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King of Men
Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 3:26:52 AM
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Vicky is a pretty short game, so let's start discussing the conversion. Do check out Dragoon's thread on Paradox on balance, and by all means contribute or include ideas from there. At the moment I am strongly inclined to nerf mixed cav/tank units as suggested, since they are clearly broken; I welcome ideas on the exact mechanics of how this should be done - can we mod it, or will it have to be a rule? We could also ban 40-width divisions for similar reasons, perhaps by modding the templates.

Regarding diplomacy: I think we should strive for a number of roughly-equal alliances; it may be convenient to label them 'Axis', 'Allies', 'Comintern', but we need not sort ourselves by Victoria ideologies, and there needn't be exactly three if a different number is more convenient. If the 1936 situation is similar to 1821, with a Big Three and a number of lesser powers, we might find it easiest to just construct one alliance per top-three power, and go from there. If we have a Big Four instead, that also seems workable. If we go for this, the suggestion is that there can be temporary alliances between the top N powers, but that only one alliance can be declared the winner. In this case we might say that secondary powers are allowed to switch alliances, by edit if needed, but the top powers have to fight until capitulation. Of course, it may be difficult to ensure that the alliances are reasonably balanced.

Regarding world tension, this is a mechanic specifically for making vanilla games go reasonably historical, which is evidently not a worry for us; there's no particular reason for us to favour fascist initiative in the early game. One option is to just do away with the mechanic entirely, by setting the "can declare war" threshold for everyone to 1%. Another is to see if there is a big WWI-like war, and give the losers of that conflict some advantage in terms of world tension, for balance and also to simulate some amount of revanchism in countries that lost a Great War.

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