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Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2017 6:42:18 PM

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Welcome, Welcome one and all, to the Wonderful World of dez Neigh

The world was never kind to Walther. When those around him cared enough to notice him they made fun of his hair, they made fun of his style, and they made fun of his views on the world. They systematically killed his family and erased all trace of them ever existing. The answer of who was truly to blame is a question that might never be answered. However mysterious the true culprit is Walther found in his broken mind a target for his vengeance. The Karling Family, rulers of Christendom and the Church in Rome who empowered them.

Walter wasn't ever going to be the type of guy to stand by and let those at fault continue to live guilt free any longer then needed. The year is 867 and Walther has just come into maturity, years of emotional torment has left Walther a bitter husk of a man, who can only find pleasure in the pain of others. A man who cannot see anything but the worst in people. The day of his 16th birthday he utilized obscure (fake) documents stating that his dynasty, the one he created the week before, had been dukes of his lands since perpetuity. He only had to grease the hands of a select few in the Kings court to make his baseless claims as good as reality. Those same few he knew that he could control with their greed expedited Walther into the Bavarian Kings Council. That council position is what ultimately led to the usurpation of the entirety of Western Europe away from the Karling Hegemony it had been suffering over for the past century.

Walther was not a particularly smart man, he couldn't inspire the confidence of massive amounts of troops. The intricacies of running his realm did not interest him outside the prestige it offered. He could not easily mediate an argument, and was more likely to break a peace then make one. However he had one strength, and that strength he used well. He was boring. His was an existence that naturally slipped from the mind if you were not standing in front of him. It is probable that this interesting quirk of his is what saved his life when his family was murdered. Walther realized this gift young, and spent most of his life perfectly his talent. He could murder someone in broad daylight and no one would notice. More importantly to him, the Karlings were unaware of his existence. That was about to change.

Walther has a plan, a plan that will make him the protagonist of his own story, the progenitor of his own family, the author of his own destiny. A story comprised off the bones of Karlings underfoot. Twenty nine Karlings yet lived at the start of his tale. Do not doubt, that by the end the name of the Karling dynasty shall be as forgotten as Walther’s Father, or in fact his true name.
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