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Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 12:26:12 PM
 Tribunus laticlavius

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The following rules are based on creating a balanced game with a historical flavour, and exceptions or exploits not covered by these rules will be decided by the players in game, based on historical precedent, obvious "gaminess" is prohibited.

In game rules changes in blue:


0.1: Coastal/land forts level max is 5
0.2: It's forbidden to abandon doctrine


0.3: no nuclear weapons till 44
0.4: no rockets or flying bombs till 43


1.1: The 2nd day of the game the Axis are the first to make trades, later come the Allies
1.2: The first trades already in place before the game starts must be respected until the war within the context of the allowances made in the other rules.
1.3: The trades between GER/SU and USA/JAP must be free and fair till the war or embargo event (for USA)
1.4: The Allies/Comintern is able to cancel some trades when their new factories put their resource growth in the red
1.5: Free trades only between allied countries at war.
1.6 : The Allies may not trade for rares with AI countries that they are not allied to with the exception of deals suggested by the AI itself.
1.7 : Trading and selling units is forbidden, except between allied nations, and then only non-capital class ships higher than class I (No CV's, CVL, BB's or CA's), and if payment is received at 100% negotiation.
1.8 : No trading, selling or donating VP provinces, unless that province is a core province of the receiving nation.


2.1 : Coups or funding partisans are not allowed against any nation, all other options are allowed.


3.1 : Urban Limit for stacking units is 36
3.2 : Amphibious landing is unlimited
3.3 : No SR with units adjacent to enemy units, or when you're bombed from the air
3.4 : Recycling units (disbanding) is allowed only if they aren't already encircled
3.5 : You must supply ALL your OWN divisions, air and fleet in your OWNED provinces
3.6 : Expeditionary Force can be given to an ally only when supplying these units is impossible (example Africa Corps in Italian Libya). (Spartan Rule 7.4)
3.7 : Expeditionary forces from minor allies must be returned to those allies if ally is under Military control
3.8 : No advanced HQ exploit. HQ's must be attached to other land units, or synchronized to arrive at the same time as other units on the attack.
3.9 : Paradroping mission in order to kill retreating units is forbidden


4.1 : No war until Danzig except those wars prompted by events
4.2 : Phony wars are not allowed - when you are able to take the last victory points or annex, do so quickly
4.3 : You must respect peace treaties and non aggression pacts, unless changed by event or otherwise through the AI.
4.5 : No player will join an alliance that will result in a NAP with any country with 10 or more IC being broken, or DOW another country and cause a NAP with any country with 10 or more IC being broken .
4.6 : When you join one Alliance you must stay in it until the end
4.7 : Human players playing minor countries may not join their parent alliance unless they are at +200 relations with the alliance leader, without exception.
4.8 : No country may GOI any other country.
4.9 : No new alliances with minors until the fall of Czech except by event.


5.1 : Influencing of opponent player countries is forbidden.
5.2 : Influencing historical minor Allies of the opposing alliance is forbidden, (For Example, UK may not influence Hungary but could influence Nationalist Spain)


6.1 : Axis alliances allowed: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Argentina, Nationalist Spain, Finland (after the end of Winter War event), and Japan (if Japan may, see Japan 7.9)
6.2 : No Axis minors when played by Humans (Hungary -- Romania -- Bulgaria) may join Axis until after the fall of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. Human Nationalist Spain and Argentina may join Axis after Danzig. Note: All these Alliances are governed by rule 4.5.
6.3 : Axis powers may not give military Access to Japan until it is in the Axis.


7.1 : Italy can join axis at any time after Albania event as governed by 4.5 for minors.
7.2 : Italy must NOT accept the surrender event when its homeland is invaded (event bugged)


8.1 : Japan independent alliances: Japan cannot ally any Chinese warlord country (Tibet included) but alliance with Siam is allowed by event
8.2 : Japan MUST accept the surrender event when its homeland is invaded
8.3 : Japan may not join Axis until it is at war with USSR.
8.4 : Japan may not accept any peace offer from China prior to the Fall of the Dragon event, other than those occurring through scripted events.
8.5 : Japan may not DOW UK until after the Vichy event fires or USA 3 months after Vichy and human player is controlling USA.


9.1 : Allied alliances allowed: Any except for historical Axis minors
9.2 : France may not have more than three regular army units in the Free French zone of Africa at Vichy.
9.3 : UK may not ally Republican Spain until after Vichy
9.4 : UK cannot ally any country (that isn't attacked by axis) until 1943


10.1 : USA cannot be played by a human until the Vichy event.
10.2 : USA may only join the Allies if it could naturally declare war on both Germany and Italy (assuming Italy is in Axis), or in the case where Japan is at war with UK, USA can not Join allies until it could naturally declare war on all three (assuming Italy is in Axis and even if Japan is not).
10.3 : USA may DOW Japan independently of the Allies if it has sliders to do so. (Hence, USA could be at war with Japan but not Germany).


11.1 : Comintern alliances allowed: Brazil or any countries having Marxist/Stalinist or LWR ideology, after Danzig.
11.2 : SU must honour the MR Pact
11.3 : SU may not give military access to the Allies for the purpose of defending the SU motherland, except when only one BP condition remains
11.4 : USSR may ally any minor after Danzig.

Definitions: For the purposes of these rules a NAP and Peace Treaties may both be referred to as a NAP.

For a straighforward copy over zip version go here: Goerings Delay -- NZQS -- 1.3b.rar

The Mod can also be set up with the Jones Generic Mod Enabler and has worked fine in that mode in my tests. This version has everything in it, 1.3beta, JSGME and the East is Red patch, and can be installed straight to your Armageddon 1.2 (ZBLV) folder without disrupting vanilla at all. It has the 1.3beta exe update and JGSME Mod system right in it. Just unzip to your main doomsday folder, copy the contents of the folder, then past into the main folder, then enable the mod using the JSGME system. Once you execute the JSGME it is pretty self-explanatory: EIR NZQS --ARMA 1.3beta complete 1.3b

Small patch from XTPS or NZQS 1.2 to NZQS 1.3b: Goering EIR -- Patch 1.3b

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