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Posted: Sunday, July 01, 2018 5:53:48 AM

Joined: 4/11/2013
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The first session was unfortunately, not the most interesting for Atlassia. It was mostly just building up as much industry as I could manage (which admittedly, actually is enough that I'm in 3rd/4th place depending on if you count Japan's foreign investements or not.)

So instead I will talk about a bit of 'how we got here now.'

More specifically, lets look at the various series of alliances that brought us here.

The first alliance that Atlassia took part in was the basis for its longest runny (for the most part) alliance. Namely, the 'Two Powers Alliance' or more specifically the alliance between myself and Leon against a possibly renegade South Spain/Hoonter

(Targets for CK2 are in bright Blue)

The alliance never ended up being used for much, as Hoonter ended up leaving and he migrated to Anatolia. Though the alliance was almost immediately re-purposed into the second stage of the Two Power Alliance, namely into the alliance against Gual

Pretty much for the same reason. James at the time in Gaul was very aggressive to say the least, and as a result we were trying to avoid getting Gaul migrating into Spain or taking me out in Sardinia.

At the same time the starting of another alliance began, though one that would warp drastically by the end of EU4 compared to CK2. Namely, the Hellenic Commonwealth.

Initially, it was myself and Venice, though at different times we had James (when he moved to Byzantium) and Hoonter (also in Anatolia) also involved in it. Though by the end it fell back to just Venice and Myself, as James and Hoonter either left or backed out of being Hellenic. At one time we also thought about adding Dragoon, but in the end he also didn't join.

Eventually both of these merged a bit into. The Alliance to Protect Venice.

Or alternatively, as it will forever be known in Atlassyyn texts, the Italian Brothers War or the War of Italian Hegemony. Unfortunately, as any readers of the previous AARs will know, we lost this war, and thus the Hellenic branch of this alliance at least died off for some time.

In EU4 my diplomacy was relatively static in Europe, though I did maintain a number of either short lived, or inevitably doomed alliances in Asia. The primary alliance block though was the

Three Powers Treaty. Which was just a continuation of the two power treaty, with the addition of Elysium when it eventually grew into an independent Nation. As the game went on the Three Powers Treaty would remain strong, and would end up drawing the ire of Khazaria due to us powering up Elysium. Though I must admit if I had been able to find more players I did not actually intend to make Elysium a single continent state, it just ended up working out that way. As time went on though we would end up eventually adding another two nations to the Treaty. Namely, Rharia, and toward the very tail end, Dragoon proper. As V2 hit the 5 Power Treaty, due to GP alliance mechanics, is in a bit of shambles. But Leon and I likely share the most combat free border in the game up till this point, with neither of us having gone to war since about midway through CK2, and our economies are effectively built off each other and there's little really point of a war between us as both our territories are separated by the Strait Gibraltar. Elysium and Rharia are also obvious in that they are my successor states.

So for now Dragoon and I maintain our alliance going forward, I'm quite happy to maintain that as Dragoon and I don't really have any flashpoints anymore either. As it is I've been doing my best to reduce said flashpoints between all nations and myself where I can and I would like to think it's worked. The only real danger points I can see is somewhat in North America, and mostly in Asia.

Still the future actually looks pretty okay for Atlassia, hopefully I'll have something more interesting next time.
Posted: Sunday, July 08, 2018 5:34:15 PM

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Welp, I scrubbed it everyone. Forgot to take any screenshots of the last session so this session will be PROMINENT TEXT WALL. I also haven't slept in 24 hours so that will make this even better. I apologize for the impending trainwreck

Last session had a bit of action, but for the most part was a continuation of the first. Which unfortunately meant it wasn't terribly interesting outside of a few moments. As it was most of the interest came from how the other parties started shifting. For example, while I'm still in my fifth place spot for industrial power. The wide gap between myself and the powers above is just getting wider. While a number of other powers are starting to...not quite catch up in full, but are certainly getting there. Korea and Leon are starting to get into 'nipping at my heels' range and Jingshi has managed to get into a tit for tat race with me for 5th place GP. While I have significantly stronger industry he has a larger army and prestige which leaves me guessing that he's going to pass me sooner or later as he has much more room to grow industrially then I do at this point.

The only thing that is helping assuage this is that I have room to grow, which I've been using. This session saw the first and second Atlassian Expeditions to the interior. A.k.a. War with Kong. The first war was...embarassing to say the least. Kong put up much more of a fight then I expected and while I didn't mobilize, the war had immense casualties all considered and in the end the Latin Empire provided the final oomph for the killing blow, though I didn't get much territory out of it as my pops were not terribly jingoist. The second war though was a much better affair. I managed to for the most part crush Kong and took a massive section of it's nation which leaves its capital now completely isolated from the rest of the country and gained me enough population to surpass China while I still have more land to take.

As a result I think I can fairly confidently say I'm in that 4th-6th spot for the foreseeable future. With my significant pop, relatively strong industrial base, and room to keep growing, I have a hard time seeing myself fall off too far. Though for now I'm held back by my absolutely terrible literacy (though I managed a 7% improvement last session so it's going up.) As it is short of a bit of a miracle I'm not sure I'll get a major boost this upcoming session, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish off Kong and start industrializing the area.

One thing I have found extremely entertaining. Is that due to my Primary Culture being Neo-Italian while the rest of my empire is accepted cultures (due to how Mamluk Government converted over.) I only have one province of any significance that needs to have clergymen or clerks for the bonuses they provide to research. So my capital region of Figuig's ~3% Clergy is enough to make my 'Global' rate for literacy and research about 2.5% which certainly simplifies my life and has allowed me to instead support craftsmen in proviences which is in part why my industrial score is so high as almost all my main industrial provs have fully crewed factories.
Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2018 4:32:30 AM

Joined: 4/11/2013
Posts: 336
This session was a bit more interesting then last time. Mostly because we actually started to go to war properly. Like last week, I STILL HAVEN'T SLEPT IN 24 HOURS, so don't mind me.

The industrial race continued as it does, and likely isn't going to stop doing any time soon, though admittedly I've started to hit the point of running out of slots somewhat. I still ahve lots of build slots, but not really the population in many of the places to use them. As it is though the Atlas mountain ranges are as heavily industrialized as most other places in the world, and slowly catching up to Japan and the others, though China has managed to in turn catch up to me and surpass me, though I will hopefully fix that sooner then later. As it is my incredibly terrible tech rate (in some cases less then half RP income of some of my competitors, means that I'm pretty well getting my shit kicked in the tech sector, which is why I'm falling behind industrially, but I'm starting to catch up. My literacy is finally approaching 50% when I can start getting clerks and from there it will hopefully get better.

Overseas Malay and Malhavos have both opened up for conquest, which as you might expect, meant that their life span was rather limited. Malhavos is pretty well dead already, while Malaya has found itself on the wrong side of conquest by myself, Japan and Leon. To say the least, unlike with the wars for Kong, this was less war, and more of a massacre. The Malay army was easy to cut off given my fleet size, so they could only bring about 60,000 men to the island I was trying to wake (western Java.) During the actual fighting for the most part they just got their ass kicked six ways from sunday, until their army was finally stomped into the ground by myself and Leon and the island was split between us, giving us each access to valuable dyes provinces which we've been trying to get our hands on for some times to continue fueling our cloth economy (one of the surprisingly best selling things at the moment.)

Two of the larger battles that happened, in general it was pretty much just a massacre.

Meanwhile back in Africa, I've been working on beating the heck out of Kong, which has proven pretty effective too. Since the first war the Kong army has been in shambles and pretty much just been getting steamrolled by myself at nearly all times. Each successive war just made them even worse and worse and I managed to take their industrial heartland quite early on and have just been taking their high pop ones now. As a result Kong's more or less a non issue, I just need to finish them off properly which is...admittedly taking its time because of infamy limits BUT SOON. SOON KONG WILL REJOIN ITS RIGHTFUL EMPIRE.

The current state of Kong.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world, Africa's coming up for grabs, as in the last few minutes of last session the first people got machine guns and colonial negotiations is coming right around the corner, so the scramble for Africa is about to begin.

Leaderboard right now, my Industry has fallen much further back then I expected, but I still have lots of room to grow, just need more factory types to do so with (which should be getting fixed sooner then later as my RP starts catching up)
Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018 5:52:28 AM

Joined: 4/11/2013
Posts: 336
Once again I forgot to take pictures, and I'm running on little sleep, really I need to stop doing this to myself but ohh well.

So my prediction last time that I'd remain in the GP spot was....wrong. At this point I've actually fallen back into secondary power status, more specifically I'm stuck in 10th. You might wonder how that has happened? Well it's was pretty simple actually. The liberals got voted in, which immediately slashed my army score by a solid amount which threw me back into 10th. Though in exchange, my industry has started to skyrocket, relatively. It's not great but its something of a growth and I'm in the middle of trying to make it even stronger by upgrading everything I can. All in all it wasn't the worst it could have been really, and being in 10th does mean that I am allowed to be invested in by foreign powers which people have started doing already.

I also completely buggered myself this session on taking over Kong. I timed my fabricate slightly badly, as in by .05 Infamy, which meant that when I got caught for max 11 infamy on my goal I was just sliiiightly over the level, and promptly got DoW'd on by a number of people because we had so many AI this session. Luckily the war was easy enough to end with only a bit of effort, and the Latin Empire joining in to help weight the warscore a lot more to my preference. Still other then that, there wasn't to much of interest this session. Like the last few it was mostly building up infastructure as high as I can go.

The one really good thing this session was that I managed to get my research...sorta on the level of everyone else. I'm still behind, but my literacy is growing rapidly, and I've got a fair bit of research points, only say about 10 out of 60 behind instead of where before I was 20 out of 40 behind. Which means I'm finally starting to catch up on Industrialization technology and a bit in prestige, which is making my industry more efficent which is keeping me in the running for industry score. As while I've got alot of pop (I'm now in 4th place I believe) I'm not exactly able to harness much of it as much as I'd like. Large parts of my empire are pretty uninhabited, and parts that have large pops are outside of NA, pretty poorly developed. I'm trying to work on making places like Hausaland industrialized but it's slow going as the pops there are not very friendly toward changing to labourers.

For now though, have a few images

My industrial production, I have a few very strong income provs, but I think in general I don't have anywhere near the same sheer size of factories as some others, I'm not even sure how they have factories built up so much as constant building for me can't keep up.

State production in full, notably, the only things I produce a real notable chunk of the worlds supply is are in Consumer goods. I have about a 6-7% production of the world wine, about 10% liquor, and approximately the same in fruit. I have about 5% of the worlds production of Cotton too but that's about it for things over 5%.
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