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Posted: Saturday, September 06, 2008 5:26:21 PM

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I edited some points concerning USA, Nat China and France so it's fully playable with USA from 36.

Game rules for 36 campaign :


0.0 : This ruleset doesn't cover all aspects and holes of the game engine.It does just show the historical way to follow.So instead of creating dozens of new rules,the players must agree in playing fair,respecting their opponents and the gameplay,so any unfair action done or going to be done shall be discussed with players that will take the right decision in order to keep a nice way of playing.


0.1 : Coastal/land forts level max is 5
0.2 : It's forbidden to switch to another land doctrines tree, exception for axis minors that can start with Spearhead doctrine
0.3 : Improvements like airbases, naval bases and radars have to be built in the province concerned by right click on it and not from the production board.Exception : the Flak can be produced in serials and placed freely


0.4 : no rockets or flying bombs till 43
0.5 : Factions Sphere of Influence: They cannot grant each other military access. Their units also cannot behave in function of the other nor operate in theathers which are too close to the other Faction due to political reasons.EU Axis-ASIA Axis and Allies-USSR are the factions mentioned.


1.0 : No free trades between ALL humans until both concerned sides are at war, otherwise all trades must be fair and at +60%
1.1 : The well known Supply Trick on AI nations is forbidden
1.2 : The 2nd day of the game Allies and Comintern cannot trade with the following nations (in order to not cripple Axis economics): Holland, Siam, Turkey, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungaria, Romania, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark.
1.3 : Allies cannot trade for rares during the first month of the game
1.4 :The first trades already in place must be respected till the war between the two sides concerned
1.5 : Allies and Comintern must accept trade deals offered by Axis powers as long as Axis offers supplies
1.6 : Allies and Comintern can ask for supplies providing a ratio of materials also, as stated above or better – but Axis is free to refuse.
1.7 :The Allies/Komintern are allowed to cancel some trades when their new factories put their ressource growth in the negative daily.


2.1 : Coups are not allowed on humans players
2.2 : Stealing techs are the only intelligence operation authorized on AI and MINOR nations (AI isn't able to kill correctly the spies – and having a human minor taking over the AI still means they’ve low anti espionage capability.)


3.1 : Urban Limit for stacking units is 36
3.2 : No SR through a territory that contain enemies ground units which are not retreating,or when you're bombed by air
3.3 : Recycling units(disband) is allowed only if they aren't already encircled,outflanked or being bombed to death
3.4 : Paradroping mission in order to kill retreating units is forbidden
3.5 : During peace time you must supplie ALL your OWN divisions,air and fleet in your OWNED provincesThe owning nation MUST pay the full supply needed for them. --- Planes and Ships must be kept in supplied bases. Ships cannot be sailed out, planes cannot be kept in airbases without a supply line.


4.1 : No war till Danzig except for events
4.2 : Phoney wars isn't allowed,and when you are able to take last Victory Points or Anex do it quickly
4.3 : You must respect peace treaties and no agression pacts.Cancelling them is forbidden.
4.4 : Selling units is forbiden exception done for starting units in a very limited amount.France or ussr selling armies to anyone, Japan selling BB or CV fleet is considered as an exploit.
4.5 : When you join one Alliance you must stay in till the end
4.6 : Allies-Kommintern cannot grant military access to each other
4.7 : One human cannot influence other human without his permission
4.9 : American Nations, aside USA and Canada, must stay neutral until USA joins the Allies. Then Allies and Axis can try to ally them up.


5.1 : Axis alliances allowed :
-Hungary,Romania,Bulgary( at any given time)Italy,Argentina,Nationalist Spain (after Vichy),Finland(after the end of Winter War event),Japan(at Pearl Harbour event)

5.2 : Germany must claim Danzig at the event. If by chances, the Poles folds (1%) the game proceeds normally until Axis or Allies DoW the other.

5.3 : R/M pact go historical,germany is allowed to dow ussr from april 41

5.4 : Germany can break the R/M pact,if he do it bring forward USA entry by 6 months


6.1 : Italy can join axis at anytime after anexation of Ethiopia

6.2 : Italy mustn't accept surrender event when his homeland is invaded(event bugged)


7.1 : Japan independent alliances :
-Japan can't ally any Chinese warlord country in the middle earth,Siam is allowed to join Japan at anytime

7.2 : Japan must DOW Nat China at Marco polo bridge event

7.3 : Japan must accept no agression pact with SU at Khalkin Ghol event

7.4 : Sinkiang and Tibet must remain neutral

7.5 : Japan cannot DOW Netherlands unless this country is in Allies

7.6 : Japan can DOW Allies at anytime after Vichy event.

7.7 : Japan may not DOW the SU until it has achieved the following strategic objectives: Capture of Guam. Capture of Singapore.Annexation of Philippines. Annexation of Holland.Annexation of Australia.New Zealand, and capture of Hawaii Islands -----OR-----Occupying whole Burma and continental India up to Karachi.

7.8 : Japan must accept surrender event when his homeland is invaded


8.1 : Allies alliances allowed :
-All the countries Axis dow.
-All American Minors after USA joins.

8.2 : Canada, South Afrika, Australian, New Zealand units – of all kind, land air and navy - must stay into their respective homelands until march 40.

8.3 : France Army, Airforce and Navy will be deleted after Vichy Event aside the 3 Divisions which should be created as Free France Force.

8.6 : France units cannot be bought.

8.7 : Allies cannot invade Italy until they occupy all Italian holdings in Africa

8.8 : If Allies invade Germany early in game (sept 39->march 40), USA entry date is delayed by 6 months

8.9 : UK is not allowed to have mil access to the pacific minors(Netherland Indies,Australia, New Zealand) and rest of Indonesia until japan enters in war


9.1 : USA conditions to enter the Allies :

-USA may join immediatelly the Allies if UK is invaded by Axis
-USA may join 3 months after the Japanese DOW on Allies
-USA may join immediatelly or as soon as his intervetionism allow to do so if axis put a feet in south america,take Bermuda or Greenland
-USA entry is put back by 6 months and +1interventionism by edit if one of the following countries are attacked by Axis->Spain,Sweden ,Turkey,Arabi Saudia and Persia
-USA entry is put back by 6 months and +1 interventionism by edit if Germany break R/M Pact
-USA entry is delayed by 6 months if Germany is invaded early in game sept 39->march 40

9.2 : USA cannot garrison the Pacific except for Hawaii islands during peacetime.

9.3 : USA mustn't accept Yamamoto assassination if Pearl Harbour is under Japan hands


10.1 : SU must accept and honnor R/M Pact

10.2 : R/M go historical(full pact),USSR can dow germany from jan 42

10.3 : Soviet Union is not allowed to dow any minor except Finland by event, baltics minors have to be anexed by territory claims

10.4 : SU must wait and accept End of Winter WAR event and take his owned provinces,in the other hand if SU want to Bring Socialism,NAP is broken and germany can DOW USSR from april 40 without any penalty

10.5 : Su must accept Bitter Peace event and honor terms of treaty


11.1 : China must not recieve any units,supplies or mass ressources via trades or negociations by players


If one of these rules isn't respected by one player the game will be SAVED and this player will get DISSENT by the edit of the save – plus the exploit could be fixed, and other punishment could be found for game crippling rule breaking issues or clear exploiting (like selling VP provs to avoid annexation, or like a Poland landing in Tripoli)

R/M ->ribbentrop molotov pact in 24 august 39
DOW->declaration of war
SR->strategic redeployment
NAP->no agression pact
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