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Posted: Saturday, October 11, 2008 11:53:17 AM
 Pilus prior
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2.02 - CHECKSUM - SRBG(i hope) only works with HOI2ARM 1.2 +

- china random surrender value moved from 50% to 80%
- estonia claim_acceptance = 48
- deleted the # Siam Gives Up event
- vichy should fire even if italy claims paris and has most of france.
- undeclared war has a smaller ofset (60 not 90) and the first event has a 25% chance to fire not 15% (same ofset of 30 though)
it also will fire latest 1941.
- suez is no longer blockable by ships
- moved a bit of russian resources back and added a bit
- gave usa a bit more rares so as to make up for the extra ic they recieve later
- gave a slight boost to tact to GA as in tests they didnt do any damage to same level ground units
- tact cost gone down by 10%
# Max Gearing Bonus ( never lower than value * build time )
0.60 moved to 0.70 (less in other words)
# Gearing Bonus Increment ( lessening of build time per successive build, down to Max Gearing Bonus )
0.08 moved to 0.05 so that we see a bit less units
- ic = { cost = 8 was 5 - so russia doesnt exploit the RM pact
- lowered cost of dds
- raised a bit cost of subs and lowered their attack by 5%
- province = { id = 906 landfort = 3 coastalfort = 3 } #Alexandria
- gave uk 2 1918 inf instead of garnisons
- removed a number of locked commands from ozzie units and strenghtend them a bit same with SA which i gave a bit more MP too
- bulgaria will be harder to influence and relations will reset by -200 after vichy
- greece will be harder to influence and will only join after vichy
- usa must now have the 6000 supplies to trigger the Lend-Lease Shipment to the USSR (before it didnt)
- split Ghent into Ghent and Brugge and Namur into Namur and Chimay(Belgium)
- split Reims and valenciennes and added Laon and Sedan (france)
- split bilbao to blibao and pamplona
- rearranged a LOT of sea zone areas.
- set the realeased warlords' GDE to 0.96
- Combat Modifier: Naval Exceeding Max Command Limit Mod
-0.90 # -0.50 so we dont have such a big 50 cl issue
- added usa war entry upon gangbang of russia
- gave usa a bit more mp after its gear event in 1942 july.
- TC Load from bases in queue moved up from 100.0 to 900
- Pre-Historical Date Mod -0.0018 was -0.0016 - means that the max 90% penalty will start to go down 500 days before the historic year instead of 562
- blueprint bonus moved from 2.0 to 1.5
- IC to Supplies ratio moved back to original 2.0 #2.2 so less is hoarded
- Max Gearing Bonus ( never lower than value * build time ) moved to 0.75 from #0.70
- Gearing Bonus Increment 0.04 was 0.05
- added event = "db\events\warlordsgdeevents.txt" to event.txt
- tripled supply use of cvs and doubled oil use
- lowered cost of mot by 2 ic
- many major tweaks to stats to make int more viable
- lowered esc cost by 1 ic
- tanks: 19 mp, +25% oil, supplies and ic cost, +10% SA HA, morale -33%
- light tanks mp cost moved to 17, ic +10%, supply and oil use +20%
- energy_to_oil value in techs increased to 5% gaps to induce tech research
- ranges of naval bombers cut 220,255, 290, 500 and 600 and cut prices by 5 IC), should only bomb shore areas...
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008 6:43:17 PM
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I'm sticking this up, unsticking 2.00 version.
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