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James Craig
Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2018 10:17:39 PM
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The fighting was swift when crossing the texas plains. Scattered defenders dispersed as
Elysian trucks sped across the windswept land and through to the forests and swamps of the mississippi basin. It was there where the trouble began. The first note of the impending fight was the buzzing of close air support as it dove on our convoys. Hundreds of trucks could be seen on the side of the road leading to new orleans. As the battle was met and the guns began all the men could do was take cover as the true horror of modern warfare was felt. Artillery in legions shelling across the battlefield while the grunts dug in at rivers and hills. It was hell for all involved. Within a few weeks the close air support from Rharia died down as Japanese fighters took to the skies supported by our own fighters. Within a few weeks the airwar was ours and we began bombing them into submission. Months of constant shelling and bombing did the majority of the dirty work, accounting for at least half of all deaths, with sickness counting for another 20%.

This would go on to last for more than a year without major movement along the line. Meanwhile in the north Japanese tanks and motorized made short work of the great plains, cutting through english territory like a hot knife. Resistance was met at river points, but in all a 6 month operation had around 50% of english new world territory would fall to the Japanese. The first major defense put up by the english was along the mississippi river in defense of the heartland of North america. This could not last however, and within another 6 months of constant attack not only had all territory up to the great lakes fallen, but over 1 million men would lay dead or captured across the area. Elysian tanks burned trails of bodies under lake michigan and across the red dunes. Elysian tanks reigned supreme as the fighting slowed down at the motor city, The real test came when leonese tanks formed up across an embankment in ohio that would come to be known as the battle of Toledo, where tens of thousands of english men were trapped behind Elysian lines and starving. Slowly they were ground into the lake as Elysian armor pressed its advantage. Not lost on our Tank commanders was the usefulness of the Japanese air force in harassing the enemy movement. Even now Elysian engineers work on our own models to join the fight in the sky against our former overlords in africa and Iberia. Elysia Victrix

Vae Victis!
King of Men
Posted: Monday, October 08, 2018 4:07:42 AM
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So this is 437 words. Could you add a screenie?

Don't forget to crosspost to Pdox, where we have peanuts. Smile

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James Craig
Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 2:14:05 AM
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Joined: 2/1/2013
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Ill see what I have =D We were so busy during the session I had a hard time getting it done. Didn't mean to make it short though

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