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King of Men
Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 4:53:24 AM
 Legatus legionis

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  • This subforum is intended for diplomacy, AARs, rules discussion, and conversion discussion of the third Great Game, Children of the Fatherland. It is mainly aimed at the players of that game, although we welcome polite kibitzers, peanuts, and prospective players or subs.
  • Try to keep discussion threads on-topic. Don't let them slide out into endless discussions of other matters, especially discussions consisting of throwing one-liners back and forth.
  • Do not post anything just to be annoying. Most jokes, even in-jokes and game memes, have an expiry date; if the joke is aimed at a particular person, the expiry date is generally on the second posting. Even if it was funny once.
  • Don't clutter the TS channel with random chatter or annoying noise.
  • Keep posts to a reasonable length, a few sentences but not, generally speaking, many paragraphs.
  • The rules are fairly loose; they are not intended to restrict anyone who is not being deliberately annoying or deliberately testing where the boundaries are. If you test the boundaries, you will find that they are suddenly a bit tighter than they have previously appeared.
  • The mods are not your parents; if you post in a manner calculated to get their attention and do nothing else, they will not engage in a shouting match. You'll just be banned.

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