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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 6:31:27 AM

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A quick log of my first session as Gaul, or will soon be called, Gaulbbasids (Its bad on purpose) I join the game in a permanent sense as King Khalil ‘The Unready’ of Gaul. Although I was admittedly in a better position then the Republic of the North I was subbing the week before, clocking in at just shy of 90 realm size, I had precious little time to grab my bearing, seeing as I began at war with Bretonnia , my Northern neighbor. After a quick bit of concerned diplomacy, I was given promises of an alliance and assistance expanding if I conceded the war. I duly notice that Italy is warring all its neighbors to establish tributary states, including Burgundy, which has a bunch of my de jure shit. I pull off a quick lightning war and grab a couple counties.

While waiting for the sieges to finish, I finally digest that Khalil is an Abbasid, and as such, has access to all of their claims, including apparently the entire Kingdom of Egypt. So I start collecting cash for a protracted war on the other side of the Med. I see the King is a kid and figure nows a good as time as any. I send my Warrior king and 12k fresh troops off to fight, right into Camp Fever Egypt. I chase down a 5k army into Sinai, and my Warrior King gets mangled immediately, dies a month later. Typical for me.

Now in a regency I am forced to empty my coffers to rush buy some mercs to defend my capital from a counter invasion by Egyptian forces. However with 3 generous player republics, the outcome of the war was never really in doubt. I reached maturity shortly after and was crowned King of Gaul and Egypt. Now an adult I intended to join Hermetics to get some nice swag, but I notice I could show interest for the Assassins. Like Hell I’m gonna pass a chance for that up. I was brought to their mountain fortress in Ethiopia where I secretly converted to Shia and proved my loyalty by murdering my own sister. I was now an assassin.

In between my secret pursuits I was focused on breaking up some of the mega dukes that the AI let itself create. One of these, the Duke of Diametta does not take this lying down, calling in literally all of my targets in one big fuck off war. I was suddenly outnumbered by at least 2:1 (using all my levies to hunt for relics event had a poor timing here) So i had to show weakness by asking for help from outside nations like Spain and Altissia. But at least I was able to fully re-organize my realm afterwards
Now with the crusade winding down in abject failure, I will be able to break out of gavelkind and be able to toss my weight around France and Middle east, with the added benefit of the Assassins backing me up.

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Posted: Sunday, February 18, 2018 5:36:31 PM

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The official dissolution of the dual monarchy of Gaul and Egypt hd several contributing factors leading up to it. Chief among them was the troubled early years of King Khalil II. A man who felt trapped, living in the shadow that was his father's exploits. He yearned for the glory akin to the great conquest of Egypt his father accomplished. Such an opportunity presented itself when the Latin Empire began a personal crusade vs its hellenic neighbor, Venice. Upon hearing this, he immediately denounced the Queen as a bloodthirsty Warmonger trying to upend the delicate Balance Europe had settled itself into. Khalil went around Europe, treating with various heads of state, assembling a cabal of Kings and Consuls planning to cut the Latin Empire down to size, while privately looking hungrily at the Italian crown hoping to add a third to the Abbasid name.

The coaltion war was an unmitigated disaster, Backroom Deals were something of Khalils forte, but battlefield strategy eluded him. The sheer multitude of languages and confused command structures of coalition forces certainly did not help. Not one to admit defeat Khalil began emptying the royal treasury to purchase mercenary bands to assist in the war, and when that did not work, he began selling royal estates and even the crown jewels to put more men on the field. In the end, it wasn't enough. The Italians Claimed victory and forced War reparations on the already nearly insolvent state. Sensing weakness back at the capital, Most of the Egyptian dukes, sensing weakness decided to declare their independence, Khalil could do nothing to stop them.

In a desperate attempt to keep Gaul from dissolving completely, Khalil called called all the prominent members of the three estates, the clergy, the bourgeoisie, and the nobles, to come to the capital to discuss the future of Gaul. the debate lasted for months but it became clear quite quickly that the office of King was to be dissolved, heredity right to rule would no longer be a given. Instead the council would be massively expanded, to a total of 24 seats, with Khalil holding a temporary 25th until his death. It took all of Khalils skill just to be able to retain a seat at the negotiation table. But in the end a deal was reached, a most Holy Republic would be formed, only time will tell if that would be the wise and proper move.


We’ve done Auctions twice now and both times I come in with the least amount of points to bid. And because of this I have to be extremely careful with how I navigate the pitfalls it offers. My goals are always the same

A 2nd tier idea group
A government that compliments it
Inflating the price for things I don't want so I can afford what I do.

The third bit is the hardest but most necessary of the bunch, I need to make all the richie rich spend lots for the stuff they wont even use, otherwise they will buy everything on the cheap. Leaving nothing for the little guy. (ME) it worked extremely well the first time around, and for most of the idea groups it did as well. Mine was the price they paid for 14 of the idea groups auctioned off, out of like 22 I think. However, hubris got to me, and I overbid on Cincinnatus, and suddenly I have THE republic idea set, and only 300 points to buy a republic. Thankfully, we did all the splendor ideas before the governments this time around. People went hog wild on those, leaving folks just gun shy enough for me to pick up Ambrosian republic on the relative cheap, spending like 150 on it.
Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2018 6:02:15 PM

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After the official Transition into the republic Khalil III managed to use the order of the Assassins, which he became the head of to win the initial election. The very day after the election he declared war against a loose coalition of dukes in the Upper Burgundy area, intent on expanding his influence at home instead of abroad. It is around this time that Khalil moved the Assassins from their headquarters in Ethiopia to Orleans, to better help him “ensure free and fair elections.”

That they did, the Assassins became an open secret as Khalil III used them to bribe, Blackmail, and outright murder his way to become Grand Consul every four years like clockwork. It seemed like it would be a republic in name only, with his daughter Khalil IV set to take the mantle as well. When the fateful day came to pass, and venerable Khalil III passed from this earth, the Captain-Protectors met with Khalil IV in secret, what conspired during that meeting none will know, but Khalil IV renounced her Father and chose to retire to her estates, leaving the CPs to do as they wished. The Republic was saved.


Occitania (formerly Gaulbassids) had increased its influence mightily in the two decades that Khalil had ruled the republic and it was becoming aware of the need to be able to influence its neighbors. Unfortunately all of its neighbors to the north were banded together under the cause of Dynasty, led by Brettonia. If Occitania ever wanted to play at the big boy table so to speak, Brettonia would have to accept Occitan supremacy. So Occitania waited for its chance. It got it when Brettonia went to war to claim the crown of Austriasia, who was defended by Saxony. Claiming Balance of Power issues Occitania intervened. The Brettonians had been resting on their laurels, safe in its assumption of Primacy, and their armies had been left to rot. They were underpaid, undermanned, and decades behind in military tactics. It was a crushing defeat, and a humiliating peace, Brettonia would never be able to contest Occitania on an equal footing ever again.


Years had passed, and news started trickling in from Occitanias neighbors of lands to the west, on the other side of a seemingly endless sea. The Burghers were understandably excited about this, however Occitania had more pressing concerns to deal with on the continent, so they decided to not explore the rumors that everyone was talking about. Rumors became reality when Altassia discovered a City built out of solid gold on this Mysterious New Land. Now nebulous benefits of prestige and glory were one thing. But concrete wealth was another entirely. With dreams of limitless gold in their head a Navy was finally built strong enough to explore the unknown and explore they did, and discover they did, a New world which was just waiting to be exploited for the good of the Godly Occidental peoples. Speaking of Godly...

Reormation Era
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