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Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017 5:41:09 PM
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The Year of our Lord 825 AD

The Second Session has ended and the Order of Europa has been Established.

King Cruel, being subbed by the Mighty Achab had unified most of Scotland under his Banner.

Gollevain had unified England netting himself an Achievement and establishing a New order on the British Isles.

The Holy Roman Empire led by the House of Karling (KhanXLT) has collapsed thanks to the efforts of Clovis the Impaler.

In the resulting Chaos the infant Karl III, the Half Karling son of Karl II and Clovis' sister ascended to rule the Holy Roman Empire, with Karl as regent the Holy Roman Empire was continually dissolved until Karl III's assassination and the subsequent first fall of House Lotharing(Dragoon9105).

When the Ashes cleared the Kingdom of Aquitaine(James Craig), and Breton Empire(Vaniver) stood supreme in western Europe, with the Norsemen of Holstein(King of Men) and King of Bavaria(Yami Fenrir) finding independence as well.

In Spain, the Breton Empire, Cathar Catalonia (Hoonter) and Kingdom of Leon (Sauron) completed the reconquista despite constant efforts to undermine the campaign from the King of Aquitaine.

In an act thankfulness, or Pity, the Holy Bretonian Emperor decided to uplift Clovis after the collapse of his dynasty, returning the Kingdom of Burgundy to house Lotharing and permitting a war to reclaim the Kingdom of Italy.

In the East along the Elbe, the Kingdom of Bohemia (Yami Yagari) Has unified many of the Slavic peoples, preparing to perhaps form an empire all his own.

In Scandinavia however the Norse Emperor (Clonefusion) Has been gathering his strength. The Call of the Old Gods has arisen and the wars for the future of Northern Europe are about to begin.

Also the Republics of Sardinia(Ranger) and Venice(Blayne) did stuff.

Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017 6:48:58 PM

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Hey you should have /seen/ the murder party of doges in Sardinia. We offed like 10 in 2 months
Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2017 11:31:18 PM
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The Year of our Lord 850 AD

Dynasty Map

Player Map

The Third Session has ended and things have begun to play out as you'd expect

The Kingdom of Aquitaine(James) collapsed after another failed invasion of Spain, leading to it's integration into the Ivering Dynasty.

The Iverings(Vaniver) spent the last twenty five years expanding thier influence and consolidating territory, as well as providing aid in the formation of the Britannian Empire

The Anglo Saxons(Gollevain), after a long hard road to unification, invaded Ireland and with the aid of the Holy Roman Empire, declared themselves High Kings of Britannia

Catalonia(Hoonter) Collapsed following a massive muslim uprising in the south and the assassination of it's ruling dynasty. The Umayyad Dynasty has reclaimed the Throne of Andalucia and is once again trying to reconquer the peninsula.

The Kingdom of Leon(Sauron) has fared better but also ran into significant issues with it's muslim population forcing a retreat to it's dejure territories in Northern Spain.

In Italy the Lotharing(Dragoon9105) Dynasty had solidified it's hold on the peninsula, adopting Italian culture to satisfy the local nobility there. Now the Lotharing dynasty pushes south, edging out the Byzantine Empire from italian land.

The Republic of Venice(Blayne) has continued to grow in influence in the Adriatic, starting to seize lands proper around the city of venice itself

The Republic of Sardinia(Ranger) had displaced the Republic of Amalfi in the Western Mediterranean only for the Rise of Genoa a decade later to once again challenge the economic stability of the region.

The Kingdom of Denmark(King of Men) has grown to become a major power along the mouth of the Elbe, while also securing territory in Norway.

The Empire of Scandinavia(Clonefusion) entered a series of Crises' after it's great Emperor have died but has now consolidated yet again

The Duchess of Nikea(Hadogei) Had decided now was the best time to make a move upon the Byzantine Throne only to fail and be fed to a bear

The Kingdom of Greater Bohemia(Yami Yagari), like Scandinavia to it's north broke apart due to Gavelkind Succession

The Kingdom of Bavaria(Yami Fenrir) collapsed following invasions from the King of Burgundy, Kingdom of Bohemia and the Kingdom of Germany.
Posted: Friday, November 03, 2017 6:14:53 AM
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The Year of our Lord 875 AD

Note: We actually ended in 879 and these maps are for that year but I'll be damned if I let our Multiplayer speeds ruin a good thing.

Dynasty Map

Player Map

Independent Realms

With the Dawn of the Viking Age the Diplomatic Environment is shifting quickly, Alliances are being drawn, and Europe, is now becoming defined by powerful dynasties rather than Heroic Rulers or Chaotic Barbarism.

The Kingdom of Leon (Sauron) Has declared it's dominion over all of Spain, laying claim to the title of Emperor, the Fourth to do so in the west, while also expanding into territory lost during the Muslim Revolt.
The Kingdom of Aquitaine(Jonny) Has been reformed as an ally of both Italia and Bretonnia and has begun to push south into Catalonia enacting D I R E C T R U L E F R O M T O U L O U S E.
The Empire of Bretonnia(Vaniver) has continued to consolidate it's position as the greatest Empire in all of Carolingia. Though was challenged Briefly by House Lotharing for control of the Rhineland but like good christians the Issue was resolved with diplomacy rather than war.
The High Kingdom of Britannia(Golle) has fallen on hard times due to a broken succession. England and Britannia stand separate and contest one another for the crown.
The Kingdom of Scotland(Zirotron) Continues to ready itself for the coming Battles for the British Isles
The Empire of Italia (Dragoon9105) Has forced the Pope himself to Bend the Knee, Consolidating the Lands of Burgundy, Italy and parts of Spain for the Great house of Lotharing.
The Republica de Sardinia(Ranger) has Joined with the Empires of Leon and Italia and Kingdom of Aquitaine in establishing Order over the Muslim Parts of Spain, as well as expanding in North Africa.
The Republic of Venice(The Professor) continues to struggle against Catholic Dukes of Italia, though recieved a brief respite by swearing fealty to Clovis II of Italia, allowing it to consolidate it's holdings proper.
The Yngling Dynasty(King of Men) Has converted to Christianity becoming the first Major Norseman to do so, despite the Norse Reformation. Word is the Yngling family is not happy about this turn of events and is hoping to reverse such a course. The Inquisition of course has other plans.
The Republic of Scandinavia(Clonefusion) Has reformed the Norse Faithful Declaring a Holy Viking Republic and challenging the Breton's and British for control over the North Sea, but also the Baltic
The Kingdom of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) has continued to struggle with succession issues but retains its control over all of Poland, Bohemia and large swathes of Lithuania.
The Kingdom of Bulgaria(James) has put itself into a prime position to inherit the Byzantine Empire, though the Empire is weakening due to the Growing presence of Hellenic Pagans within, Muslim Invasions and the growing power of Italia challenging it on the Peninsula.
Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2017 6:31:37 AM
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The Year of our Lord 900 AD

Nobody reminded me I was supposed to be doing this.

Dynasty Map

Independent Realm

The Turn of the Century is Fast approaching. Will the world end when it reaches it's thousand year after the Messiah, Nobody knows, but things are certainly heading up.

The Empire of Leon(Sauron) Continues to Expand over the Iberian Peninsula in conjunction with the Kindom of Aquitaine and House Lotharing.

The Kingdoms of England and Scotland (Golle and Zirotron) Continue to hold strong against Norse Invasions targeting thier homelands, despite civil unrest within the Isles reaching an alltime high.

The Breton Empire(Vaniver) in interest of expanding it's influence into Northern Europe and spreading it's dynasty and christendom to the Germanics invaded Scandinavian Denmark, winning the Crusade for Saxony after. However such success drew the Ire of the Emperor Isaac of Italia who, feeling threatened by the growing pressence of the Bretons to the North, Declared the Empire of Britanny a false title, excommunicating the Breton Emperor. The Breton Emperor responded by declared the Pope in Rome False, and declaring War on the Italians. After a war with some insignificant battles the Breton Antipope was killed, allowing for a brief period of Peace.

Not Content with a Status Quo Isaac Lotharing(Dragoon9105) hired Six Thousand Hardened Mercenaries backed by Papal Funds and Invaded the Breton Heartland with intent to unseat the Celtic Pope and restore unity to the Catholic Faithful.

Meanwhile the Republic of Sardinia(Ranger) expanded their territory in Morrocco substantially, strengthening thier own control of the Pillars of Hercules

The Grand Republic of Scandinavia(Clone) ran into Crisis when an untimely election, and Invasion from the Bretons broke the established order of the Republic, threatening to deliver the whole of Scandinavia to Catholic Forces before Divine Intervenion limited such expansion to the Duchy of Skane.

The Republic of Denmark(King of Men) ran into Similar Issues when a Crusade was called for Saxony. The Danish, weakened from wars to subdue britain found themselves incapable of resisting the combined powers of Italia, Britanny and Leon.

The Republic of Venice (The Professor) Spent this period of unrest and war in the west by expanding thier control of eastern trade, seizing the Adriatic coastline for themselves to better increase thier trade.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria (James Craig) Has usurped the Eastern Roman Empire, however such a coup has come during trying times, the Empire is in Crisis, Eastern Anatolia is lost and Italy and North Africa soon look to be threatening to succeed as well. Dire times.

The Kingdom of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) Continues to provide a border for the Catholic and Germanic Powers in the East. With powerful Christian Nations rising in Europe, thier independence or Survival may be dependent upon picking a Side, or making a bold move for power themselves.

Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017 5:23:39 AM
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The Year of our Lord 935 AD

Another Week another update, this time with drastic land changes.

Dynasty Map

Independent Realm

The Fall of the Byzantine Empire preceded a massive balance of power shift in the Mediterranean.

In the West the Kingdom of Leon(Sauron) has continued to consolidate it's rule in Spain, though is now being challenged by the Kingdoms of Burgundy and Aquitaine.

The Bretons(Vaniver), quickly found themselves defeated in matters of Theology, but remained steadfast in the North, expanding into Bornholm and Holstein, while also temporarily securing the Throne of Aquitaine.

The Kingdoms of Scotland and England(Golle and Zirotron) Continued to resist the powers of Scandinavia, surviving Invasions and Great Holy Wars despite apparent weakness.

The Republic of Sardinia(Ranger), enjoying their newfound Independence has continued to expand it's position in the Western Mediterranean, though lost control of the vital city of Sevilla to the King of Burgundy and Andalusia, a Lotharing.

House Lotharing(Dragoon9105)Has established themselves as the Premier power of Central Europe, Capturing the Kingdom of Bavaria to the North while also seizing the Carthage from the Dastardly abbasid Dynasty.

The Crown of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) After decades of centralizing power in the monarchy has seen fit to return to reclaiming the lost thrones of Poland and Lithuania, with Aid from thier new southern Friends in Italy.

The Republic of Venice(Blayne) is richer than ever, thoguh at a cost, It now lies between three Hungary powers and while the Italians love and respect thier Venetian cousins, the Bavarians and ambitious dukes of the Empire have less qualms about using the Knights Templar to claim Hellenic Land

The Eastern Roman Empire(James) despite it's collapse has managed to pull off the impossible and reclaim the Crown of Egypt, as well as enlist the Aid of the Holy father for a Crusade for Jerusalem. The Days of Muslim control over the Orient, is now swiftly coming to a close.

The Kingdom of Trebizond(Hadogei) Found great luck when the Crusade for Jerusalem was called. As new converts to the catholic faith they swiftly pounced upon the opportunity to reclaim the holy land, beating out the Italians in the eyes of the Pope for control of Jerusalem itself.
Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 12:40:31 AM
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The Year of our Lord 967 AD

Getting Close to the First Conversion vote, but not quite.

[center]Dynasty Map

Independent Realm

The Byzantine Empire without firm leadership continues its collapse while the Abbasid Caliphate also found itself in dire straights this sessions from the same forces.

The Kingdom of Leon(Sauron) has almost completly unified the Spanish Penninsula with only the Defiant Republic of Navarra and Kingdom of Aquitaine daring to contest control of the Region.

The Republic of Sardinia(Ranger) has expanded down into Sub Saharan Africa, bringing the wealth of the Sahara Trade to the Mediterranean.

The Holy Bretonnian Empire(Vaniver) continued to expand the Ivering Dynasty, giving rise to Ivaring houses in Byzantium and Saxony.

The Kingdoms of Scotland(Zirotron) and England(Golle) continue to share the island peacefully, enjoying the lack of Nordic Conquests in recent years.

The Empire of Italia(Dragoon9105) continues to prosper under house Lotharing participating in the Great Invasion for Greece breaking the back of the ailing Byzantine Empire while also reaffirming control over Africa and Bavaria. Burgundy however has recently been lost to a foreign house though such a development is being worked out honorably via Burgundian tradition, Civil War.

The Serene Republic of Venice(Blayne) has expanded over much of the Pagan Adriatic only for house Lazuli the longtime wardens of the Republic to lose an election and fall out of powers.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem(Hadogei), without its powerful Byzantine Sponsor has beseeched the Holy Mother Church to declare a Crusade for Egypt hoping to win more lands for itself.

The Republic of Scandinavia(King of Men) Under new Yngling management has reaffirmed itself as the premier power in the North, gaining vast wealth from raiding and trade. With the fall of Denmark however Scandinavia now stands alone as the only Norse Nation remaining in the world.

The Kingdom of Bohemia(Yami Yagari) continues to flex it's power as the premeir power in central Europe, stretching from the Elbe to the Dnieper Rivers.

I should point out we are still looking for Players particularly for a Spot between The HRE and Italia as well as players to fill the void in the Balkans and in Western Russia. If your interested please message me or King of Men and we'll send you a link to our discord.
Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 6:32:59 AM

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Hopefully my personal life settles down in the next couple weeks and I will be able to rejoin, if not for ck then for eu again.
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