresiarch: Supplant your religion with a heresy. 10 points. (None)
A King's Ransom: Capture another player's character or heir. (Ransoming them is optional.) 3 points per capture, and -3 for the target. (Dragoon Captured Blayne, Final Session, Everyone saw)
We Have Reserves: Have the largest dynasty, as measured by living characters, at conversion. 3 points. (Vaniver)
Place in the Sun: Expand your culture by the greater of 50% or twenty provinces relative to game start. Melting-pot cultures take their starting size as the sum of the cultures that can naturally convert to it. 5 points. (Breton, Portugese, Possibly Bohemian)
Lebensraum: Make your culture the largest, and at least twice as large as the second largest; 5 points. (The largest culture on the map is fairly close, so defunct)
Manifest Destiny: Remove from the map a culture that is not in your culture group; not in a culture group that neighbours yours at game start (including short ocean voyages, eg across the North Sea); and is roughly the same size as yours at game start. 5 points, to be shared if several players cooperated on the genocide. (Cultures to Check, Frankish, Visigothic, Basque, Lombard)
Equal to Rome: Form X Cultural Empire: (Germania, Britannia, Francia, Italia, Carpathia, Wendia, Hispania, Scandinavia, Russia) 5 Points (Done by Several, Vaniver Twice, Sauron Once, Clone Once)
I Tell My Tale: Receive an AAR reward for every session (including the last CK session), 5 points. First missed AAR subtracts one point, next two, two points each. (Kom has a list)
Live and Die at My Post: Be present or subbed for the full four hours of every session. 5 points. (Kom also has a list)
Basileus Basileon, Basileuon Basileuonton: Pass Imperial Administration and keep it until conversion. 3 points. (Sauron, Dragoon, Vaniver?)
Holy, and Roman, and Emperor: Form the Holy Roman Empire (awarded to the First Player to Form it). 3 points. (Done by the Hand of History, no longer achievable).
Basileus Rhomaion: Usurp the Byzantine Empire. 3 points. (Done by James, Followed by Vaniver)
Rex Romanorum: Form the Latin Empire (Latin Empire will be made formable if Byzantium still exists if necessary). 3 points. (Done by Dragoon)
Fall of the Karlings: Overthrow/Subjugate/Invade Karling Kingdoms, each Kingdom counts once; 3 points to the one with most kingdoms. (Dragoon? Needs savegame investigation, becuase of wording, Italy was Karling and Overthrown but could have been by AI)
And All That: Form England. 3 points. (Golle)
Castille, And Leon? De-jure drift three crowns (king titles) completely into your primary title (achievable once only; keep a tally). 3 points. (None Claimed) (Italia only got 2 That I'm aware, Genoa and The Papal States)
Argent a Cross Potent Or: Form the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 3 points. (Hadogei)
Standing Army: Have the largest retinue at conversion (as measured by retinue points used, not by stack size). 3 points. Ranger
The Scourge of God: Participate in a war where the Mongols are the attackers, and win; all participants with at least 3% war contribution get 3 points. (Mongols never arrived)
Our Master, Our Executioner: Same as Scourge of God, but for Aztecs. (Nor the Aztecs)
One True Pope: Depose an antipope. 1 point, achievable once per achieving player. (Dragoon, Sauron)
Even Truer Pope: Crown your antipope as Pope. 3 points, achievable once. (Dragoon)
Five Patriarchs: Each of the five Pentarchy seats controlled by your dynasty. 5 points, achievable once. (None)
Mend the Schism: Get the eponymous ingame event. 20 points. (None)
Co-Egyptic: Become King of Egypt as a Coptic. 2 points. None
Nestopotamia: Become King of Mesopotamia as a Nestorian. 3 points. None
Eneste Sanne Pave/Einlicher Treue Papst/Your Language Here: Get the Pope to move his capital to your cultural region, and keep it there for an entire session (ie the session after he moves), or until conversion if it is the last session. 5 points. (Dragoon Kept the Pope all Game)
Meet the Family: As Messalian have more than 50% of your dynasty with inbred or lunatic by the end of the game. 5 points.(None)
The True Church of the East: As a Nestorian, reclaim all Nestorian holy sites and remove Islam entirely from Mesopotamia, the Levant and Arabia. 15 points. (None)
The Fairer Sex: As Cathar, make at least half of European kingdoms/empires led by females through Absolute Cognatic succession. 20 points. (None)
A Single Divine Will: As Monophysites, purge Miaphysite from the map and reclaim all Coptic Holy Sites. 10 points. (None)
Break the Icons: As an Iconoclast, control all orthodox holy sites along with Rome, and Mecca, or have Iconoclasts controlling them. 10 points. (None)
The Perfect Form: As Bogomilists, unite the Balkans and remove all traces of Orthodox and Catholicism. 12 points. (None)
Reconquista: Remove the Muslim (or Christian) presence from Iberia. 3 points to all players of the winning religion with a presence in Iberia, the one with the greatest amount of territory receives an extra three. (Sauron, Vaniver both runners up)
Painted the Cross In His Own Blood: Like Reconquista, but for Scandinavia. If no kingdoms are Christian (or Muslim!) at conversion, it is considered a win for the Norse. (Think we can count this as a hold for King of Men)
Master of the Servant of the Servants of God: Vassalise the Pope (achievable once). 3 points. (Dragoon)
Filioque Clause: Same as Reconquista, but for Orthodox in de-jure Greece and Anatolia. (None, Its a freaking mess, If anyone gets this, its Hadogei, followed by Dragoon, Followed by Ranger)
Salve, Sclave: Same as Reconquista, but for Lithuania and Finland. (None)
Storm at your Ivory Gate: Destroy the Byzantine Empire (achievable once). If Byzantium falls below 100 realm size and lacks Constantinople that is sufficient. 3 points, awarded to a player holding the Byzantine Empire at conversion if it still exists. (Dragoon brought it below 100 Realm Size, Vaniver Destroyed it)

Drunk on Suttung's Mead: Reform your faith. (You may rename appropriately if the faith is not Germanic.) 5 points. (Kom)
Great Holy Warrior: Win a GHW for a kingdom with a holy site of your faith. 1 point. (Kom)
Plots Spanning Years: Conquer an Abrahamic Kingdom with a Prepared Invasion. 1 point, achieveable once per kingdom. (Kom)
Saoshyant: Gain the Zoroastrian title. 10 points. (None)
Empire of the Sun: Form a Zunist Empire 10 Points (None)
Return of the Old Gods: As an unreformed pagan, defeat and remove the reformed version of your faith from the map. 10 points. (None)
March of the Heracleidae: As Hellenic, take all old Greek lands (Greece, Egypt + Western anatolia) and replace the primary religion in the area with hellenism. 15 points. (None)
Zionist Occupation Government: Form Israel as a Jewish nation. Can't start in the Levant for the achievement. (Alternate names for heresies: The True Followers Land (Samaritan). 10 points. (None)
Rekindle the Fire: As Manicheanism, retake Persia, Mesopotamia, and the Levant and remove any competing religions from these provinces. 20 points. (None)
Sea King: Become Sea King. 3 points. (Kom)

Control Points: Becuase of the 'Must Hold Directly' We should check the title history for these

Relevant Dates:
869 969 1069 (Conversion Date 1106?)

3 points awarded upon conversion if your dynasty holds at least half the kingdoms in a set, and nobody else is eligible; ie in a set of four you must hold at least two, and nobody else can hold two. The intent here is to bias historical rivals against each other, for example German Players and French Players are both incentivised to go after Lotharingia and Frisia.

Brytenwalda: England(G), Wales(G), Ireland(G), Scotland(Z) Golle Wins
Le C'est Moi: France(V), Burgundy(D), Brittany(V), Aquitaine(K), Frisia(V), Lotharingia(V) Vaniver wins
Imperator Totius Hispaniae: Andalusia(S), Galicia(V), Asturias(S), Aragon*(V), Portugal*(S), Castille*(S), Navarra(V) (Titles only count if the title had de jure land) Its a Tie, Nobody Wins
La Serenissima: Italy(D), Sicily(D), Venice(B), Genoa(D-Liege only), Croatia(AI), Africa(D), The Papal State(D) Dragoon Wins
Got Mit Uns: Germany(AI), Bavaria(AI), Saxony(V), Pomerania(Kom), Lotharingia(V), Frisia(V), Bohemia(Y) No winner
AEIOU: Bavaria(AI), Bohemia(Y), Hungary(AI), Croatia(AI), Venice(B), Italy(D) No winner
Megalia: Greece(Y), Bulgaria(H), Cyprus(R), Anatolia(H), Armenia(H?), Croatia(AI), Sicily(D) No winner
Ragnarok: Sweden(Kom), Norway(Kom), Denmark(Kom), Finland(AI?) King of Men wins
The Sjem: Pomerania(AI), Poland(Y), Lithuania(Y), Ruthenia, Bohemia(Y) Yami Wins
Al Andalus: Andalusia(S), Mauretania(R), Africa(D), Aquitaine(K), Galicia(S), Sicily(D) No winner

Angelois: England, France (English, Norman)
The Vespers: Aragon, Sicily (Iberian) No winner
Habsburg Influence: Bavaria, Frisia, *Any Spanish Kingdom* (German) No winner
Danelaw: *Any Scandinavian Kingdom*, England (Norse) No winner
Hohenzollern: Germany, Sicily (German or Italian) No winner
Prussian Glory: Saxony, Pomerania, Lithuania (Prussian, Pommeranian, Saxon) No winner
Karling: France, Lotharingia, Germany, Italy, Burgundy (Frankish, Any 4 Kingdoms) (Frankish) No winner
Historical Anomaly: England, Greece (English, Greek, Anglo-Saxon) No winner
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria (Any Two) (Slavic) No winner
Dandolo: Venice, Greece (Italian) No winner
Gothica: Tataria, *Any Kingdom in Germania* (German, Greek) No winner
Long Distance Relationship: Norway/Ireland/Scotland, Jerusalem (Any Culture) No winner
From Ireland to Cathay: Ireland,Khotan/Mongolia (Any Culture) No winner
Jarls of India: *Any Scandinavian Kingdom*, *Any Indian Kingdom* (Norse Culture Group) No winner

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The Year of Our Lord 1470 AD


Latin Empire(Dragoon): 932
Leon(Sauron): 178
Yngling Rike(King of Men): 168
Gaulbassids(KhanXLT): 146
After Ultima(Ranger): 125
Bretonnia(djoes): 91
Khazaria(Clone): 12

The Great Powers

Quraishids(Mesopotamia) 657
Muazzanuds(Persia) 587
The Latin Empire (Dragoon9105) 586
Gaulbassids (KhanXLT) 566
Yingling Inc (King of Men) 535
Afer Ultima(Ranger) 521
Leon (483)
Kuru(Rajastan) 391


Latin Empire: 694
Yngling Inc: 613
Gaulbassids: 566
After Ultima: 521
Leon: 483
Bavaria(Hoonter): 469
Khazaria: 464
Bretonnia: 448
Medina: 366
Great Britain: 300
Jinshi: 279
Korea: 257
Brunei: 152
Bohemia: 136
Yue: 136
Scotland: 114

Standing Armies

Latin Empire: 60k
Leon: 48k
Bretonnia: 44k
Yngling Inc: 40k
Gaulbassids: 28k
Bavaria: 28k
Medina: 25k
Great Britain: 23k
Jinshi: 22k
Khazaria: 22k
After Ultima: 18k
Bohemia: 14k
Brunei: 8k
Scotland: 8k
Korea: 8k


Latin Empire: 77.12
Leon: 54.6
Bretonnia: 40.62
Afer Ultima: 40.03
Yngling Inc: 36.31
Gaulbassids: 32.09
Bavaria: 30.74
Great Britain: 29.14
Khazaria: 25.45
Jinshi: 20
Korea: 19
Medina: 17
Yue: 13
Bohemia: 13
Scotland: 8
Brunei: 6


Latin Empire: 54: 1/12/20/21
Yngling Inc: 53: 13/19/1/20
Great Britain:47: 4/13/6/24
Bretonnia: 46: 4/34/0/8
Afer Ultima: 41: 3/19/4/15
Gaul: 20: 1/5/2/12
Korea: 19 0/2/7/10
Leon: 17: 1/4/3/9
Brunei: 15 0/13/0/2
Jinshi: 13 0/7/6/0
Yue: 11 0/9/0/2
Medina: 5 2/0/2/1
Scotland: 0/3/0/0


Oda: 1444-1458

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The Year of Our Lord 1502 AD


Latin Empire: 1944
Khazaria: 974
Leon: 582
Gaul: 447
Yngling Rike: 416
Afer Ultima: 400
Medina: 361
Bavaria: 109
Brunei: 18
Great Britain: 17

The Great Powers

Latin Empire: 1043
Gaul: 836
Yngling Rike: 766
Afer Ultima: 749
Khazaria: 644
Leon: 598
Medina: 563


Latin Empire: 948
Gaul: 881
Yngling: 766
Afer Ultima: 764
Khazaria: 657
Leon: 610
Medina: 575
Bavaria: 488
Korea: 426
Great Britain: 387
Jinshi: 376
Brunei: 212
Poland: 212
Bohemia: 207
Yue: 180
Hosakawa: 101
Scotland: 95

Standing Armies

Latin Empire: 78k
Leon: 58k
Gaul: 51k
Jinshi: 44k
Yngling Rike: 44k
Korea: 43k
Afer Ultima: 43k
Khazaria: 36k
Bavaria: 33k
Medina: 30k
Great Britain: 30k
Bohemia 18k
Yue: 16k
Hosakawa: 15k
Scotland: 12k
Brunei: 2k


Latin Empire: 117
Leon: 82
Afer Ultima: 68
Yngling Rike: 62
Gaul: 60
Great Britain: 42
Bavaria: 41
Jinshi: 35
Korea: 33
Khazaria: 32
Medina: 25
Yue: 15
Bohemia: 14
Brunei: 13
Hosakawa: 11
Scotland: 9


Latin Empire: 5/22/18/24
Afer Ultima: 6/41/4/16
Britain: 12/17/6/15
Yngling Rike: 13/16/0/15
Leon: 13/14/3/9
Korea: 5/3/7/17
Gaul: 1/13/2/12
Jinshi: 0/13/12/0
Brunei: 1/13/0/7
Scotland 2/6/4/6


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502

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The Year of Our Lord 1536 AD


Latin Empire: 2940
Yngling Rike: 1939
Khazaria: 1735
Leon: 1135
Korea: 1039
Afer Ultima: 955
Occitania: 845
Medina: 430
Great Britain: 113
Jinshi: 93

The Great Powers

Latin Empire: 1517
Occitania: 1026
Khazaria: 1011
Yngling Rike: 966
Afer Ultima: 932
Medina: 791
Leon: 725
Jinshi 660


Latin Empire: 1321
Occitania: 1026
Khazaria: 1011
Yngling Rike: 923
Afer Ultima: 849
Korea: 794
Medina: 791
Jinshi: 660
Leon: 652
Great Britain: 448
Bohemia: 344
Bihar: 308
Kilwa: 269
Yue: 261
Japan: 244
Ayutthaya: 241
Brunei: 209

Standing Armies

Latin Empire: 91k
Occitania: 71k
Jinshi: 70k
Leon: 67k
Ynglign Rike: 64k
Korea: 64k
Khazaria: 60k
Afer Ultima: 57k
Great Britain: 46k
Kilwa: 34k
Medina: 30k
Yue: 25k
Ayutthaya: 25k
Bihar 22k
Poland: 21k
Bohemia: 19k
Japan: 21k
Brunei: 10k


Latin Empire: 135
Afer Ultima: 134
Leon: 131
Yngling Rike: 87
Occitania: 82
Great Britain: 70
Khazaria: 69
Korea: 60
Jinshi: 54
Medina: 37
Bihar: 28
Bohemia: 28
Kilwa: 26
Ayuthaya: 22
Japan 20
Yue: 19
Brunei: 11


Afer Ultima: 18/59/0/16
Great Britain: 25/37/6/15
Latin Empire: 14/22/18/26
Leon: 20/35/3/9
Korea: 10/10/14/24
Yngling Rike 6/21/0/22
Jinshi: 0/34/12/0
Ayuthaya: 6/9/8/8
Occitania: 1/16/2/12
Kilwa 0/18/0/9
Bihar: 4/22/0/0
Yue: 0/18/0/7
Medina: 0/20/0/0
Japan: 0/0/5/0
Brunei: 0/2/0/2


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536

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The Year of Our Lord 1576 AD


Latin Empire: 4220
Yngling Rike: 3159
Khazaria: 2451
Leon: 1927
Afer Ultima: 1804
Korea: 1590
Occitania: 1418
Medina: 999
Great Britain: 606
Jinshi: 543
Brunei: 31

The Great Powers
Latin Empire: 1791
Khazaria: 1254
Occitania: 1250
Afer Ultima: 1057
Medina: 1000
Leon: 858
Yngling Rike: 850
Jinshi: 726


Latin Empire: 1695
Khazaria: 1254
Occitania: 1250
Scandinavia: 1019
Medina: 1000
Afer Ultima: 933
Jinshi: 916
Korea: 906
Leon: 755
Great Britain: 598
Bohemia: 359(211)
Brunei: 469
Mahalavos: 329
Ayuthaya: 363
Yue: 325
Elysium: 241
Canada: 176

Latin Empire: 241
Leon: 168
Afer Ultima: 149.8
Yngling Rike: 123.83
Medina: 118.61
Jinshi: 114
Occitannia: 108.55
Khazaria: 108.33
Greatin Britain: 89.98
Korea: 83
Brunei: 46
Ayuthaya: 38
Yue: 34
Mahalavos: 22
Elysium: 17
Canada: 14

Standing Armies:
Latin Empire: 135k
Occitania: 115k
Yngling Rike: 100k
Afer Ultima: 95k
Golle: 90k
Jinshi: 90k
Khazaria: 85k
Medina: 84k
Korea: 83k
Leon: 72k
Bohemia: 35k(17k)
Mahalavos: 54k
Ayuthaya: 41k
Brunei: 33k
Yue: 25k
Elysium: 18k
Canada: 18k

Yngling Rike: 40/50/0/24
Afer Ultima: 33/67/3/11
Leon: 30/32/0/17
Great Britain: 29/56/6/27
Latin Empire: 20/23/30/30
Occitania: 10/40/27/12
Korea: 10/12/28/31
Ayuthaya: 8/12/23/10
Brunei: 8/16/8/7
Mahalavos: 4/26/0/1
Medina: 2/36/0/3
Jinshi: 0/47/12/0
Khazaria: 0/26/0/0
Yue: 0/25/0/7

Victory Cards:

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Bohemian economy is missing, so must be non existant 😕
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The Year of Our Lord 1641 AD


Latin Empire: 7187
Scandinavia: 6683
Khazaria: 4395
Jinshi: 3376
Medina: 2793
Ayuthaya: 2573
Korea: 2522
Malaya: 2490
Atlassia: 2437
Brazil: 2213
Great Britain: 2121

The Great Powers

Latin Empire: 2097
Khazaria: 1787
Medina: 1751
Occitania: 1537
Korea: 1260
Jinshi: 1196
Atlassia: 1099
Leon: 1009


Latin Empire: 1994
Khazaria: 1787
Medina: 1751
Occitania: 1460
Jinshi: 1196
Scandinavia: 1187
Korea: 1086
Atlassia: 1046
Leon: 862
Bohemia: 812
Malaya: 680
Great Britain: 636
Ayuthaya: 630
Japan: 443
Brazil: 434
Mahalavos: 363
Canada: 277

Latin Empire: 393
Khazaria: 341
Jinshi: 306
Atlasia: 297
Medina: 256
Leon: 256
Occitania: 203
Great Britain: 158
Korea: 128
Ayuthaya: 97
Japan: 74
Bohemia: 67
Malaya: 57
Mahalavos: 51
Brazil: 45
Canada: 29

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 237
Jinshi: 195
Korea: 192
Khazaria: 189
Occitania: 171
Leon: 166
Medina: 160
Scandinavia: 119
Atlassia: 103
Great Britain: 90
Bohemia: 60
Malaya: 58
Ayuthaya: 43
Mahalavos: 42
Japan: 35
Brazil: 34
Canada: 10

Latin Empire: 70/27/30/50
Scandinavia: 67/77/0/31
Atlassia: 67/69/0/11
Great Britain: 60/73/0/32
Japan: 33/0/0/9
Korea: 31/36/36/56
Medina: 25/50/0/40
Occitannia: 10/34/27/23
Mahalavos: 10/17/0/25
Ayuthaya: 8/28/23/21
Leon: 5/33/0/55
Brunei: 5/25/2/5
Canada: 4/3/0/12
Jinshi: 0/93/0/0
Khazaria: 0/26/0/0
Brazil: 0/2/0/12

Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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I Accidentally deleted the 1607 point so I recovered it.
The Year of Our Lord 1607 AD

Latin Empire: 5451
Yngling Rike: 4176
Khazaria: 3271
Atlasia: 2551
Leon: 2481
Korea: 2183
Ayuthaya: 2161
Malaya: 2078
Occitania: 1901
Medina: 1677
Great Britain: 1434
Jinshi: 1179

The Great Powers
Latin Empire: 1934
Khazaria: 1440
Medina: 1334
Occitania: 1252
Korea: 1146
Scandinavia: 1101
Atlasia: 933
Jinshi: 905

Latin Empire: 1837
Khazaria: 1541
Medina: 1428
Occitania: 1340
Scandinavia: 1123
Korea: 1076
Atlassia: 995
Jinshi: 969
Leon: 817
Bohemia: 549(217)
Great Britain: 648
Malaya: 581
Ayuthaya: 457
Yue: 430
Mahalavos: 378
Brazil: 290

Latin Empire: 360
Atlassia: 245
Jinshi: 215
Leon: 212
Khazaria: 202
Medina: 175
Occitania: 145
Korea: 143
Scandinavia: 142
Great Britain: 100
Malaya: 64
Ayuthaya: 56
Mahalavos: 44
Yue: 39
Bohemia: 32
Brazil: 29

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 182
Leon: 143
Occitania: 127
Jinshi: 120
Korea: 106
Khazaria: 105
Medina: 104
Scandinavia: 100
Great Britain: 92
Atlassia: 91
Bohemia: 38(24)
Ayuthaya: 49
Mahalavos: 47
Malaya: 42
Yue: 31
Brazil: 24

Scandinavia: 55/60/0/24
Latin Empire: 50/27/30/30
Atlassia: 48/63/0/11
Great Britain: 31/65/6/29
Leon: 28/23/0/40
Medina: 12/50/0/5
Korea: 11/12/37/31
Occitania: 10/64/27/23
Ayuthaya: 8/22/33/10
Mahalavos: 6/24/0/1
Brunei: 3/20/5/8
Jinshi: 0/72/0/0
Khazaria: 0/26/0/0
Yue: 0/23/0/0
Brazil: 0/3/0/12

Victory Cards:

Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
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The Year of Our Lord 1667 AD


Latin Empire: 8651
Brazil: 6576
Khazaria: 5477
Occitania: 5391
Yngling Rike: 5053
Jinshi: 4687
Medina: 3807
Japan: 3304
Ayutthaya: 2898
Great Britain: 2761
Malaya: 2690
Korea: 2295
Atlassia: 982

The Great Powers

Latin Empire: 2381
Khazaria: 1910
Occitania: 1903
Medina: 1864
Jinshi: 1346
Korea: 1238
Atlassia: 1181
Leon: 1006


Latin Empire: 2204
Khazaria: 1904
Medina: 1864
Occitania: 1810
Jinshi: 1365
Atlassia: 1111
Scandinavia: 1051
Korea: 1051
Bohemia: 950
Leon: 903
Ayutthaya: 782
Malaya: 682
Japan: 612
Brazil: 577
Mahalavos: 463
Canada: 291

Latin Empire: 493
Medina: 378
Jinshi: 378
Khazaria: 373
Atlassia: 334
Occitania: 280
Leon: 260
Scandinavia: 216
Great Britain: 187
Korea: 158
Ayutthaya: 130
Japan 110
Bohemia: 100
Mahalavos: 94
Brazil: 69
Brunei: 50
Canada: 29

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 310
Jinshi: 267
Medina: 240
Korea: 205
Occitania: 198
Khazaria: 192
Leon: 184
Scandinavia: 165
Atlassia: 130
Great Britain: 105
Bohemia: 72
Mahalavos: 62
Ayutthaya: 58
Brazil: 48
Japan 33
Canada: 30
Malaya: 16
Atlassia: 81/82/0/11
Great Britain: 80/80/0/32
Leon: 79/41/0/42
Latin Empire: 75/27/0/50
Occitania: 32/35/127/72
Scandinavia: 30/50/0/35
Ayuthaya: 21/10/10/22
Canada: 10/10/0/12
Jinshi: 9/106/0/25
Brunei: 3/23/0/13
Mahalavos: 3/17/0/28
Japan: 2/0/0/0
Brazil: 0/32/0/0
Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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The Year of Our Lord 1694 AD


Latin Empire: 10623
Japan: 7087
Khazaria: 6619
Jinshi: 6309
Occitania: 6036
Leon: 5388
Atlassia: 5148
Medina: 5101
Yngling Rike: 4297
Malaya: 3965
Ayuthaya: 3256
Elysium: 2900
Great Britain: 2254

The Great Powers

Latin Empire: 2452
Khazaria: 2266
Medina: 2204
Occitania: 1948
Jinshi: 1467
Atlassia: 1280
Bohemia: 1223
Yngling Rike: 1203


Khazaria: 2266
Latin Empire: 2239
Medina: 2204
Occitania: 1764
Jinshi: 1467
Bohemia: 1220
Atlassia: 1186
Scandinavia: 1079
Leon: 996
Ayuthaya: 890
Brunei: 887
Korea: 879
Japan: 858
Great Britain: 746
Mahalavos: 600
Brazil: 594
Nova Roma: 374

Latin Empire: 715
Khazaria: 542
Medina: 500
Jinshi: 400
Atlassia: 386
Leon: 376
Scandinavia: 292
Occitania: 284
Great Britain: 234
Ayutthaya: 179
Japan: 176
Bohemia: 172
Korea: 140
Brunei: 120
Mahalavos: 98
Brazil: 96
Mexico: 55

Standing Armies


Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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The Year of Our Lord 1720 AD


Latin Empire: 11223
Medina: 9744
Japan: 8256
Khazaria: 8161
Jinshi: 7803
Leon: 7231
Atlassia: 6542
Occitannia: 5429
Yngling Rike: 4995
Malaya: 4603
Ayutthaya: 3597
Brazil: 3258
Great Britain: 2749

The Great Powers

Khazaria: 2878
Latin Empire: 2769
Medina: 2688
Occitania: 1882
Jinshi: 1590
Atlassia: 1394
Yngling Rike: 1372
Leon: 1283


Khazaria: 2878
Medina: 2688
Latin Empire: 2363
Occitannia: 1711
Jinshi: 1590
Atlassia: 1282
Scandinavia: 1223
Bohemia: 1215
Korea: 1148
Japan: 1104
Ayuttaya: 1100
Leon: 1077
Malaya: 936
Mahalavos: 895
Brazil: 742
Mexico: 403
America: 248

Latin Empire: 847
Khazaria: 700
Medina: 560
Atlassia: 536
Leon: 497
Jinshi: 418
Atlassia: 386
Occitania: 335
Scandinavia: 328
Great Britain: 256
Great Britain: 234
Ayutthaya: 225
Japan: 201
Bohemia: 200
Malaya: 194
Brazil: 172
Mexico: 100
13 Colonies: 37

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 500
Occitania: 400
Jinshi: 390
Khazaria: 361
Medina: 360
Leon: 327
Korea: 204
Scandinavia: 200
Great Britain: 156
Japan: 140
Ayutthaya: 120
Mahalavos: 116
Bohemia: 102
Malaya: 94
Brazil: 90
Mexico: 32

Latin Empire: 125/50/0/50
Leon: 120/91/0/42
Great Britain: 81/104/0/40
Atlassia: 80/203/0/25
Scandinavia: 76/75/0/40
Japan: 64/22/0/40
Medina: 62/110/0/46
Malaya: 35/74/29/27
Occitania: 30/110/68/65
Ayutthaya: 25/20/10/31
Brazil: 18/27/0/32
Jinshi: 11/135/0/1
Mahalavos: 8/16/0/11

Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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The Year of Our Lord 1746 AD


Latin Empire: 12732
Medina: 11888
Khazaria: 9808
Japan: 9551
Jinshi: 8881
Leon: 8482
Atlasia: 8034
Yngling Rike: 5937
Atlassia: 5679
Malaya: 5202
Elysium: 4797
Ayutthaya: 3959
Great Britain: 3287

The Great Powers

Khazaria: 3157
Latin Empire: 2928
Medina: 2917
Occitania: 1887
Yngling Rike: 1513
Atlassia: 1505
Jinshi: 1500
Korea: 1486

Medina: 870
Latin Empire: 821
Khazaria: 716
Atlassia: 634
Leon: 469
Jinshi: 386
Scandinavia: 371
Occitannia: 329
Japan: 259
Great Britain: 242
Ayuthaya: 240
Bohemia: 224
Brazil: 211
Korea: 143
Mahalavos: 125
New England: 49
California: 15

Khazaria: 3157
Medina: 2864
Latin Empire: 2707
Occitannia: 1724
Jinshi: 1500
Korea: 1358
Scandinavia: 1324
Atlassia: 1185
Bohemia: 1162
Ayuthayya: 1159
Leon: 1153
Japan: 1145
Brazil: 957
Brunei: 949
Mahalavos: 903
Great Britain: 870
Mexico: 407
New England: 381
California: 132

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 473
Medina: 450
Khazaria: 423
Occitania: 400
Leon 327
Scandinavia: 280
Japan: 210
Jinshi: 180
Bohemia: 166
Mahalavos: 132
Ayuthaya: 124
Brazil: 120
Great Britain: 117
Atlassia: 109
Malaya: 109
Korea: 93
Mexico: 45
New England: 35
California: 15

Atlassia: 343
Medina: 281
Occitannia: 273
Leon: 257
Great Britain: 229
Scandinavia: 222
Japan: 211
Latin Empire: 195
Khazaria: 190 (30/60/0/100)
Ayutthaya: 127
Jinshi: 125
Brazil: 100
Mahalavos: 96
Korea: 84
Mexico: 54
New England: 34
California: 14

Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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The Year of Our Lord 1772 AD


Latin Empire: 16888
Medina: 13995
Elysium: 12795
Khazaria: 11797
Japan: 11212
Jinshi: 9708
Atlassia: 8812
Leon: 6711
Occitania: 6361
Scandinavia: 6243
Malaya: 5645
Ayutthaya: 4649
Great Britain: 3752

The Great Powers

Khazaria: 3365
Latin Empire: 3200
Medina: 3140
Jinshi: 1778
Occitania: 1689
Korea: 1623
Yngling Inc: 1546
Atlassia: 1537

Khazaria: 991
Medina: 923
Latin Empire: 8888
Atlassia: 637
Leon: 487
Jinshi: 468
Occitania: 411
Japan: 378
Scandinavia: 335
Brazil: 296
Great Britain: 287
Bohemia: 259
Korea: 254
Ayutthaya: 253
Mahalavos: 170
Brunei: 165
Mexico: 134
New England: 76

Khazaria: 3362
Medina: 3082
Latin Empire: 2970
Jinshi: 1778
Occitania: 1676
Japan: 1404
Korea: 1278
Scandinavia: 1322
Atlassia: 1322
Brazil: 1291
Leon: 1165
Ayutthaya: 1162
Mahalavos: 1002
Bohemia: 937
Great Britain: 863
Malaya: 810
Mexico: 414
New England 407

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 773
Medina: 525
Khazaria: 509
Occitania: 437
Jinshi: 379
Scandinavia: 353
Leon: 304
Korea: 290
Atlassia: 267
Ayuttya: 217
Brazil: 210
Mahalavos: 180
Bohemia: 180
Great Britain: 170
Japan 161
Mexico: 50
New England 41
Brunei: 27

Atlassia: 380
Medina: 363
Occitania: 267
Japan: 254
Ayutthaya: 238
Great Britain: 227
Leon: 226
Latin Empire: 190
Jinshi: 180
Scandinavia: 179
Khazaria: 161
Korea: 125
Brazil: 121
Malaya: 109
Mexico: 73
New England: 35
Mahalavos: 15

Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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The Year of Our Lord 1797 AD


Latin Empire: 19498
Medina: 16093
Elysium: 14204
Khazaria: 13992
Japan: 13081
Jinshi: 12267
Atlassia: 10740
Leon: 7651
Scandinavia: 7285
Occitania: 7067
Malaya: 6283
Ayutthaya: 5330
Great Britain: 3786

The Great Powers

Latin Empire: 3550
Khazaria: 3543
Medina: 3328
Jinshi: 1848
Japan: 1759
Atlassia: 1733
Korea: 1728
Occitania: 1727

Latin Empire: 1061
Khazaria: 965
Medina: 918
Atlassia: 612
Leon: 551
Occitania: 513
Jinshi: 512
Japan: 436
Yngling Rike: 390
Korea: 365
Brazil: 339
Great Britain: 313
Ayuttaya: 247
Bohemia: 223
Malaya: 151
Mahalavos: 148
Mexico: 141
New England: 118
Dixie: 89

Khazaria: 3555
Latin Empire: 3312
Medina: 3266
Jinshi: 1848
Japan: 1759
Occitania: 1714
Brazil: 1636
Scandinavia: 1449
Atlassia: 1463
Korea: 1391
Leon: 1232
Ayutthaya: 1170
Mahalavos: 1002
Scandinavia: 984
Bohemia: 938
Malaya: 823
New England: 571
Mexico: 418
Dixie: 403

Standing Armies
Latin Empire: 838
Khazaria: 632
Medina: 616
Jinshi: 480
Occitania: 435
Leon: 360
Korea: 344
Scandinavia: 335
Atlassia: 312
Brazil: 302
Bohemia: 250
Japan 246
Ayuthaya: 218
Great Britain: 196
Mahalavos: 165
New England: 80
Malaya: 50
Mexico: 50
Dixie: 47

Atlassia: 387
Medina: 381
Japan: 340
Latin Empire: 335
Leon: 312
Great Britain: 310
Occitania: 267
Ayutthaya: 241
Jinshi: 207
Korea: 197
Khazaria: 161
Scandinavia: 159
Malaya: 151
Elysium: 139
Mahalavos: 97
Dixie: 80
Mexico: 72
New England: 69

Victory Cards:


Oda: 1444-1458
Bretonnia: 769-1502
The North: 769-1536
Bavaria: 1444-1536
Yue: 1444-1641

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Why is Great Britans development not on the list?

Irsh Faq wrote:
I've noted with Golle a trend of stirring up as much drama publicly as he can whenever he's up to something shady in the background. Presumably its a smokescreen strategy.
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I think you might be the second "Scandinavia"? Also I'm pretty sure the first one is wrong.

Read my blog.
Norway Rome The Khanate Scotland Scotinavia Christendie the Serene Republic has always been at war with the Bretons False Empire Caliphate Persians Russians English Hungarians Oceanians Saracen Jackal! Death, death, death to the Frogs barbarians infidels necromancers vodka-drinking hegemonists Sassenach nomad menace Yellow Menace heathen Great Old One!
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Bah for a moment I tough I was nearing Scandinavia in development...but yeah thats quite likely me.

Irsh Faq wrote:
I've noted with Golle a trend of stirring up as much drama publicly as he can whenever he's up to something shady in the background. Presumably its a smokescreen strategy.
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