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Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 5:40:42 PM

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The Frisians were always a unique group of people. Their first ancestors settled the land a thousand years ago from our current time. They held their land when the Romans tried taking it from them and built a successful agricultural society based on farming and breeding cattle. This society sadly ended at 1 point through the effects of changing climate, but it still has to be remembered as it showed future settlers they have to adapt.
But people were not shied away from the land of Frisia, 200 years ago a resettlement began by Saxons which since then have adapted to the terrain of Frisia and are now called Frisians.
These Frisians joined their Germanic brethren in the raids of England, Normandy, Brittany and Aquitaine to bring home gold, weapons or also clothing.
These raids is what allowed the Frisians to properly build up their country. Forts were constructed to find defense from the ever persistent threat of a flood. We heard that these Celts and Romans for some reason build forts to protect themselves from us and we felt pity for them for lacking the courage to fight like a true human being. Cities were constructed to show our wealth and power, this is what lead to our tribes growing more and slowly becoming more civilized. Temples were built to come closer to Odin and in our continued success we were proven that we are on the right path.
But still we knew that we still had to take some steps and so in the year 230 of Frisian time (830 in christian time) on another raid to the lands of Aquitaine we stumbled onto fierce Norse warriors which were fleeing from persecution inside Iberia. These warriors were allowed to settle in the lands of Guelders.
These warriors had settled in the lands of Galicia some 200 years ago and had been forced to flee from some unimportant city of Santiago around 220 Frisian time. These Norse-roman warriors still held to the customs of Germanics, but had advanced somewhat from the society of our Germanics.
They had been teached in the art of war strategy and so when the Saxons came into conflict with us again around 235 Frisian time, we defeated them crushingly this time and so were free of subjugation attempts by the Saxons since then.
This defeat laid the base for the rise of Herman, one of the Norse-roman warriors. He was soon seen as the leaders of the Guelders region under the Frisian federation. The success of the Guelders region in the next years then laid the base for him to become leader of the Frisians and he reformed the Frisian federation into a feudal duchy under the house of av Slanderer. There has been rumors that not just in a few of these years he went on with a harsh hand to succeed with these changes, but for some reason there is no surviving stories of this anymore.
With the naming of the house as “av Fryslandet” he showed the Frisians that this is still the realm of the Frisians, although he did not deny that he already planned for the Frisians to have a bigger part to play in the future. In 855 he heard that some remains in Santiago were stated as holy by the christian church and so he teached his son to never trust the Christians praising Santiago ever again as such a place clearly could not be holy.
In 860 Herman died at the age of 50. He had united the Frisians under 1 house and laid the base for future success. His son was only of age 8 by then but his strong leadership before made people trust in the right of Nils to lead them when he comes of age.
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Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 6:55:15 PM
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Space out your paragraphs better! Maybe also include images.

Their game can only exist to be won.
Then so be it who else can see it done.
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