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HoI4 MP mod Discussion, Changelog and Link Options · View
Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2017 3:41:52 PM

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0.3 Full Changelog

- Lowered maximum brigades per division from 25 to 12 ( 24 width max for infantry/tanks )
- Lowered damage multiplier from attack surpassing DEF/BRK from x4 to x3
- Changed so Land units going from Regular to Seasoned require same experience as next step instead of 3 times as much ( easier to become Seasoned )
- Lowered base max planning from 50% to 40% bonus
- Increased Planning bonus decay from 1% per day to 2% per day
- Lowered Max Planning bonus possible with Grand Battleplan Doctrine from +60% to +40% and changed +10% planning speed to be a -40% penalty instead
- Combat Width over penalty reduced to 1.5% per % over width instead of 2% ( should allow 2 x 24 width divisions to fight in a 40 width combat )
- Cavalry suppression set to same as infantry ( 1 instead of 2 )
- Snow, Deep Snow, Cold, Extreme Cold and Mud should now be more common and stay longer
- Greatly increased penalties for Winter province weather ( up to -40% attack & -30% movement each from Extreme Cold and Deep Snow )
- Made the key Barbarossa Regions (Belarus & areas around Stalingrad, Moscow, Leningrad) alot colder during winter (Dec-Feb) to make penalties common.
- Further tweaked Finland and Northern Scandinavia to be colder during winter months
- Added -30% attrition to Defence in Depth doctrine (Mass assault)
- Increased penalties for Snowing ( -20% org regain instead of -5% )
- Increased base reinforcement chance from 2% to 4% ( so AI divisions without radio, or a streak of bad luck don't screw you over so much )
- Equipment reinforcement requests can now take up to 30 days if far away or in bad supply. Capital and good supply = 3 days

- Halved Airbase capacity to 100 per level
- Lowered Air Superiority base full penalty on DEF/BRK from -50% to -40%
- Lowered Air Superiority base full penalty on speed from -50% to -30%
- Lowered Air Superiority penalty on DEF/BRK significantly more on terrain ( for example -60% in Mountains/Jungles, -70% in urban )
- Lowered Amount of CAS that can participate significantly more on terrain ( for example -60% in Mountains/Jungles, -70% in urban )
- Land based plane Naval Attack lowered by -60%
- Naval bombers (both type) air defense lowered by -30%
- Carrier based plane Naval Attack lowered by -40%
- Carrier based plane cost increased from 20% higher to 40% higher then land based
- Naval bombers (both type) & Strategic bombers give 0 Air Superiority
- Heavy Fighters give 50% more Air Superiority
- Heavy Fighters 40,44 models have more Agility and Air Defence ( leading to more similar loss ratios as 36 FTR vs HFTR )
- Convoy AA value set to 0 ( to prevent them shooting down planes which never sink them )
- Lowered max bonus from outnumbering the enemy in the air from 3:1 to 2:1 planes
- Doubled air accident chance
- Fixed a bug with air support causing it to provide half the stated bonus to divisions ( Listed as 30% base but in practice only gave 15% base )
- AA and Radar takes half damage from bombing
- Airbases takes 1/4:th damage from bombing
- Synthetic Refineries take twice as much damage from bombing
- Japan NF Imperial Glory (unlocking Ohka) now requires 1944 tech rocket engines
- Japan NF The Divine Wind (unlocking Kamikaze mission) now requires being at war with someone with a larger army

- Convoy sub attack value set to 0.5 ( 5% of 1922 DD )

- Economy laws no longer modify Civilian Industry construction speed
- Economy laws now also modify Dockyard construction speed same way as Military Factories
- Changed occupation laws increasing penalties for factories & resources ( Harshest same as Gentle had previously ), but reducing penalty to manpower
- Reduced oil from Synthetic Refinery from 7 to 5 per level

Proposed changes for 1.5 WTT game is now available to be reviewed here. This link allows you to edit and give own suggestion as well as add comments.
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