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Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 8:34:16 PM
 Tribunus laticlavius

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The British Raj

The East is Red introduces the "British Raj" as a playble country in HOI II. This is not India, nor is it England, but something in between: A British Puppet in Asia.

This new country takes a big bite out of British IC, manpower and it's army. However, the new country produces plenty of infantry to be put at the disposal of the British Player when war comes.

Durruti's Map modification:

In order to decrease bottlenecks, the new EIR will incorporate Durrutti's excellent map modification that he made for the Multiplayer Enhancement Mod. The main changes have been made to France and Belgium, adding four new provinces. As well, there are now two provinces on the Spanish Border with France next to Dax. Also, some of the sea zones have been rearranged to limit the range of land based air.

For a straighforward copy over zip version go here: Goerings Delay -- NZQS -- 1.3b.rar

The Mod can also be set up with the Jones Generic Mod Enabler and has worked fine in that mode in my tests. This version has everything in it, 1.3beta, JSGME and the East is Red patch, and can be installed straight to your Armageddon 1.2 (ZBLV) folder without disrupting vanilla at all. It has the 1.3beta exe update and JGSME Mod system right in it. Just unzip to your main doomsday folder, copy the contents of the folder, then past into the main folder, then enable the mod using the JSGME system. Once you execute the JSGME it is pretty self-explanatory: EIR NZQS --ARMA 1.3beta complete 1.3b

Small patch from XTPS or NZQS 1.2 to NZQS 1.3b: Goering EIR -- Patch 1.3b

It would be a dangerous folly for the British people to underrate the enduring position in world history which Mussolini will hold; or the amazing qualities of courage, comprehension, self-control and perseverance which he exemplifies.

Sir Winston -- 1937
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