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Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2018 4:29:21 AM
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Bihar, the once great and powerful, has now been reduced to less than ideal boarders. All was well in the empire until the great war of conquest. The war consisted of Bihar, Brunei, and Kalachuris on the aggressor side. Under the Defenders flag were the independent states of Mongolia, Ava, Khotan, Mlechchhas, and Ayudhas. This war was unfortunately lost and territory to the north was ceded to the under handed rogues in Mlechchhas. The alliance to Kalachuris however, still stands. This opens the door for a reconquest war.

The fact that the royal leader (1/4/5) is age 56 and has no rightful heir to the throne at the moment is worrying. This must be rectified with a royal marriage at some point. The technology of my fledgling nation is 7/7/8 whereas the majority of neighbors look to us for technological advancements. The state of the crown is a precarious one, with +3 stability, near 90 legitimacy, and -25 Prestige and the ability to get up to +11 ducats a month, the independent state of Bihar is sitting pretty and able to rebuild, rearm, and reconquer.
Back to the great war, after initiating war before troops were in position from Brunei, the predecessor to the current ruler felt it was a good idea to pick a fight with five nations that in themselves, were not pushovers. This resulted in approximately a 10 year war. During this war of attrition, Brunei united its army and blockaded the coastline. while fully occupying the entirety of Mlechchhas while they occupied the northern provinces. the failure to peace out this minor belligerent resulted in more troops flowing over the borders, Brunei running out of manpower from 3 major battles and needing to retreat back to their home port. This abandonment of the war, along with the ruler ignoring the war for about 6 months while they went on a vacation, helped cause the downfall of the ambitions of the previous crown. Thus before they war came to a conclusion, they committed seppuku and left the nobility to end the war as soon as possible. This involved an embargo on Bihar and Brunei without their consent. This normally wouldn't be a problem but it sounded like Brunei descended civil war within the year and could not take out loans to deal with the rebel alliance threat.

Back at Bihar, after the crushing defeat and repercussions from the great war, the rebuilding process starts. With the loans under control and the progression of technology, this will not be as worrisome as the last wearer of the crown thought it would be.

The nation of Bihar is to be re-branded as The Great Mahalavos, the flag has been replaced, and the bearer of the crown adopted the title of Benny Lava. These lands will be cleansed of the taint that have cursed it in a previous life. This is the first step for Mahalavos, long live the crown, and may Bengal be united under one flag once more!
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Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2018 7:54:03 AM
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Posted: Sunday, March 04, 2018 3:28:06 PM
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Mahalavos, The Beast from the east, has had its hands full with an early war with Khotan last session, with neither side gaining a foothold after some time and unfortunately a white peace agreed to for the betterment of our peoples. Focus was shifted onto a smaller nation to take land from, Ayudhas was chosen because of proximity. This war was swift, easily won, and only one provence taken. This acquisition widened the shape of Mahalavos so it was less long and skinny, and thus more united and dependable.

After negotiations, Brunei agreed to a land loan, where the great nation of Mahalavos, received Suraraya for a lump sum and Brunei would take it back in due time with most of that money returned when the land is to be given back. This acquisition allows us to raid Siak, and Pasai for a small fortune, that otherwise would take many developed territories to earn.

Melchchhas bordering from the north and south had to be dealt with, This war for territory took over a year to declare victory and receive rightful lands to the north. This left the borders more favorable to expanding north and east, as those are my options anyway seeing as west and south are the Indian trade node.

It is about this time Kuru starts to get messed up and I notice the big guy on the block is being taken down, later in this session it is attacked again and at the end it is being occupied by two other AI in the vicinity. I laugh to myself as Kuru is being torn apart chunk by chunk.
In a war that I was called into as an ally, Dali and Kuru were at war and I received the province Qamdo for not even participating in the war. Another instance of this is while Kalachuris was a friend, i was dragged into another war where all i did was defend my borders, and received the territory Varanasi for free. This was questionable as it was in the Indian trade node and thus off limits, but during the game I could not do anything about it.

The war at the end with Brunei and Ayutthaya vsersus Maja, Makassar, Chompa, and Bali i was not called in on but as it seemed helpless for Brunei I offered my support, unfortunately it was already a year into the war and nothing could be done. We will see how it plays out for those two, I wish them the best.

Some events of note include: Mahalavos and Ayutthaya have come to an agreement on where to locate our mutually agreed upon borders, Sikh is the official religion of South East Asia and the prevention of foreign powers creep into Asia will be thwarted at every turn.

Territories that i have gained from wars I did not participate in include Varanasi to the west and Qamdo to the far north. I hope to have see more territories given to me in wars that I didn't have to lift a finger in. The expansion of my borders seems to be going at a reasonable pace and i hope to keep it that way in the future.
Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2018 6:06:56 PM
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The great Mahalavos has expanded westward to share a land border with our faithful allies Ayutthaya. The planned war with pegu for land was scrapped because Atlassia got there first and vassalized Pegu so that they may propagate through the region. We have manages to more than double our standing army, increase our Development and Navy. The majority of the time spent of the last few decades has been consolidating power on the lands already owned as well as furthering our technology and assisting the others around us to continue to grow so our allies are larger and may help us in the near future. Mainly Brunei but we have lent assistance to Ayutthaya as well. In a war that Yue started, we offered assistance to a conflict that looked dire and now there are Indians flooding over our borders from the North, South, and West. Luckily almost all nations to our East eventually joined in the arms versus Indians war. This war is still going on against Kalachuris and Chhindas.

Europeans are entering the Asian theater and that has everyone on edge. Their arrival makes everyone hyper aware of their surroundings. The unwelcome settlers will be watched and an opening will be waited for, but be warned Europeans, this land will fall back into the Asians. Your stench of imperialism can be wafted from one thousand kilometers away.
I have toyed with the idea of entering India not just from the east, but also the west, this would involve some messy logistics and wars with some larger powers in the west Indian side, but is doable with my trusty allies Brunei and Ayutthaya. My northern territory is annoying me and i feel like it should be linked up with the motherland as soon as possible. This will likely be in the next few decades as anything that is put off likely will not come to fruition because smaller nations tend to be eaten by larger empires.

Korea and Yue seem to be friendly towards us South East Asians, however that may just be a ploy to gather us on their sides for an upcoming major war. I can see this potential war brewing, it lays in the fact that they bother are colonizing the new world and that there is an underlying force pulling Atlassia and Yue into a friendship. Their Overlord Jinshi cannot step in without declaring a truce with whomever he releases from tributary status. This will be a conflict to watch for the future and eventually pick sides, at the moment I am just glad they are not fighting and I can reap the benefits of both assisting us for nothing in return other than petty ducats from time to time.

The war with the Indians will be coming to a close soon and land will be had along with sweet ducats. hopefully this will put them off from attacking (or being attacked) again, and i can focus on other conquests relating to cutting India off by land.
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