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King of Men
Posted: Friday, September 01, 2017 8:12:11 AM
 Legatus legionis

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House rules:

1. Wars

1.1 War types

Wars may be Total, Limited, or Colonial. A total war is fought by the usual rules of EU4: Any CB may be used, peace treaties are unlimited, both sides may call their allies. A limited war, on the other hand, has several limitations:

  • It must be declared publicly beforehand; ideally on the forums, but at a minimum in game chat.
  • The war must have a single defender, who may not call allies (any allies automatically called are allowed to respond to avoid prestige loss, but may not fight).
  • The defender must be at peace at the time of the declaration, and may not be DOWed by anyone else until the war is over.
  • You may attack any player who is a Great Power, who has a higher army force limit than you, or who has at least 90% of your army while you are using 95% of your force limit; this is enforced by the CB. These limits are a best effort; if you believe that you should be able to limited war someone, but the CB isn't letting you, raise the issue between sessions and perhaps something can be worked out.
  • The intent of the limited war is to allow low-stakes 1-vs-1 fights between roughly equal powers. As the attacker, you may call allies only if, in your best judgement, they make the war roughly equal. The defender may appeal, and if the GMs think the attacker alliance is too powerful, some of them will be asked to stand down. AI nations as a general rule do not count, because AI gonna AI, but if you and your target both have force limits of 25, please do not call in any AIs with FL 100.
  • Nobody except the initial attackers and defender can fight in the war; this includes declaring separate wars, fighting rebels, and sending Condottieri. Subsidies are allowed.
  • The war must be actively prosecuted; if after three years neither side has 10% warscore, or if the war otherwise looks fake (for example, stuck at 11% warscore for a an extended period), it must be white-peaced. If this happens repeatedly the offending parties will be forbidden from declaring limited wars.
  • The peace treaty of a limited war may not cause provinces to change hands, except for return of cores. This is enforced by the CB.
  • The in-game enforcement of the limited war is a best effort; use common sense and try to abide by the spirit of the rule.

    A colonial war is fought for distant overseas objectives; for example European nations may declare colonial war for American, Asian, Oceanian, or Sub-Saharan territory. (The Med shore of Africa does not count; neither does the Levant. ) In such a war the homelands of the belligerents are off limits, except that they may be blockaded (and raided, but you can do that in peacetime anyway). Additionally, you may attack the homeland of the opposing war leader if they are overseas and have no colonies. The peace may only transfer territory, release vassals, cancel cores, or annul treaties in the target region. Both limited wars and total wars may be colonial; the attacker must publicly declare (ideally in ingame chat as well as verbally) that the war is colonial when it is declared. You may only declare a colonial war if you have colonies yourself (either colonial nations, trade companies, or provinces (including subject provinces) which are overseas with respect to you), so that your target can counter-attack and gain something. In a colonial war, if the warscore reaches its maximum, you may force-peace for provinces you occupy, and nothing else - no reparations, no gold, just occupied territory. If you do not force-peace, but reach a peace agreement by negotiation, you may use any peace terms you like.

    1.2 War rules

    The following apply to all kinds of wars.

  • No attacking player countries currently AId. You may finish wars you started while the player was present; however, do not attack a player five minutes before the end of the session if you know he's going to be absent next week. AI protection expires after two sessions (whole or partial) of absence. Example: I ragequit halfway through the session on the 1st; I'm AI-protected for the rest of that session and for the 8th; my country is fair game on the 15th if nobody has picked it up. If the AI attacks you, you may take some territory but are encouraged not to make the peace crippling. You may attack a player nation allied to or guaranteed by an absent player, or otherwise bringing one in; in this case you should WP the absent player when possible.
  • If a country is damaged beyond viability (as judged by a panel of three players as far from the country as practical) and the player quits, it will not be AI-protected.
  • Terms must be given upon request, pausing if necessary. You are highly encouraged to work out your terms beforehand. The player asking for terms may be compensated for losses that occur between the request and the answer, with damages from the offending player or players.
  • No offensive truce breaking. You may however join as a defender, even if you have a truce with the attacker.
  • Fight the dang war. If you join a war, you're expected to send troops to the front. Repeated bad faith may result in sanctions. This rule is intended to apply to player wars and player diplomacy; you don't have to fight for every AI minor that somehow has a chain of alliances with you. It is also permissible to publicly declare that you're not fighting a war which you are dragged into in some sense by accident, for example by being Defender of the Faith. The rule is intended to avoid wars that have been agreed upon somehow not happening; to tell a player "I will defend you against Foo" or "I will help you attack Bar", join the war, and then not fight, that is the thing to avoid.
  • No dragging out wars beyond the point where you can get what you came for.
  • You may deploy at most 25% (roughly speaking) of your army force limit overseas - that is, in other continents, as defined above for colonial wars; there is a separate 25% limit for each continent. This rule may be temporarily relaxed if a player nation currently AI attacks you, since the AI is quite unlikely to follow it.
  • You may not raid, privateer against, fund rebels of, or create spy networks in nations that have enforced a Humiliate peace upon you, until the humiliation expires ten years after the peace (or if you are at war with them).
  • First Punch rule: A new player, whether taking up a previously played country or a previously AI one, may not be attacked for a certain period, usually one session, except by players he first attacks. Alliances will work as normal; attacks on a subject nation count as attacks on the overlord. The intention is to give some grace period for a new player to find their feet, do some diplomacy, and undo any AI idiocy. The protection period may be lengthened for weaker slots, and shortened if several players join close to each other and with no established nations nearby, as for example in the case of Asian players upon conversion.
  • Divine Wind rule: In some cases the First Punch rule may be extended to place a new player's whole sphere of interest off-limits, not just the player himself; the canonical example is Japan after conversion.

    2. Playable area

    Most of the world will initially be off-limits to colonisation and conquest, and will open up at particular dates (except that some regions, e.g. in Central Africa, will not be opened until Victoria). Asia will only be open to players in the event that we get at least four players there, and if the number drops to two through people quitting, those two may be required to move; similar restrictions apply to India, Persia, and Africa. If Asia has players, Ming will be exploded, otherwise it will be left intact. Note that the "off-limits" modifier sometimes disappears due to nomadic tribes; please check carefully whether the rest of the trade node has any modifier before you colonise. Additionally, map of opening times (behind a link so it doesn't screw up Ederon's formatting).

    The initial playable area will not shrink from CK; nobody will be required to give up territory in the conversion.

    3. Conversion auction

    Those who played Crusader Kings acquired auction points, based on their dynasty's success and on achievements; these points can be used to bid in the auction. Players joining us in EU4 will receive the median amount of mana, which is 1000; CK players who had less than the median before achievements will get the median plus the achievement and trait adjustments. The auction is silent and second-price; that is, the GM will (after deciding his own bid) announce "X is now up for bid", and those who wish to bid will send him DMs saying how much. After a decent interval the GM will announce the winner, who will pay the second-highest bid, or the minimum bid (50 points) if he was the only bidder. After the auction, any unused points will be converted to mana, one for one, evenly distributed among the three categories. Apart from leftover mana humans will start with 100 in each category, overwriting what the converter gives them. The items in each category will be up for bid in random order.

    3.1 Idea sets

    There will be 20 idea sets up for auction. In addition we have a number of reserve sets; once we are done with the twenty, any player (or players) may pay 50 points to bring a reserve set into the auction; bidding will then proceed as before. Custom idea sets (including Splendor and government) will follow the player, not the tag. The idea sets are in a separate post, below. Surplus idea sets may be traded to other players or given to AI countries, within reason - not on the other side of the map, please.

    3.2 The HRE

    Three HRE slots will be auctioned at the same time; highest three bidders become HRE members, each one paying the bid below him, and the highest bidder is the initial Emperor. All nations converting from the same dynasty as an HRE player will become HRE members, as well as any AI nations that make prettier Empire borders and aren't of a non-HRE player dynasty. However, if there aren't at least two bidders, there won't be an HRE at all.

    Note: I'm not totally sure how this will work with pagans; we'll do our best to mod it so pagans can coexist with Christians within the empire. If that turns out to be impossible, then pagans will have to either have a majority of the three slots to make a pagan HRE (only possible if Blayne and Ranger cooperate), or else not be HRE members. In this case winning bids that can't join the empire will be refunded. If there is no religious majority (e.g., the winners are Christian, Norse, and Hellenic) there will be no Empire.

    3.3 Splendor

    The tag-specific Splendor bonuses from the four ages will all be auctioned. The Manchu Banners idea is special: the Banners are culture-locked, and the mod will be changed so they are locked to the primary culture of whoever wins this bonus.

    3.4 Governments

    The following governments will be available to buy in the auction:

    Oligarchic Republic
    Peasant Republic
    Ambrosian Republic
    Dutch Republic
    Polish Monarchy
    English Monarchy
    Prussian Monarchy
    Ottoman Government
    Mamluk Government

    3.5 Same-dynasty kingdoms

    Apart from giving score, and joining the HRE as outlined above, these won't be treated specially.

    3.6 New players

    New players taking over a slot will play with the existing custom of the slot. If they are making a new player slot, they will be given 1000 mana and may purchase a spare idea set (and government, should there be any) from anyone who has one for sale; the minimum price for this is the price paid at the auction. If they cannot reach an agreement, they may force-buy for twice what was paid at auction; in this case the seller only gets half the mana, ie what they paid.

    The builds of broken slots will be available to buy for new players, at the auction price; they must be taken as-is, however - no picking and choosing bits.

    Also see under War Rules for the "First Punch" rule that applies to new players.

    3.7 Military ideas

    To make the meta somewhat more diverse, you may choose at most three of the Big Four military ideas: Quantity, Quality, Defensive, Offensive. Because Plutocratic is a reasonable substitute for Defensive, Aristocratic will be slightly buffed for balance. If you have already chosen any military ideas when this rule is introduced, you may request an edit to change them.

    4. Miscellanea

    4.1 On Courtesy

    All players should remain polite to each other at all times and in all channels of communication. There should be no yelling in Discord, and no epithets intended as serious insults - don't try to be creative, we can tell when someone is genuinely trying to be hurtful. In-character trash talk is permitted, although it may be best not to indulge in it if you're feeling genuinely angry. Take a deep breath and try to remember that your hundred thousand young men dying in agony in a foreign land are actually just pixels.

    4.2 I Tell My Tale

    There will be a reward for posting an AAR of 500 words, or an equivalent amount of work in the GM's judgement, before each session (grace period until the end of the session). Currently the reward can be chosen from this list:

  • 200 400 800 1600 gold (no more increases until Vicky)
  • 50/50/50 mana
  • 1000 sailors
  • 5000 20k manpower
  • 33 prestige

    The reward must be requested in the edit thread by 2200 PST Friday (early Saturday morning in Europe). It can be requested before the AAR is posted by the Feeling Lucky rule; the post should then include the phrase "feeling lucky", and if the AAR isn't posted in time, three times the reward will be removed, or three rewards if there isn't enough to remove. You can remove the request with no penalty if it's done before the Friday-evening deadline.

    4.3 Treaty Edits

    Province changes between players can be done either by fake wars or by the Sell Province mechanic; the prestige and other side effects are a reasonable disincentive to moving provinces around at the drop of a hat. However, colonial nations cannot sell provinces and their overlord can't either; so for the purpose of avoiding New World bordergore, you may request province edits for colonies.

    4.4 Misc-misc

  • You may not become a Revolutionary government.

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  • King of Men
    Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 7:31:49 AM
     Legatus legionis

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    These are the 20 ideas that will certainly be auctioned:

    Emperor                                                Knight                                          Island Pirate

    Caesar                                                Scholar                                          Sea Trader

    Byzantine                                             Merchant                                      Bombard

    Hussar                                                Imperialist                                   Friendly Coloniser

    Banker                                                Mercantilist                                    Switzerland

    Racehorse                                            Large                                            Captain

    Russia                                                Cincinnatus

    And these are the backup ideas, which cost 50 mana to bring into the auction; the mana may be paid by any combination of players:

    Commonwealth                                     Peaceful Colonist                             Keep Builder

    Scolking                                                  Fabian                                          Spartan

    Mediterranean Migrant                           Colonial Vassalizer                            Humanist

    Siege Master                                        WW1 Commander                               Developer

    Priest                                                  Chancellor                                          Mongol

    Impaler                                               Egalitarian                                          Reservist

    Viking                                 Supreme Ruler

    Blut und eisen                                      Divine right                                      Carpe diem                               Strength through stability

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    King of Men
    Posted: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 7:45:32 AM
     Legatus legionis

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    Off-limits regions.

    Read my blog.
    Norway Rome The Khanate Scotland Scotinavia Christendie the Serene Republic has always been at war with the Bretons False Empire Caliphate Persians Russians English Hungarians Oceanians Saracen Jackal! Death, death, death to the Frogs barbarians infidels necromancers vodka-drinking hegemonists Sassenach nomad menace Yellow Menace heathen Great Old One!
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