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East is Red -- 2 v 2 weekdays European -- Multi Options · View
Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2009 10:36:01 AM
 Tribunus laticlavius

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Session one of this game on the EIR mod was rather uneventful, so there is no need to go into it in depth, except perhaps to note that the game opened with a rather hostile move from the Soviet Union, denying trade to Germany.

I would like to provide details of that build order as I did in the other EIR AAR I am writing, where I also play Germany, but on a much more historical path, so this time I chose to be different. That AAR can be found here: Goering's Delay: An East is Red Mod multiplayer AAR.

And no I am not a Germany hog, Koontz is Germany in the Sunday game, but since most people are not so familiar with the EIR setup, in this game and the other I thought it wise to play Germany for the sake of the game, and also, to make use of the options, so this time it is early war, and an immediate attack on France.

Since I am Germany I had decided that I was going to test the limits of the counter-historical possibilities available in the EIR mod. The mod is programmed to allow for alternate scenarios and different beginnings to WWII. This time out I thought I would pursue the option of attacking West early, and built according to that agenda.

Session II Game Summary:


Cueball, Germany and the Axis
Predator, UK/France, USA and the Commonwealth
Koontz, the Soviet Union
ISD, Japan

Unscheduled Game Engine Events: Koontz left early, Soviet Union was ghosted by Predator for the last 2 hours
Average game speed: Below Normal
Session Length: 5 hours
Start date: February 18th, 1938
End date: December 5th, 1938

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From the Game Log:


        name = Nerdball (everyone):well I think there needs to be more DD production to deal with subs in this game
        name = Koontz (everyone):heh
        name = Nerdball (everyone):well indeed in this mod they are tweaked for it, whereas CL's are nerfed
        name = Koontz (everyone):core have an intersting way of dealing with subs
        name = Predator (everyone):was that a tip ?
        name = Nerdball (everyone):My tip for you Predator is that the real threat to peace and security in Europe I the Bolshevik hordes
        name = Nerdball (everyone):not GErmany
        name = Predator (everyone):lol
        name = Koontz (everyone):but in the other game Regia marina was actully kicking the RN hard
        name = Koontz (everyone):even if isd lost 3 BBs during sealion
        name = Predator (everyone):ðpeacetime effect is -50percent
        name = Predator (everyone):is this what its supposed to be ?
        name = Koontz (everyone):yes ive thinks thats correct
        name = Predator (everyone):Basketball ?
        name = Nerdball (everyone):still says nerdball here
        name = Predator (everyone):yea
        name = Predator (everyone):in the lobby it was basketball
        name = Koontz (everyone):isd youre real name is Reino?
        name = Koontz (everyone):ah look in china japs are encircled
        name = Predator (everyone):hey you think its reasonable to bring in canadian troops to france ?
        name = Nerdball (everyone):sure
        name = 2:00 April 14, 1938 : Soviet Union tried but failed to assassinate Hjalmar Schacht.   
        name = Nerdball (everyone):the sooner they come the sooner they die... what do I care
        name = 11:00 April 14, 1938 : We failed to delay a techteam in Soviet Union.   
        name = 17:00 April 14, 1938 : We have failed to steal blueprints from United Kingdom.   
        name = Koontz (everyone):also bring Raj NZ and AUssie ;-)
        name = 23:00 April 14, 1938 : We succeeded in stealing the blueprint for Basic Decryption Devices from France.  .
        name = 1:00 April 15, 1938 : United Kingdom has failed to steal blueprints from us. 
        name = Predator (everyone):lol no
        name = Nerdball (everyone):yes definitely bring them all
        name = Predator (everyone):course not dude
        name = Koontz (everyone):beware of the switerland move though
        name = Nerdball (everyone):Im not going through switzerland
        name = Nerdball (everyone):i Havve pride you know
        name = Nerdball (everyone):even though
        name = Nerdball (everyone):predator was the first guy to put Switserland on the EIR map so to speak
        name = Koontz (everyone):any unholy going through Swiss?
        name = Nerdball (everyone):I have no issue with the Swiss
        name = Predator (everyone):switzerland is a doable option
        name = Nerdball (everyone):I am going through France
        name = Predator (everyone):its not so fantasy
        name = Predator (everyone):okay ..
    name = Koontz (everyone):but also u should always have an reserve
        name = Koontz (everyone):but the infra in swiss might be to high though
        name = Nerdball (everyone):it is defintely
        name = Nerdball (everyone):this option was discarded by the Germans as infeasible
        name = Nerdball (everyone):ok Pred
        name = Nerdball (everyone):you can kick France out of the Allies any time
        name = Predator (everyone):lol
        name = Nerdball (everyone):and we can be friends
        name = Koontz (everyone):but also the bulk of OKH was suggestion the Schifferplan
        name = Koontz (everyone):witch most likely hadnt bring the same success
        name = Nerdball (everyone):well then since no one is watching I say....
        name = 13:00 April 29, 1938 : We went with Press for Anschluss in Anschluss of Austria.
        name = 13:00 April 29, 1938 : Austria went with Become part of the Greater Reich (Game Over) in Anschluss.
        name = 13:00 April 29, 1938 : France had Gearing up for War .
        name = 14:00 April 29, 1938 : Anschluss of Austria - Annexation happened to us.

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From the Game Log:

        name = Predator (everyone):err
        name = Predator (everyone):Saarbrücken is too crowded to
        name = Predator (everyone):really
        name = Predator (everyone):feed
        name = Predator (everyone):all 
        name = Predator (everyone):those troops

        name = 7:00 August 27, 1938 : Germany declared war upon France.

        name = 7:00 August 27, 1938 : Germany declared war upon Luxemburg.
        name = Predator (everyone):so no Poland ?
        name = Nerdball (everyone):nope

From the Game Log:

        name = Nerdball (everyone):you start pred
        name = Predator (everyone):oks one sec
        name = Predator (everyone):ready
        name = Nerdball (everyone):go whenever
        name = Nerdball (everyone):ok on slow?
        name = Predator (everyone):i think yeah
        name = Nerdball (everyone):heh
        name = Predator (everyone):slugfest
        name = Predator (everyone):Krauts are fed with their own grenades

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From the Game Log:


        name = Predator (everyone):lol
        name = Nerdball (everyone):whats up?
        name = Predator (everyone):he was about to arrive in Luxembourg
        name = Nerdball (everyone):which the guys in metz?
        name = Predator (everyone):yea
        name = Nerdball (everyone):i dont think he could have
        name = Nerdball (everyone):because of the paratrooper
        name = Predator (everyone):right
        name = Predator (everyone):well
        name = Predator (everyone):either we stop or i go check SU
        name = Predator (everyone):okay then
        name = isd (everyone):sorry guys i am sleeping over my keyboard
        name = Predator (everyone):hey no problem
        name = Nerdball (everyone):ok lets save
        name = isd (everyone):tomorrow i`ll be died
        name = Predator (everyone):very fun session
        name = isd (everyone):GN GUYS
        name = Nerdball (everyone):GN
        name = isd (Japan) has left the game!
        name = Predator (everyone):gn
        name = Nerdball (everyone):certainly different
        name = Predator (everyone):i think

For a straighforward copy over zip version go here: Goerings Delay -- NZQS -- 1.3b.rar

The Mod can also be set up with the Jones Generic Mod Enabler and has worked fine in that mode in my tests. This version has everything in it, 1.3beta, JSGME and the East is Red patch, and can be installed straight to your Armageddon 1.2 (ZBLV) folder without disrupting vanilla at all. It has the 1.3beta exe update and JGSME Mod system right in it. Just unzip to your main doomsday folder, copy the contents of the folder, then past into the main folder, then enable the mod using the JSGME system. Once you execute the JSGME it is pretty self-explanatory: EIR NZQS --ARMA 1.3beta complete 1.3b

Small patch from XTPS or NZQS 1.2 to NZQS 1.3b: Goering EIR -- Patch 1.3b

It would be a dangerous folly for the British people to underrate the enduring position in world history which Mussolini will hold; or the amazing qualities of courage, comprehension, self-control and perseverance which he exemplifies.

Sir Winston -- 1937
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