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Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 12:44:35 AM

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After signing the peace agreement with russia over the crimean war, it was agreed that russia would hand over finland to Scandanavia. Soon the scandanavian king began bringing finland into the 19th century, railroads and factories began to spring up all over and large scale industrialization was enforced all over the union. Meanwhile the rest of egypt, ethopia and parts of tripoli were added to the Scandanavian Colonial empire. However this rapid expansion caused some friction with both france and austria, but thankfully both were resolved without resorting to violence.

Scandanavia was soon to enter its golden age after outranking the US and taking 4th place amongst the greatest powers, however it turned out to be scandanavia's Dark age. The russians betrayed the peace treaty and declared war in december 17th, 1867, the army attempted to hold the line until the reserves could be mobilized, but russia had amassed huge armies across the border. Several battles ensued resulting in total defeat, the entire reserve pool of over 20 divisions was encircled and forced to surrender. The russians proved to be superior in both numbers and quality of forces, however the scandanavian standing army managed to survive after forming a stronghold northeast of finland. Civilized nations from around the world began to respond to scandanavia's pleas of aid after the russians had occupied half the nation and were only a few provinces away from the capital stockholm. Japan, austria & spain joined the war against russia and began to force the russians into submission, prussian aid would later arrive as well at the final stages of the war. With the aid of all these nations scandanavia was able to bounce back, liberating all of sweden and cutting off the retreating forces in finland. With the nation liberated, the russians were forced to accept our generous peace terms of returning to status quo. Although the war only lasted for over 2 years, it left the nation in a terrible state. Many brave men were lost in the war, the economy was shattered & the country was in severe debt, several rebellions had also sprung up across the colonies. Despite scandanavia still being regarded as the most prestigous nation and the 4th greatest power, the nation will be forever wounded by this war.

Meanwhile during this turmoil, france & the United kingdom began pursuing their own agendas. The french declared war on prussia, delaying its entry into the great war with russia. The british also declared war on austria during the great war, it would take another unified effort to push back the british. The king of scandanavia attempted to return the favour and aid the austrians but the people had grown tired of war and a peace treaty with the United kingdom was signed.
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