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Posted: Saturday, June 23, 2018 8:02:16 AM
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  • Truce of God: No DOWs on anyone, including AI, in the first ten years.
  • No Separate Peace: All Great Powers on both sides must agree to a peace deal before the war leader accepts it.
  • Talking is a Free Action: For Great and World wars, the game may be paused for up to 30 minutes for peace talks; longer with the consent of all players. If no agreement is reached during the pause, the game will continue at its regular wartime speed for the rest of the session, and negotiations will continue alongside the fighting. (The warring parties are free to agree to a ceasefire, ie no troop movements while talking. )
  • No Gerrymandering: State concession demands cannot lead to egregious bordergore, and cannot take core regions purely for the purpose of crippling the enemy's economy. Snakes, exclaves, enclaves, and disconnected regions (except colonies) should be avoided. You may demand a single province by demanding the state and asking for the unwanted provinces to be edited back.
  • Monogamy: You may ally at most one Great Power; if you are a sphereling, you cannot ally outside your sphere except for an imminent war to break you free. Alliance restrictions end when Great Wars unlock.
  • Live in Infamy: No going over the infamy limit.
  • Springtime of Nations: Nations representing accepted cultures cannot be released until great wars are unlocked. For example, if Germany accepts Polish, Poland can't be released until great wars.
  • Balance of Power: A non-fake player war may only be intervened in if the intervention would help a significantly weaker side, as measured by military points and player judgement. This applies to joining (or DOWing separately) after the war has started. If there are mechanical reasons you cannot join the initial DOW, you may declare your belligerency in text and voice chat and DOW when you can; in this case you must join within six months. The player who DOWed may reject such belligerency. This limitation does not apply after great wars unlock.
  • Open Covenants Openly Arrived At: If you do not intend to fight a war, but are drawn in for reasons of mechanics or for the purpose of treacherously backstabbing someone who thought you were an ally, you must openly declare by text and voice chat, as soon as possible, that you are not fighting.
  • Limited Wars: Cannot take more than 100% warscore in a peace deal, including separate peaces, except that up to three victors may always take a minimum of one state. If Austria and Germany are allied in a war, and Austria takes a 75% peacedeal, Germany can take max either 25%, or one state. If Russia and France were also allies, and Austria took 75% as before, then Germany, France, and Russia could take 25% between them, or two of the three could take one state each..
  • Cordon Unsanitaire: No releasing satellites during war.
  • Late-Stage Capitalism: No force-sphering. You may only sphere nations by ingame diplomacy, not by using the wargoal.

    Crisis Wars

  • Normal peace rules apply.
  • May not escalate - you must accept the original demand.
  • If one side concedes before war breaks out, the other side must accept.
  • Allies may not be called (in effect, only Great Powers can fight in crisis wars, and can only join by supporting a side before the war starts).
  • Crisis wars must be fought in the region of the crisis, except for blockades and naval actions.
  • Nations freed as the result of a crisis war or crisis negotiation cannot be declared war on for their territory until great wars unlock.
  • The above restrictions do not apply if the crisis war is also a Great War, except that in this case the peace rules for a Great War apply.

    If there is any doubt on the region of a Crisis, then the GMs and uninvolved players will be consulted; until the region is declared the crisis region is just the state in question and any sea zones it may be bordering.


    A Crisis erupts in Sicily: the Crisis zone is then Southern Italy and Tunisia and the Mediterranean around Sicily.
    A Crisis erupts over the Great Lakes region of Africa: All the states around that frontier will be considered the crisis zone, and possibly the coastline of East Africa.
    A Crisis erupts in China over Hong Kong: The South China Sea and southern China around Hong Kong will be considered the crisis zone.

    Great Wars

  • No more than 100% peacedeals, same as non-Great wars.
  • Nations that collapse into revolt spirals as a result of great wars can be edited to a Fascist or Communist dictatorship (player's choice) and have enough militancy removed to stop the spiral.

    AAR rewards

  • 100 of one good.
  • 100000 pounds (to be increased later).
  • Increase a soldier POP size by 10k.
  • 50 days of the research leader's RP production.

    Auxiliary rules

  • No stockpiling more than 2000 of one good.
  • Same 25% forcelimit rule as in EU4, except for fighting Great Wars.
  • Speed 3 in peacetime if possible. Wars at speed 2, Great Wars at speed 1.
  • No going over the naval capacity limit.
  • No selling individual provinces to maximize naval capacity.
  • No holding troops in people's territories to spy on them or mess with DOWs.
  • Must grant military access if that's the only way of getting to rebels.
  • No spamming forts (or other construction) or stockpiling goods with the intention of denying supplies to everyone below you.
  • No deliberate breaking of nations, including AI nations, by occupation.
  • Terms must be given when requested.
  • No ruining your own nation.
  • No trucebreaking.
  • No exploiting Victoria's broken economic model to the detriment of other players.
  • Only half the factory slots in a state may be taken up by foreign investors.

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