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Mobilization and Production in EIR Options · View
Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2009 4:43:38 PM
 Tribunus laticlavius

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Allied Manpower

1) The "Relative Manpower" of all the major Allies (USA included) and the Commonwealth has be reduced to 50% or less, in the scenarios files, more or less in the same way that one does with IC_mod. The manpower efficiency will increase through the normal gearing events, until UK and France are producing normal manpower about the time that the war begins.

2) The entire UK army in India is locked into place, and will only be released at the time of the "Churchill becomes Prime Minister" event.

(No doubt someone will delete them for manpower and make them into tanks) Rolleyes


Added I added three new tech trees, one for Democracies, one for Fascist nations, and one for the Communist nations. Most of these techs will only be available to major countries. Pre-war mobilization is available to all.

All countries must first study "Pre-war Mobilization" as prerequisites for their specific ideological tech trees, which become available after they are at war. Here is what "Pre-war" mobilization looks like:

In the following thumbnails you can look at more details:

Tech Tree and a couple of techs

Most of the Soviet system.

Generally speaking the idea is to limit Allied manpower in the pre-war period but give them a boost after war begins. The German and Soviet mobilization events are intended to be used later in the war if they are getting into a manpower crisis.

General Sherman's production system

NOTE: Production of units in EIR is substantially longer than in vanilla HOI. Players will find that they must plan and predict what units they will need much more now.

A while back General Sherman pointed out that one of the problems with the HOI production concept is that it views the creation of divisions purely as a production issue, when in fact it is mostly a training issue. In the vanilla HOI system division production is absurdly fast, and when gearing kicks in we see things such as infantry divisions being pumped out in less than two months. So, the new production system increases the length of time of production but decreases the cost. In effect the IC/Days to produce a unit will not change, but it will take longer but be cheaper.

Normally, when one thinks of the production of a single infantry division one thinks only in the terms of basic training, which as we know could be quite quick. However, in the East is Red, production includes all the adminstration and logistics that are required prior to the creation of a unit. First officers must be found to command the division, then logistics and supplies assembled, a home found, and barracks constructed, before the soldiers even hit the training ground.

In general basic units, such as infantry take 6 months to train, while specialized units like Paratroopers, and tank and air divisions take between 7 and 9 months.

Doubtless this will have some impact on strategies dependent on full gearing bonuses.

For a straighforward copy over zip version go here: Goerings Delay -- NZQS -- 1.3b.rar

The Mod can also be set up with the Jones Generic Mod Enabler and has worked fine in that mode in my tests. This version has everything in it, 1.3beta, JSGME and the East is Red patch, and can be installed straight to your Armageddon 1.2 (ZBLV) folder without disrupting vanilla at all. It has the 1.3beta exe update and JGSME Mod system right in it. Just unzip to your main doomsday folder, copy the contents of the folder, then past into the main folder, then enable the mod using the JSGME system. Once you execute the JSGME it is pretty self-explanatory: EIR NZQS --ARMA 1.3beta complete 1.3b

Small patch from XTPS or NZQS 1.2 to NZQS 1.3b: Goering EIR -- Patch 1.3b

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